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  1. She is a pretty crazy girl! She's very good about settling in the house now but she is up and ready to go in a split second. I have yet to meet a dog that is as ..erm...excitable as she is. She does make me laugh all the time with her antics!
  2. I've got a goofy Abby video that I made last year: Mojo - couldn't get the youtube version of your video to work (I'm in Canada). I guess it's limited to just the US..
  3. Since Abby came to me as a totally undersocialized and shy 9 month old, I decided to take the risk and start socializing Ryan outside of my house from the minute I got him at 8 weeks or so. I brought him to Abby's agility and flyball classes where I knew the dogs. We also started puppy class as soon as possible (I think it started when he was 10 weeks or so). He got carried as a tiny pup to busy streets, skateboard parks, playgrounds...everywhere really. I love Abby but I did not want to deal with issues stemming from undersocialization again!
  4. I'll always wonder why someone docked my muttly Abby's tail (and those of her littermates). It just doesn't make sense to me since I don't see any predominant breed in her at all. You can see her trying to use it as a rudder here: Doesn't seem to stop her from being a super athlete though!
  5. I'm still thinking of my revenge. You let Tweird know that nothing is forgiven!
  6. My advice would be to wait until Ghost is older and has some more training (especially with that "settle" command you were talking about in another thread) before adding another dog. Ryan is 10 months old and is coming along very well with his training but I honestly can't imagine adopting another dog right now. I would be totally overwhelmed with an adolescent dog and a new dog! I waited until Abby was 3 before adopting Ryan and it has been great - she is young enough to want to wrestle and play with him but old enough to let me spend plenty of training/socializing time with Ryan.
  7. So many cute puppy ears!! Ryan's ears tricked me. One was up, then the other was up... and then in the end they both ended up flopped. Tiny, but flopped.
  8. Abby (not a BC but same size as a lot of BC females): 18", 28-29 lbs Ryan (9 months so still filling out): 21", 42 lbs
  9. How do you know when your dog is 'ready' for a soft crate? I've never had any problems with Abby in any kind of crate. When I first adopted her she was scared of the world so the crate was her safety zone. She's always been completely respectful of any crate boundary. Ryan, on the other hand...I've been crate training him since I got him at 8 weeks and I've never seen him chewing at his vari kennel or scratching to get out. He will, however, chew up any bedding that is in there with him. I wonder if that means he'd chew at a soft crate? I really would rather not test him in my nice soft crate but it's a pain to lug my folding metal crate around to trials. He's 8.5 months now so maybe I just need to wait until he matures some more...
  10. Abby has a technique that I call "going fishing". She goes up to Ryan while he's sleeping and starts tapping him lightly with her paw. When he wakes up, she dips her foot towards his mouth and just as he goes to bite it she pulls it away. She plays this game over and over until full on wrestling starts. Another favourite is the "I dare you to try" technique. Abby sticks her butt in Ryan's face and wiggles it around until he makes any attempt to hump her. Then she whips around and pins him and wrestling starts. When Ryan wants to play with Abby he runs up to her and bites her on the back of the neck He doesn't really have refined play techniques yet.
  11. First dog as a child: Zoe, a little terrier x. We found her when I was 10 and she was 3 and she died 10 years later from heart failure. First dog as an adult: Abby, the rescued nutty mutt. She is a *lot* of "first dog". Why a BC? After getting used to Abby's style, I wanted another dog that was as smart and intense and willing to keep up with me. Did you do research? Yup, lots of research including fostering BCs. First BC: Ryan, a rescue puppy from TDBCR. What made you want to get another? I don't have another one yet but someday I will. What have you done with your dogs? Abby and I do agility, flyball and rally-o. Ryan does rally-o and is starting agility soon - right now we're working on some foundation stuff. He's also been put on sheep once and I'd like to bring him back as often as I can. How many BC's? I like having 2 dogs. How many do you have now? 2 in mind but only 1 in body. What "quirks" have you noticed with all your dogs? Ryan likes to play with bones as if they're other dogs - play bows and spins and everything. Abby is just very quirky in general. City dog or country dog? City dogs. When I've visited friends in the country and they've been set loose they just wait by the door. They don't know what to do with the freedom! Would you ever get another breed? The only purebred I'd ever have is a BC or a Kelpie, probably. I love mutts that are so muttly that you can't tell what's in them (ie. Abby).
