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  1. I don't know about Gypsy yet because she hasn't really been to the lake (except last weekend, but it was too cold to do anything and she hurt her leg jumping up the stairs so she had to take it easy) but my old English Setter would spend hours chasing minnows in the shallow water at my cabin. He loved going fishing in the boat and used to try and catch the minnows that we used for bait. Most of the time he was too slow, but on several occasions he caught (and devoured) some little minnows
  2. Gypsy got spayed last month. I brought her in at 8 and couldn't get her until 9 the next morning! It was a very lonely (and quiet!) night. But she was very happy to see me the next morning And she was hardly slowed down at all.. Just a little sore on her tummy and she couldn't understand why she wasn't allowed to play with big brother Milford.
  3. Just so more people see this : http://www.bordercollie.org/boards/index.php?showtopic=11134
  4. How does he ask to go out? My other dogs would always whine or bark if they needed out, and it would be really obvious that they had to go. Gypsy isn't a whiner and I don't want to teach her to bark because I enjoy silence Since she wouldn't ask to go out, I had to remember constantly to let her out - until I made her her own doorbell. Basically, I attatched a couple of bells onto an elastic band, which is attatched to a string tied to a part of a broom handle. I had already taught Gypsy "touch" (she touches the thing I point to with her paws) so it only took a minute or two of placin
  5. Donna, are you sure she wasn't part of some cloning experiment? Other than the lack fuzzy paws and ears, this dog IS Riven!
  6. Gypsy's going through the same thing too! She loves her frisbee, but just doesn't know how to catch it yet. If I throw it straight to her, she'll leap up into the air and sort of try to use her paws to catch it, or else stomp it down to the ground where she knows she can get a hold of it
  7. Her mom was a purebred BC and when we picked her up at the shelter, they said her dad could well have been too
  8. I have realized, surprisingly suddenly, that Gypsy can't possibly be 100% border collie. Or else if she is, she's a bit odd looking and very very calm. I think the reason I hadn't noticed before is because she's with me 24/7 - or as close to it as possible. I've seen her grow up this whole time; she looks so much more mature than the baby seal fuzzy bundle of puppy I brought home 4 months ago. I knew she was more laid back than the average border collie, and she is surprisingly calm for a puppy - although she definitely has her psycho moods and zoomies galore Her mother was a purebred bor
  9. Update. We (Nick, me, and of course Gypsy) were out for a walk tonight and decided to go past to see what "Pie" (aka Cutey Pie aka poor puppy) was up to. We had gone past yesterday but she wasn't outside (for once) or at least, wasn't tied up in the side part of the yard. We didn't look too close since it appeared she was inside. Tonight, we saw that she had just been relocated to the back portion of the yard - fenced in with an old, rotting 4 foot wooden fence. She was still tied though. The backyard was about 1/2 mud and 1/2 grass. The area she could reach on her rope was only mud. T
  10. We have a metal bin that will hold about 3/4 of Gypsy's 40lb bag of food - the rest goes into a plastic bin until there's enough room in the metal one. I really don't think it matters too much though.
  11. Gypsy gets super sleepy late at night. She knows it's past her bedtime and always tries to get us to follow her up to bed - her kennel's upstairs. When we don't go up with her (she's not allowed up on her own) she'll just fall over on the living room rug and go to sleep. The only way to get her up after she's out for the night is to ask if she wants a treat
  12. Gypsy is, without a doubt, the smartest dog I've ever trained. Either that, or she just really likes treats
  13. There's the sweetest little female BC puppy, probably about 12 weeks old, a few streets away. She lives in a house that backs onto our back lane, and we walk past her quite often. Their yard has a chain link fence separating their yard from the back lane, but it's not enclosed at the front part. We have seen her out there about 4 or 5 times - every single time we've gone past the house, and every time she is tied up on a rope. Not once have we seen any sign of her owners. Last week, her rope was tied so that she could reach the fence, and so me and Nick stood there for 10 minutes petting h
  14. You said you are sure that your dog won't be aggressive to the pup, which is a good start. You might want to introduce them on "neutral ground", somewhere that your older dog doesn't consider to be his home territory. Just let them get to know each other slowly, and make sure you give extra treats and attention to your older dog so that he feels like the new dog is a good thing to have around. Also you might want to get some new toys, so that your dog won't have to share "his things" with the newcomer. Good luck, and post pics once you get her!
  15. You might not want to go back to praise him when he stops, because when he sees/hears you go back to his crate, he could start up again. When Gypsy was a pup she would howl, wait a minute to hear if anyone was coming to get her, and then howl again. If you think he's stopped and go in to praise him in the middle of two howls, this could just reinforce the behaviour. Just ignore him and put a blanket over his crate, and he will soon learn that crate time means sleep time.
  16. I used to have an English Setter, and his ears were always in need of a cleaning. For a while we used Q-Tips, but he hated them and I never really got it all out because I didn't want to put them too far into his ear. I found that using a few tissues works the best. You can fold them in half, and then just wipe out the gunk. And he liked getting his ears cleaned with them too.
  17. Gypsy's really good for car rides. My dad has a pickup that I use sometimes, and she'll sit in the front seat beside me and look out the front windscreen, or else lie down on the seat beside me and go to sleep. She sometimes gets carsick, but only on a full stomach so we just avoid going out right after she's eaten My sister's dog - Milford - used to ride in the back seat of her car with the window rolled down enough to stick his head out. That priviledge got revoked when he stuck his head out the window and stepped on the automatic window control and closed his head in the window Luck
  18. Gypsy is getting spayed tomorrow. The clinic where it's happening called me tonight, and said that I have the option of paying $40 for an IV, and $60 to get her bloodwork done. How important are each of these? The spay is free since it was included in her adoption. I don't have a lot of money right now (in university ) but if they're very important then I'll get them done.
  19. Hope you find him soon. I know what it's like to have a 4-footed friend go missing. Good thoughts and a hug sent your way. Lisa
  20. Exactly. Not to mention any "surprises" if she were to meet up with an unfixed stranger... And the hassle of having to deal with her going into heat. I'm actully glad they're gonna keep her overnight. It means I won't get to see her as soon, but if anything does go wrong she's got vets right there to help her. Even though I live only a 2 min walk away from the clinic One more thing. What are some ways that I can keep her busy but calm after she's home? She'll no doubtedly want to play with my sister's dog, so they'll have to stay apart. Anyone know any good mind games to play with a
  21. Gypsy gets spayed. I'm sort of nervous for her, I've had several (painful) surgeries in the past and she's my little girl... I just want everything to go fine. But I know it has to be done. She's with me pretty much 24/7 - her kennel's even in my room. I'm so attatched to her thtat leaving her there at 8am Friday and not getting to see her til Saturday morning is gonna be sad I know I'm just being overprotective... But still. It's my Gypsy
  22. I'm just starting agility too. So far I've taught Gypsy "over" - for jumps, "up" - for use on a-frames and dog walks, "target" - follow my hand, and we're working on "away" to get her to move out from me in the direction I point. And I just finished making a set of 9 jumps for a total of $13 for the wood. A bit more for paint but it wasn't necessary.
  23. Congratulations! Sounds like you two had a great time! I can't wait til Gypsy's a bit older and we're out there too!
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