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  1. I've already taugh Gypsy her basic commands, and some extras too. So far she knows sit, down, come, stand, stay, heel, (we're working on offleash heel right now but she'd rather explore ) spin (left & right), rollover (left & right), paw, other paw, hi five, double hi five, wait (for food, treats, toys etc), stop (moving), and give, plu the ones I listed before. We're also working on "dead", "crawl", and "bow". She's definitely the smartest dog I've worked with and picks up on things so quickly, but she's also quite laid back for a border collie - from what I've heard. Saying that, yes
  2. She was born on the 22nd of October, so she's around 4 1/2 months now. I've already taught her "over" (don't worry - just jumping over a broom handle on the ground) and "through" a barrel we have with the bottom cut out, sort of like a short fat tunnel. And she knows "up" to climb up on things (giant snow hill in our back yard, and a mini home-made a-frame). Also I've never been in agility club or anything, my first dog was an english setter that we just trained and played around with in my back yard with home made jump and stuff I'm going to look for agility clubs in Winnipeg for Gypsy o
  3. Just wanted to know at what age do the growth plates set so you can really start doing hard running or agility? Lisa
  4. gypsy84


    Seeing as there's no posts in this section yet, I decided to get it started Freckles was my best friend for nearly 12 years, which was pretty much as long as I can remember. He was a purebred 4 month old English Setter that my dad picked out from the Winnipeg Humane Society. He was silly, stupid, and always gave us a laugh. He was scared to confront little toy poodles on the street and would hide behind my legs, but he also found the courage somewhere deep within his bird-brained heart to chase black bears away from our cabin. His favourite thing to do was to stalk anything that moved whe
  5. Gypsy's a very quiet puppy (thankfully ) and she barks rarely - sometimes at other dogs, and when the doorbell rings. The only time she'll whine is anywhere between 6:30-8 in the morning at whatever time she decides is time for her to be let out of her kennel
  6. First of all, your whole story isn't quite put together right, as many people have pointed out. Secondly, Shakespeare isn't 6th grade material. Not something an 11 or 12 year old would be able to comprehend. And third, if you did learn it in grade 6, it's surprising that you forgot it in only 2 or 3 years... You must have a pretty bad memory I suppose.
  7. Yesterday I decided to compile a video of Gypsy starting from the day I got her up until now. I wasn't sure exactly where to post this but if anyone wants to give me feedback or comments I'd be more than happpy to hear them! (and make sure you have your sound on! ) Enjoy! Lisa
  8. I made mine using a program called Corel Photo Paint 11, it's pretty good. I took a random blue background and messed it up a bit, then cut out the pics using the same program and tinted them blue. Just get a good photo editing program and play around with it, you'll be surprised by some of the things you can create
  9. Alright! I called the vet yesterday and since Gypsy was doing fine, (other than looking like a little bull terrier!) he said to come in this morning at 8:00. My bf took Gypsy there while I was at school, and the vet says it's an abcess (kudos to you Shoofly ) and gave us some antibiotics. The swelling's already started to go down. Last night while she was asleep I peeked under her lip and there was a big purpleish spot on her gums right where her molar is coming in on the left side. Poor girl! Ah well, the vet said is should clear up soon enough with her antibiotics 2X a day. And sh
  10. Thanks for the quick replies. My boyfriend took a look at her and thought it might be a dental problem so we're on our way to the vets now. I'll let you know how she got on later.
  11. No, she's only been in our fenced in backyard, and we live in the city. There are no visible marks on her face or on the inside of her mouth.