  12. The other jumping topic made me think of this problem that I'm having with Abby - we compete in AAC and she jumps 22". Abby wastes a lot of time and energy jumping way too high over the jumps. I think she usually jumps at least 4" higher than she needs to. Her jumping style is very bouncy (in flyball she jumps flat but not in agility) and it's a good thing she can make up the time on all the other obstacles. Are there any exercises we can work on to improve her jumping style? It must be hard on her body to jump that high when she doesn't need to! At least we don't have to deal with knocked bars...
  13. Have you had other dogs come stay in your home for any period of time? For fostering, dog-sitting, etc.? I would call Abby a fearful yet very pushy female. She can be quite snippy with strange dogs if I'm not constantly keeping tabs on her. Before getting Ryan, though, I fostered a few dogs and so did my roommate. I found out that way that Abby absolutely loves living with another dog. A few of them Abby took an instant liking to, and a few of them she was snarky with at first. Either way, within a day she was fine. Maybe you could try fostering a dog to see how Ceana does?
  14. I always feel bad about taking one dog somewhere and leaving the other one home even though I realize it's a bit silly. I do different activities with each of them, but it's still hard. Abby and I do agility and flyball and Ryan doesn't yet. Ryan gets to come into stores and to places where there are lots of people and dogs - Abby doesn't do well in busy environments like that. Before I had Ryan I used to bring Abby everywhere with me but it is a lot of work to manage her in most situations. In some ways I think she probably prefers to stay home in her cozy bed than have to meet bouncy dogs in her face. She is definitely happy when strangers meet Ryan and ignore her! It'll be a long time before I get a 3rd dog so I guess I just have to deal with it!
  15. I have to say that September sure is a cutie
  16. This will be our first Regionals - we never even got to try when it was 300! I have no idea what will happen but I doubt I will be going to Nationals even if we were to qualify.
  17. Just a warning - I had a piece of lino under the xpen for my puppy and it extended far enough out to catch the pee if he missed his potty box. Ryan managed to push the xpen all the way off the lino and eat a large portion of the carpet. I switched to a crate the next day ETA - he was only 10 weeks or so when he did it, and it was a very tall, heavy xpen! Beware the BC puppy!
  18. Abby isn't a BC (she's a 3 yo mutt) but she is also incredibly thin: With dogs this size (she's 27-29 lbs) even a lb or two makes a visible difference, it seems. Abby is in really great shape, has a ton of energy and is healthy, but I do like it when she's closer to 30 lbs in case she were to get sick. I supplemented her diet (raw, as much as she wants to eat) with Satin Balls for a little while and she'd pick them apart and leave all the oats behind! Silly girl.
  19. I hope it's nothing too serious for poor little Lark!
  20. Abby hates all of the "-doodle" mutts. I think it's their size and bounciness and huge amounts of hair. Plus most of them seem to play with the body slams of a retriever combined with the spinning and darting of a poodle. Abby doesn't appreciate that.
  21. I think that's what I'm going to have to do with Ryan (I already do that with Abby - she'd rather not say hi to strange dogs rushing up to her face). The other 2 puncture incidents were unfortunate. The first was by a dog with arthritis in his shoulder. Ryan bumped the shoulder while greeting the dog, dog grabbed Ryan right under his eye. Nobody told me until afterwards that the dog was sore. The second was by my friend's dog and it wouldn't have actually been a puncture if Ryan hadn't been stopped by a fallen tree while trying to back up. Friend's dog gave a warning growl, Ryan backed up, got stuck and gave the impression that he wasn't listening to the warning, I guess. Puncture number two under the other eye. My poor, unlucky puppy!
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