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  1. Yes, i agree. I think there is a difference in use of crates between the UK and USA. I think that nailed it on the head! And apologies if i came accross in a bit of an anti-crate manner, because thats certainly NOT the case! I completely understand where your coming from! Anyway, back on track to the original post now i think!
  2. I understand you can't leave her to roam free all day, but isn'ty their a neighbour or friend or even a local dog walker who could come in every few hours and take her into the garden for 15 minutes while your at work? Also, before going into her crate i'd personally always walk her. Even just a short 10-15 minute stroll in the park and then a 5 minute training session. That way she will go into her crate much more settled and relaxed, having released and used to a good amount of energy and having worked her brain too. In the crate you could also leave a tightly stuffed kong, which will
  3. Waking up, taking her out for potty then crating her is exactly what i meant as to why she may be getting frutrated.. I think you mis-read my original post. I meant that the pup is most likely craving a walk. It's like waking up a child, allowing her/him to goto the bathroom then sending them back to bed! A child would take a tantrum aswell if that were their routine. Personally however, i do think that any dog spending more than 3-4 hours (in total) in a crate is just to long. If your having to crate a dog for almost the whole day then i think this is a bit sad on the dogs behalf. This
  4. I don't crate any of my dogs so i guess its a little harder to give advice. Maybe try giving her a 1 to 1 after breakfast and before you goto work. Such as a 10 minute training session using a ball or frisbee as a reward. It will work her brain and body and help take that 'edge' off before she's put down to sleep while your at work.
  5. Can i ask how long she is in there each day (in total) ? If your out working from 8-5 PLUS she's in there while you shower, eat dinner etc then this sounds like far far to long to be in the crate. A dog should really only be in a crate for 3-4 hours max (IMO) If she's in it for long periods of time, she may be getting frantic in the morning because she knows that she's going to be in there until you return home from work. It may also be that she's looking for more interactive play / stimulation and exercise from you in the morning.
  6. Thank you! And thank you both for the words of encouragement! Such a huge help and its definitely got me more confident about all of this! Yes, thats definitely how i've been feeling. I sort of felt like i was out of my depth, which i guess is silly, because everyone has to start somewhere right?!
  7. I love both. Absolutely no preferance. I own both and love both exactly the same and when the time comes to get another dog - whether its a male or female will make no difference to me In my experience males tend to mature less quickly however, females, because they mature quicker become more independant than males. Because of this i've always felt males are more cuddly than females. They seem to enjoy cuddles on the sofa more. Whereas my females in the past, and the one i have now still enjoys cuddles but not nearly to the same extent as my males have done and do. As for the trainin
  8. (Sorry, wasn't sure where to post this, so apologies if its in the wrong section) Myself and my BC meggie are about to begin shepherding. We will be getting guided from a professional to begin with because i'm still new to most of it all if i'm being honest Anyway, the trainer said firstly i bring meggie for an assessment and then it will be taken from there. I'm just wondering what an assessment will normally involve? (I know i could have asked the trainer this, but i've been asking her so many questions this week already! And feel like i'm pestering the poor woman! lol) Thanks
  9. Neither my border collie or Labrador smell. If i really get nitty gritty and smell both of them close-up i'd have to say my border collie smells a bit more than the labrador...But then my BC is a big fan of rolling in nice fresh heaps of poop which the cows leave nice and fresh in the morning in the fields near us..(Living-in the countryside does have its downsides! lol)
  10. My labrador sheds way more than Meg my BC. The hair that comes off him is out of this world. But then he has a really thick smooth coat, so the hairs just sort of glide off him. lol. Meg sheds, but not as much, but its soo much easier to see her hair, as the hairs are all black. lol. And most of my house is decorated in light colours, such as cream carpets, cream sofa, beige bedroom covers etc, so wherever meg lies, all you see is big patches of black hair. At least with the lab his hair blends in really well!
  11. Meg is a healthy 1 year old bitch. Sinse i brought her home as a pup, shes never been a big eater. She won't eat treats, and even as a pup would consistently miss meals and just refuse to eat some days. I read a few BC books, and some stuff online before i got her, and knew that somtimes BC could have tendancys not to be huge eaters, and so i wasn't all to concerned, as she was staying a healthy weight, and obviously just eating what she felt she needed. However, it is now that i am becoming concerned. I'll give you the whole picture, as i think i know what may be the cause, but i'
  12. First dog as a child: A cross breed. A mix of many breeds, but one of the best natured and loving dogs. First dog as an adult: Leo, My yellow Labrador. Why a BC? My partner has one, although its a cross, but the BC in him stands out much more. It sparked my interest and things developed from there i guess! Also, being an active person, i felt i could give a BC a good, active life. Did you do research? Yes, and lots of it! First BC: Meg What have you done with your dogs? I done the KC cit awards with my lab, plus a little gundog training and some other things...Currently
  13. My Meg was incredible at how fast she picked up the whole retrieve thing. She has always had a strong drive, so running out for the ball was absolutely no problem, so that was a great start... But getting her to bring it all the way back is more tricky.. First thing i done was, when she ran out for the ball...I started walking backwards, but all the time facing her, as soon as she picked up the ball, i'd shout "Good girl Meg, bring it here" and i'd start walking backwards a bit faster, that way she would speed up towards me, when she got about half way, i'd turn around and start running reall
  14. Just a quick update on meg - She LOVES her crate !! She goes in and out of there constantly! She even brings her treats in there - Like if i'm in the kitchen and give them a dog treat from the cupboard, she will take the treat away into her crate to eat it in there or hide it under her bed in her crate! I cannot believe how much she is enjoying having her own little 'den' ! My labrador even goes in there with her to curl up next to each other! It's the sweetest thing iv ever seen! I Can't stress enough how greatful i am for all the advice here!
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