  12. This morning before I went to uni, I let Gypsy out and fed her, and I noticed the left side of her face (from her nose to her eye) was swollen a bit. That was at about 7:30. It's now 11:00 and the side of her face is about twice as big as it was. The other side is fine, and it doesn't seem to be bothering her... She let me touch it, and I lifted her lip very gently to look at it on the inside and she whined and pulled away. I looked inside her mouth and nothing looked off. I don't know what she could have done to make it swell that much. It doesn't seem like an allergic reaction because it's o
  13. A dog is a dog, if you don't have time or space for it, get a cat! People shouldn't try and change the nature of not just a breed, but a species. To me, those little pocket dogs you see Paris Hilton carrying around in her purse aren't dogs. A dog is a companion and friend, not an accessory. Lisa
  14. When I feed her, I use her food for training, and if I don't have time to train her I'll tell her sit, wait, watch me, then ok. She's not possessive over her food at all though, only pig's ears. And it wasn't that pinning her was just a reaction, I HAD to or else she would have bitten me. Without a doubt. I didn't pin her when she growled at me with the pig's ear, only when she snarled and tried to bite me as she went to run past. She scatched me with a tooth too, but luckily didn't get my hand. The only reason that I want her to give me a treat like this is so that later if she gets s
  15. Tonight I gave Gypsy a pig's ear as a treat. I held it at first and was stroking her face and paws and all aound her mouth just to get her used to it, and she was fine. I told her "wait" which she reluctently did and then "watch me" to get her to look me in the eye. She also did this fine. I let her have it all to herself for a few minutes, and then went back and started petting her face again. I've done this several times before with different treats, and she's always been fine. After about 15 seconds of petting her face she let out a low growl, which wasn't really menacing and she wasn'
  16. Gypsy's growing inches each day, so today I took some more pictures of her. I know I sure regret not taking more pictures of our first family dog when he was young, so I suppose I'm trying to make up for it by taking tons of my little girl! Gypsy and big brother Milford watching TV What a little princess! Preview of what she's gonna look like with ears all the way up? Enjoying the day Little Miss Trouble! Lisa &
  17. Thanks for all the tips, I'll keep on using positive reinforcement to get her desensitized to the clippers, and try using food too but she's extremely food motivated so it might just get her more excited that she already is! My boyfriend and I just kept her up all day yesterday until about 11:30pm, then when she fell asleep she was dead tired so I sneakily clipped them Ah well, it'll have to do for now til she's fully desensitized!
  18. It's kind of hard to find any asphalt in Winnipeg in the middle of winter The roads and sidewalks are just snow, ice, and more snow! Her back claws are also much shorter; I think it's from pushing off when she goes to run across the hardwood floors in my house. But the front ones are getting pretty long now.
  19. As many of you have read in my last post, my dog Gypsy is a 3 month old BC. I've been working with her since I've gotten her, and she's really an amazingly intelligent dog! In the month I've had her, she's learned: sit, down, stay, come, paw (both of them!), stand, wait (for a treat or toy), spin, "get in your kennel", and has quite a good recall--she'll come to me when she's playing with Milford outside in the yard. She's gotten used to baths too, I can give her one by myself now in our laundry tubs.. Most of the time she needs them because she wants to know what Milford's doing when he s
  20. My dogs just get fed at the same time each day, regardless of when they are exercised, and they're happy and healthy! I mean, if you look at some of the things a dog will eat in the first place, a bit of exercise before or after really shouldn't hurt. And if their bodies can't handle it, their natural reaction would just be to throw up. That's just my theory.
  21. Oh yeah, and her house-training is coming along quite nicely!
  22. I know what you mean! I've had her for one month and 2 days now, and she's already more then doubled in weight and grown several inches! She used to be able to run under the coffee table in our living room with room to spare, now whenever she forgets to duck she cracks her head on it with a sound that makes me cringe, but she doesn't even seem to notice! Also, from the pictures I first took of her when she first came home, I can see such a difference in her body shape and her face... She's much less "puppyish" if that makes any sense! Ah well, I'll just have to keep on taking thous
  23. Thanks everyone for you warm welcomes, I'm sure this will be a very useful site for getting information and people's opinions about dealing with my little monster! She's definitely a puppy and she won't let me forget that either!
  24. Gas spent driving around to animal shelters: $20 Collar, food and toys: $60 Adoption fee: $200 Finally getting my own BC puppy after years of begging my parents: Priceless! Hey everyone, I'm a proud new Border Collie owner and new to this site! My puppy's name is Gypsy and she's a 3 month old tricolour smooth female. I've never owner a BC before, but I've lived with dogs all my life and have always admired everthing about Borders--from some of the posts I've read I definitely don't have to go on about their beauty, intelligence, loyalty, etc I got Gypsy from an animal rescue sh
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