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  1. This is interesting. Ryan seems, unfortunately, to be wearing the "kick me" sign right now. He's 7 months but he really isn't overly obnoxious with strange dogs as far as I can tell, and he is neutered. Yesterday a "friendly" yellow lab dragged its walker across the trail we were on to latch on to poor Ryan's nose. He has 2 punctures now from this "oh! he's *never* aggressive!" lab. This is the 3rd time Ryan's had his face punctured. It's taking a lot of work to bring up his confidence again.
  2. Could you try putting something at the end of the weaves for Zoey to drive forward to, like a target plate for her to touch? I've found that with Abby, who is a major excitement barker in agility, if she has something to concentrate on driving towards she is much more quiet and focussed.
  3. Interesting, and confusing since when you google "ECG" you get a whole bunch of "electrocardiogram" results saying that it is called "ECG" or "EKG". Hunh.
  4. As far as I know, an ECG and an EKG are the same thing - both are abbreviations of "electrocardiogram". One is from the german word, one is from the english word.
  5. I doubt this is what it is, since you say the EKG was normal, but these episodes sound exactly like what used to happen to my terrier, Zoe, when she was in heart failure. She had always had a murmur but we didn't realize that the lack of oxygen to her brain was causing these "episodes". She was diagnosed first as having a possible brain tumour and it took a heart ultrasound to figure out that the problem was her heart. Zoe lived another 2.5 years on heart medication. I hope you get this figured out and that it's nothing serious!
  6. I actually just ordered "Control Unleashed" from that site a few days ago! Shipping wasn't too bad at all compared to the US sites.
  7. Congratulations! I love those giant ears and the few little freckles on her nose.
  8. What a beautiful girl! I love her freckles.
  9. If you are doing the beginning Nov. trial either Friday or Sunday then I'm in! Actually I might take that Saturday off work. I think we just need 1 more Adv. Team Q and 2 Adv. Std. Qs and then we're in all Masters. Yay 3dogslater, when do classes start??
  10. Go Diesel!! I hope we get to see lots of pictures and videos of your gorgeous boy doing agility.
  11. Here's one of Abby's better tricks: This one's pretty handy: So is this one:
  12. Sounds like a mistake due to excitement to me. I was playing Abby's favourite game with her once where I pretend to chase her up and down the hall. She was getting really excited and she jumped on my roommate's bed to make a turn to run back and all of a sudden she squatted and pee'd. Just too much excitement, I think. I was happy it wasn't on my bed
  13. I can't seem to find the premium on the AAC site..hm. Could you email it to me? If the trial's on a Sunday I'm in and Team SuperBitch it is All I can guarantee is a whole bunch of ear splitting barking.
  14. No, I didn't, but that is a trial that I need to go to! And if you hear of any 22" Advanced Regulars looking for partners, let me know (do you know if it is same day move ups?).
  15. Congrats! Where can I get myself one of these magic hair elastics? I managed to get lost on a *team* course..and we've been stuck, relatively Qless, for months now.
  16. At what age did your puppy reach his/her full adult height? Ryan is about 6 months old and 17-18" but he is still built very much like a puppy (and he's as clumsy as one, too). People guess that he's younger than he is because of his build right now - maybe he's just a late bloomer and he'll have another growth spurt soon?
  17. We use these rubber balls from the kid's toy section of pretty much any dollar store: They do bounce quite a bit depending on how you throw them. They're cheap, though, made of soft (ie. non abrasive) rubber and they last us for a couple of weeks of intense fetch.
  18. Stella is the most amazing looking dog. She's gorgeous! I bet you can't bring her anywhere without every single person asking you what she is...and then not believing you when you say she's a Border Collie. People don't even believe Ryan is a BC because of his ticking!
  19. Wow! Mya must love her new house - especially that ramp to run up and down full speed!
  20. I just saw this! I think of Mya every time I try to put something into my jacket pocket and it falls right through the giant chewed hole I miss that girl - SO much personality! I'm going to have to point this thread out to Ffion!
  21. Did anyone else click on the photo of Piper's demon face? The actual demon face? Because I think I'm going to have nightmares now.
  22. Congratulations to Tweird, even if he was held back by his innate Tweirdisms. I hope you can take some photos of the Woo's (one of many, I'm sure) moments of fame!
  23. Abby isn't a BC but her ears always change. Normally her left ear sticks straight out to the side but if she's relaxed it flops and matches her other ear. Sometimes it's pricked but I haven't managed to get a photo of that since it is always short-lived! Ryan's ears keep changing too - who knows how they'll end up!
  24. Wow! I am a huge fan of the Dazzle videos. She is Abby's (and my, and I'm sure a lot of peoples') agility role model
  25. The fastest breed is actually the Abby-hound. As you can see, the feet rarely touch the ground and it is a challenge to photograph this dog in motion. We have yet to meet a dog that can out run the Abby-hound!
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