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  1. You're welcome. I have a huge collection of links to breeders that I've found. So it's easy for me to get get the links. xD
  2. Here's the linkt o the Don Marshall Kennels. http://marshallkennels.com/
  3. You could also ask for some transport help and foster homes on some other boards. There are usually more people on other boards than here and the BC Rescue boards.
  4. Usually for the summer or anytime that it's hot, I don't shave any of my dogs. I take them down to a lake or such to let them swim and cool off there. That or I play with them with regualar water.
  5. That's horrible. Have you tried using the Border collie rescue boards to help with transport too?
  6. Ah well, I'll be finding a new vet in four weeks anyway when we move. =/
  7. Lyric has Rockin' G blood lines of Rockin' G's Jill ABC 113522 and Rockin' G's Whip ABc 34739. From my understanding Rockin' G's Jill ABC 113522 had a litter by *Bill ABC 95965. That's where Lyric's bloodlines with Rockin' G comes from. Here's their website. http://www.rockinggkennels.com/
  8. My vet said that the older dogs should be on a Eukanuba/Pedigree mix. The dogs seems to be fine on it, always healthy at the vet.
  9. I use Q-Tips to clean my dogs ears. Though it seems like my Border collies never really need an ear cleaning that much. Though my Golden Retriever is bad at it. So we have to use more Q-tips on him. Sometimes I'll use a soft piece of cloth like a sliky shirt or something and gently run it along the wax to get it out.
  10. I have before. So far I have had the death of my best friend in the world, my cat, my mother, and one of my BC puppies. Though Paws's death affected me the most. That cat was with me through thick and then. He never left my side. I now see my other cat, Daisuke, acting a lot like Paws which reminds me all of the time. Though it's only at night when I'm going to sleep that he cats like Pawsy. I sometimes feel that it could be Paws's spirit there.
  11. We buy from petsmart.com dog.com ebay.com jefferspet.com dogsupplies.com Mostly PetsMart though because my brother gets a 15% discount.
  12. Lyric had started crate crying a while back when we did keep her in a crate. (Now she gets to sleep where ever.) Though when she was in a crate, all we did was ignore her after she had done in business outside and it was bed time. From previous experience, we had put a blanket over the crate to make her feel safer. It's also good to feed and water your puppy in the crate to get them used to it. That's just what I've done though. =)
  13. I'm feeding my Border collie puppy Eukanuba Medium Breed Puppy Natural Lamb & Rice Formula. Here's some information on it. http://us.eukanuba.com/eukanuba/en_US/jsp/...PRDD&PID=32
  14. I use this kind on my BC. Well, atleast when he was a puppy.
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