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  1. Just be thankful she hasn't discovered how much of a delicacy it can be... Unlike some dogs who will go unnamed *COUGH*Gypsy*COUGH
  2. My sister has a rottieX that was abused and not socialized for the first year and a half of his life... He LOVES other dogs to the point that he will pull, jump, bark, growl, and in general go crazy if he's on leash and sees another dog. He is big and STRONG, and the only thing that lets us keep control over him is a halti. We had the same problem too, when he realized that he could back out of it. So we still use the halti along with a choke chain, and clip the leash onto the choke chain and the halti at the same time. So when he tries to pull back, the choke chain prevents him from slipping
  3. Directly linked off of MSN.com To an average person/family looking to get a pet, for the most part this information could actually be useful.
  4. Yeah, I was really surprised (but thankful!) when it actually happened. I would train her to do it on command, but I'd be scared she might let someone in that's not supposed to be in So let's just hope that she remembers to let me in next time I forget my keys And on a similar note to the car locks... My sister cannot have the window open when her dog is in her car, because he sticks his head out and then steps on the close window button and chokes himself. Luckily she was able to pull over both times he did that. I guess not every dog can be as smart as border collies
  5. Today when I got home from uni, I realized that for the first time EVER, no one was home, and for the first time EVER I had forgot to stick my keys in my purse, and for the first time EVER, the spare key was not where we usually keep it. Plus, it's now snowing and freezing outside. So I rang the doorbell a couple times just in case my sister's BF was downstairs or something... And Gypsy started barking from inside. I peeked in the window and when she saw me she got super excited, jumped up against the door and in a matter of seconds, she had unlocked the door for me! This summer I
  6. I think Gypsy's just weird... but when she was a puppy I needed to find something she didn't like the taste of, so I tried giving her a bit of "XXX Inferno" hot sauce that my dad uses.. 2 drops will make a huge pot of chili spicier than you can imagine! I gave her a drop, she ate it, and then with tears in her eyes came back looking for more. So before you try hot sauce make sure your dog doesn't actually LIKE it!
  7. My Gypsy can. She knows exactly which toys are hers, and which ones she is not allowed. Her Giraffe, Tiger and Bunny are for playing with/sucking on/ripping apart or whatever else she wants to do with them, and anything else is not hers. Once something is given to her though, she knows that she is allowed to have it so I can't change my mind! But she is very good at distinguishing different toys from one another. Although when she was a bit younger, anything left on the ground (or within needle-sharp puppy teeth range) was fair game
  8. Who would steal someone else's LEASH at a dog park??! That's just crazy! Ouzo's such a silly boy, I think we need a video demonstration of his "Name That Toy" game!!
  9. Happy Birthday Ouzo!! Such a grown up boy! And he almost shares *someone* else's birthday.... And just remember, anything that you chew/slobber on/destroy today won't get you in trouble! After all, who can get mad at such a handsome birthday boy?
  10. It took me a LONG time to get Gypsy consistent in her recall. It took a LOT of treats. It took MONTHS being on a 50ft rope whenever we went out. It took a LOOOOOT of patience... especially when I first started "testing" her by not using the rope, waiting for her to finish sniffing/playing/doing-whatever-the-hell-I-want-to-because-I'm-offleash-and-there's-nothing-you-can-do-about-it and having to PRAISE her for coming back just because she did. I took her out to the dog park 3-5 days a week for about 4 months before she got the recall that she has now. And I am SO proud of it. Mind you, s
  11. Congratulations! She's super cute It's great that you found a dog the Maggie loves too!
  12. This is slightly off-topic... But what about Cattle Dogs? I don't really have much knowledge of them but have always liked them and recently joined a ACD forum similar to this one. It is definitely AKC oriented and I don't think I'll be visiting it much. But in regards to the breed overall, is there such a definite split like the BC? Or did they suffer the same fate as Aussies?
  13. Gypsy is a tri and her brown definitely lightened up, but other than being replaced by brown in some places, her black stayed black. She has a lighter grey undercoat around her hind end and behind her shoulders, but her outercoat has always stayed the same colour. Here's a couple photos for comparison: 3 months old 9 months old
  14. This thread is hilarious, and soooo true! Before moving here, Nick's only contact with dogs had been his neighbour's 2 overwieght JRT's. Then we got 9 wk old Gypsy (who's 11 months old now!) and she became "his baby"! Now he tells her to "come see daddy" up on the bed for snuggles And he now actually thanks me for introducing him to dogs! Here's my self-proclaimed EX-cat person with his "little girl"!
  15. I will email her now and see if there's any chance of doing an initial instinct test. I remember a while ago someone posted about how their young dog had to develop their interest in stock over a series of lessons, but I think it'd be nice just to introduce her to sheep and see if she shows interest. Once again the expert knowledge from the Boards has been a great help! Thanks all.
  16. Ok, I finally got a reply back from this woman. She said she is CKC and ASCA associated. Here is our correspondance. Now here's my question(s). How does the CKC compare with the AKC? And what is the ASCA? If the CKC is in the same league as the AKC would it be worth it to just go to this place and try Gypsy on stock to see if she has any interest at all, or should I keep looking for a different (more qualified) trainer, even if it means traveling, before seeing if Gyp can differentiate a sheep from a coffee table? That's all I can think of for now, but I will check back
  17. After searching the entire city for Canidae, I finally found one pet store in all of Winnipeg that sells it. Gypsy loves it, her coat looks great, she's reached her perfect weight and she has tons of energy. But at $60/40lb bag I can't afford to keep her on it Once the bag runs out, we're gonna try Kirkland's Signature which is a *bit* more affordable at $20/40lb bag.
  18. What an adorable puppy!!! I definitely see BC and setter, but you'll be able to get a better idea once he's grown up a bit.
  19. Thanks for that resource. There were 3 listed in Manitoba, but all were 2+ hours away from me. Being in university limits the time and money that I'd be able to spend on something like this, and gas would just be too much to get to any of those places for lessons Hopefully the one that's close to me turns out to be alright.
  20. I'm interested in taking a couple herding lessons with Gypsy to see what it's like. Does anyone know any instructors around the Winnipeg, Manitoba area? I googled "herding lessons" and came up with only one result. Does this seem like a good place? It's only about 15 minutes away, and I emailed them asking for more information. Any input would be appreciated. Thank you.
  21. Not just with BC's but with any new puppy you need to be prepared for peeing, pooping, chewing, and whining! He WILL pee/poop on your floor, on your rug, on anything that he has access to. He WILL chew anything he can sink his needle-sharp puppy teeth into - including your hands & feet. The housetraining takes a LOT of patience and cleanups. It seems worth it when you get one, two, even three days without an accident in the house, but they'll happen occasionally for a couple months after you think he's house trained. I know they look cute, but PUPPIES ARE NOT TO BE TRUSTED. They're evil I
  22. When I saw her I immediately thought Wren. My fiance is from Northern Ireland, and he always calls me "birdy", which is sort of a cuter way of saying girl. Hence, Wren is a birdy, a cute little girl, and there's a bit of meaning behind it because your mum was from Ireland.
  23. What about Wren? I've always liked that name. But out of the names you listed, I like Lynk the best.
  24. My family got our old dog when I was 6 and he was 4 months. I kept teaching him tricks up until he was 12 last year. Although he was an enlish setter and *not quite* the brightest star in the sky, he knew a lot of tricks and voice commands. The last one I taught him was "spin", which he had to do very slowly and carefully because he was so old and not as agile as he used to be. It was more of a wide loop than anything But if you're commited to being patient and teaching your dog, it should have no trouble picking up new tricks.
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