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  1. Very cute! I foster kittens for a rescue here and Abby is terrified of them. I try to keep them separated since I don't know whether she'd snap in fear. One of the kittens escaped out of my arms though last summer and made a run right *into* Abby's food bown while she was eating! Her eyes practically popped out of her head and she backed up and ran for the cover of her crate. All because of a 2 lb kitten!
  2. I think a basket muzzle might be a good idea while you're working on desensitizing him to bikers and joggers, more for your sake than for anything else. If he's wearing a muzzle you'll be able to calm down knowing that he can't bite anyone, and then you can work with him on a leash without him picking up on your anxiety. I would find places for now that are less busy so that he can run and use up some energy, and then you can take him to busier places when he has burned off that edge and is ready to think and learn.
  3. He's about 9 weeks and he's been with me for a week. I'm not sure how much handling he had before coming into rescue with TDBCR - he does love people though. Yup, belly up, not head down I actually like how confident he seems to be in his abilities to extricate himself from any situation, so I don't know why I let the trainer scare me. I think maybe she thought I knew nothing about dogs and would let him walk all over me? I'll just keep working on getting him to like handling so he isn't a terror at the vet. He's such a smart little guy that it shouldn't be too long before he realizes there are benefits to being handled in all kinds of ways. Diesel might have been fine with being held upside down because I sat at my desk with all 45 or so pounds of him every day on his back in my lap. He was just too cute and cuddly to resist!
  4. My puppy screams bloody murder when he's held upside down in my arms. He rolls over voluntarily all the time, but he makes noises louder than I've ever heard coming from a dog (seriously!) when he's restrained like that. He can keep it up for a long time so I've either been flipping him upright when he's quiet for a millisecond while taking a breath, or I'll give him a treat during breaths. I want him to be fine with all kinds of restraints and handling. A trainer scared me the other day by telling me how his dislike of being restrained like that meant he is very hardheaded and will be quite a handful as an adult. What do you think? From your experience with puppies (this is my first puppy) is she right? Before she told me that I thought it was a fairly normal response from a puppy who isn't used to being restrained.. ETA: he also screams and cries quite a bit while being held in my arms or restrained in any other way, but it's by far the loudest if he's on his back.
  5. I like making tuna or liver brownies. Actually, that's a lie - making them is disgusting, but feeding them to the pups is fun! I take a couple of cans of tuna or some beef/chicken liver and mix it with a couple of eggs and some whole wheat flour until it forms a sticky dough. Then I spread it on a cookie tray and bake it. I use less flour to make training treats to be cut into tiny pieces, and more flour for brownie sized squares.
  6. Puppy is here! There are photos in the picture section
  7. Nope, if these are the same as the couple that I have, they don't squeak or bounce. Abby won't touch hers unfortunately. She only likes the squishy dollar store balls!
  8. You do? What a small world! Which dog do you bring to class?
  9. Hi everyone, I've been a lurker on this board for quite awhile (and I post on the rescue boards) but I haven't actually posted because my little mutt dog isn't exactly a Border Collie. I thought I'd finally introduce Abby here just in case I happen to acquire a BC in the next, say, week or so. Ahem. Abby is almost 3 and she was in rescue first in Utah, then in LA. She was adopted 3 times and returned each time because she was too full of energy (she'd had everyone fooled with her worried looking puppy face). Her entire litter had docked tails for unknown reasons. We do agility and are going to try flyball (again) this summer, now that Abby has learned to tug . The first picture I saw of Abby: More recently: With her foster brother and sister from TDBCR, who both got adopted (and who might look familiar on these boards ) Not quite making the catch:
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