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  1. ...climb trees?? Yesterday I was out in the back yard with Gypsy taking photos/videos of her. Then all of a sudden, a squirrel appeared less than 3 feet away from her! She went psycho trying to get it, even though it had climbed up a tree and was long gone by this point. So she decided to climb the tree after it Silly girl. The photo link wouldn't work, so here it is!
  2. I don't really use her as a workout, but it's always nice to have company on a run or bike ride. And even if there's no humans up for a bit of exercise, she's always ready to go with me!
  3. This is slightly off-topic... but how is the membership thing enforced? Couldn't someone who didn't pay the fee just go to the park and act like they did? Just curious because all the dog parks around here are free.
  4. I'm not sure about fish oil, but have you looked into getting a Furminator? They're about $40 or so and also claim to reduce shedding by up to 90% It takes out SO MUCH FUR. No other brush works like it. And it's well worth $40! I bought one last month and I've really seen a drastic decrease in the amount Gypsy sheds. Except from her bum and tail, where the fur is more wavy and the brush can't reach the undercoat
  5. That's awesome that things went so well! Sounds like all of you (including Freckles) had a great time Gypsy does the same... But for treats instead There was one time at the dog park that she took off after a little girl holding a box of crackers and was following her around lovingly like she was her long-lost owner!
  6. Just in case anyone wants them, I know the ASPCA was giving away those stickers for free on their website. Only for people in Canada and the US though. http://www.aspca.org/site/PageServer?pagename=petsafetypack
  7. Ever considered an invisible fence? I don't know anything about them but it could be something for you to look into.
  8. I know there have been so many posts lately in regards to the type of food to feed, but from what I have read, nothing has really been said about the time(s) to feed. Currently Gypsy gets fed 2 cups of Nutro Puppy Max each day (we're on the last of the bag and will soon be switching to adult). She gets one cup anytime between 10am-12, and the second cup anytime between 4-6. It used to always be 8 and 4, but she sleeps in later now until Nick gets up with her while I'm at work in the morning. Would there be a problem with feeding her 2 cups all at once at around 5 or so? I know people w
  9. Oh boy, I haven't been on much lately and didn't check this thread when I was... I had been wondering why lately a few of Julie's posts had "The Poser" added on to her sig All you fakers out there should be ashamed of yourselves!!
  10. With Gypsy, I took her on lots of walks. Everywhere. We went to public parks with lots of people, dogs (on-leash), sights, sounds and smells. We went for walks all around the neighbourhood and very frequently met other well-behaved dogs on leashes. Once she was more confident, we went to the dog park which was good for her to meet all the dogs and have a chance to play, but things were obviously less controlled than other situations. Although nothing happened directly involving Gypsy, other dogs would act up. If you're nervous about having a bad expereince with Freckles, your best bet woul
  11. What vicious dogs you have! I just barely saved Gypsy from a ferocious bush that tried to eat her on our walk last night!
  12. Gypsy caught her first REAL frisbee today! She'll grab rollers, and snatch them out of the air if I hover them for her, but today she actually ran after a long throw and caught it out of the air! We've been practicing a lot lately with her soft plastic nylabone frisbee as well as a hard plastic competition style one. She loves them both and her favourite part is the occasional game of tug we play when she brings it back. However, she seems to only stay interested in the game for 10 minutes or so... She isn't a completely toy obsessed BC, and if another dog or person or anything walk
  13. If you're deadset on a puppy, then why not consider the option of a rescue puppy? There's always "accidental" litters being surrendered that could use a good devoted home. I got my now 8 month old from a rescue when she was 9 weeks old (wow, time flies when you're having fun!) and I have absolutely zero regrets with her. I knew she was simply going to be a companion animal so I knew I didn't have to spend a lot on a well-bred dog. Instead of paying $500 and upwards for a responsible breeder's puppy, I paid a $200 adoption fee which included her spay, tattoo, license for 1 year, bag of qual
  14. If you think that's bad, you should try housetraining a puppy in January in Canada Congrats on the new puppy, I can't wait to see pics and hear some stories!
  15. I just got a furminator last week. One thing to be careful of is to STOP BRUSHING when all the undercoat is gone! I lent the brush to my little sister to use on her cat, and she now has quite a large bald spot on her side
  16. How many of your dogs watch TV? And is it only for certain shows (their favourites??) Gypsy occasionally looks at the TV if there's a weird noise, especially dogs barking, but it's only ever for the noises. Until last night. I turned on the TV and saw there was 15 mins of "Top Dogs" left. I put it on and saw it was showing a border collie herding trial! About 5 mins later, I let Gypsy inside and she came and lied down on the mat in the living room. When the commercial ended and the dogs/sheep came back on, she looked up at the TV and honestly started watching the show! She sat there tr
  17. I've called all the pet stores in Winnipeg and only 2 of them carry Canidae. A 40lb bag is $56.99 not including tax. I think I might look into the Kirkalnd food, it sounds pretty good.
  18. My mistake - it's a 40lb bag for $20. I really didn't think it was that great of a food, but my sister was determined that it was and when I questioned her judgement she got offended. I suppose I'll pass on the offer and try to find a better quality kibble. I had gone to one of the stores advertised as carrying Canidae, and the woman working there told me they don't carry it because they had problems with ordering it from the states. I'll call the other places and see if they have it though. Thanks for all the replies
  19. My sister is an Animal Health Technologist and works in a vet's office. Tonight she brought home 2 bags of Hill's Perscription Diet and told me I could buy one 40kg bag for $20 from her - she gets it discounted. This is the bag she brought home. I was under the impression (at least from what I've read) that corn and rice are mainly used as fillers, and are not essential to a dog's diet. Also I've read that a good quality food will have at least 2 different real meat sources in the first 3 ingredients - not including by-products or meals. Most of that is just mumbo jumbo to me, I c
  20. I seem to have the opposite problem... Just yesterday Gypsy stuffed herself at the "all you can eat buffet" - AKA the dog food bin
  21. It's been a while since I last posted about Gypsy. And lots has been happening. She's all healed up now from her spay, there's only a little pink scar where the incision was. It goes right through one of her belly spots and it's kind of lopsided now, but other than that, she's the same old Gypsy... (I don't know whether that's good or not ) A few weeks ago we headed up to the cabin for Gypsy's first ever lake trip! She was absolutely LOVING it... that is, until she had some ultra-zoomies and tried jumping up all three steps onto the deck - smashing her left rear leg in the process. I h
  22. My sister's dog is named Milford... he came with that name from the shelter and she liked it even though I told her to change it Gypsy and Freckles are pretty ordinary names, but I've named a few horses pretty odd names... This is a Bashkir Curly horse I named Rat, he's lost all the hair from his mane and most of it from his (rat)tail which is where his name comes from. (**Please excuse the shabby halter, he isn't my horse, I was just starting him for the [horrible] woman that owns him long story...) And then there's Ratina - so original I know - who also lacks hair on her tail.
  23. IMO They don't look alike at all, other than the fact that they're both brown. Flora just doesn't say "staffie" to me... more lab/aussie/catahoula/whatever
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