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  1. As soon as I saw her I thought BCX English Setter. Her tail, ears, and fur remind me so much of my old ES (RIP old guy). Plus, imagine that cross and the head and colour pattern fist right in. That's just my guess, but she's a cutie no matter what Just found a couple pics of Freckles for reference:
  2. Just to clarify - I wasn't actually considering trying this "technique"! I was just browsing and reading this article sounded pretty harsh to me and wanted a second opinion. This is also a game Gypsy and I play. There is a big park we go to full of winding trails and if she gets a bit too far up ahead, I'll either turn around and run the opposite direction or else sidestep off the path, at which point she turns around and bolts back in my direction to find me. All the time with a big doggy smile on her face.. and she certainly isn't "agitated or worried" I feel sorry for the dogs th
  3. I was surfing the internet, and ame across this article. I had never heard about the "Abandonment Exercise" before, and was wondering if it is actually a legitimate exercise used by trainers or not. I always thought that a dog's aloofness was predetermined, and I'm not sure whether or not it can be "trained". Anyone with more experience care to comment? Here is the link to the article (also quoted below) http://www.caradobe.com/relationship.pdf and here is the link to the parent site that this is from http://www.caradobe.com/
  4. Happy Birthday Zipper! What did you end up doing for him? On Gypsy's birthday, we went to the shelter where I adopted her from to visit the rescue workers there, although they were a lot happier to see her than she was to see them! I got her a new leather collar and let her pick out a couple of toys.. well that's actually not true--she wanted to take home the cats wandering around! I got her a Cuz (how long till she breaks the squeaker?!?! Hopefully SOON!!! ) and a couple other treats.. Then we took her to the dog park. Nothing fancy really, but she slept well that night.
  5. Here is the link: Border Collie Sheepdogs - Off Duty I found this through youtube, they had a trailer and a link to this site. Has anyone bought it? Seems like it might be a good watch but it doesn't really say exactly what it's about, and I'm not sure of the format.
  6. That's hilarious Gypsy doesn't really fart that much, but whenever she does they're squeaky! Any time she farts she'll jump up, act really surprised and look around as if to say "Who did that?!" Way back when before I had Gypsy, I trained my sister's dog countless tricks, and after he knew all the traditional ones I taught him... well, it might offend some people so here's the link. Click at your own risk Milford's Trick
  7. Yikes No more sticks then! I made a "rope" out of a bunch of old mis-matched socks and I don't care it that gets ripped or dirty so it can be her dog park toy. I definitely don't want her getting hurt by a stick but it was just handy the other day and didn't even thing that it might be dangerous. I'm not so much worried about her recall, we've worked long and hard on that and she is now 100% consistent. On the other hand, I wouldn't really want to take the chance of messing it up. We have a bit more trouble with the "best game in town" bit though... She'd rather play with other dogs
  8. Because of this thread I was looking at getting a microchip for Gypsy - her adoption came with free spay and tattoo (among other things) but I got her from a local shelter (D'Arcy's ARC) and they don't include a microchip like the Humane Society does. I never even thought about it till now, she's always got her collar on with ID tags & license, but there's always that "What If". We use Birchwood Animal Hospital (it's a 2 min walk from my house ) and I checked their website tonight and they have a link to the M4S site. I'm gonna call her vet and see if I can get her an appointment sometime
  9. This thread has really gone OT, here's an update from someone with a "young rude dog" We went to the DP today, it's exam week right now -- spent the entire weekend studying for a microbiology exam yesterday at 6:00-9:00pm, got 2 hours of sleep last night and stayed up studying for a genetics exam today at 9:00am.. But finally I have a tiny break before my next exams on Thurs and Fri so I decided to take advantage of it and work with Gypsy a bit. We walked around on our own for a bit. I got a stick and was getting Gypsy used to carrying it around with her. I don't think I'd really want
  10. It works really well.. maybe even too well. My little sister got a hold of it and used it on her cat... Kitty now has a bald spot on her back It doesn't just take out the dead hair, it removes the undercoat too.
  11. Happy Gotcha day handsome boy! He sure looks like a different dog now than when you first got him! Congrats on finding such a special dog
  12. Thank you all for the information you have provided me with. It is a lot to take into account and I am going to keep working on stopping this behaviour. Perhaps the dog park isn't an ideal situation to let her play with other dogs, but like I said before I don't have "dog people" friends, so they either don't have dogs or else they're not trained in the slightest. The toy idea is a good one. Gypsy is without a doubt a food-motivated dog, but she does have favourite toys (her Cuz and a tug rope) that she loves playing with at home. She also is much more interested in other dogs than her toy
  13. I don't personally know anyone with well-socialized dogs that would be able to tell her off... Unfortunately most of my friends are not "dog people". She did get told off once... by a beagle. It barkscreamhowled at her like you can't even imagine and chased her off with her tail between her legs. I thought finally she might ease up on the tail grabbing but next time we went she was at it again. And another time a Weimaraner *tried* correcting her (Gypsy finds bird dogs' cropped tails irresistable, especially Weims & GSP's) but she actually thought it was playing and the other dog got s
  14. While we're on this subject.... Gypsy's shedding a bunch too. Would it be bad to Furminate her now? I was sort of thinking along the lines that since it removes most of her undercoat (GOOD in the +40 degree C summer) it might take away some of her extra warmth (BAD in the -40 degree C winter). Am I right in thinking this?
  15. When she's chasing and I say "NO", most of the time it's a complete blow off. Occasionally it will have the desired effect and she'll look at me and then either come over to me (where I praise her) or else go play with another dog - a reward in itself. I give her a couple seconds to see if she's going to listen, and if not I'll call her off the other dog. Usually I'll make her heel offleash with me for a bit right afterwards - work on turning and stopping for a couple minutes - and then once she's focused on me again, I'll release her to go play and she'll play nice again for a while.. Until a
  16. He sooooooooo did. Wishing RD a speedy recovery and eagerly awaiting some Doggles pics.
  17. That's funny Gypsy will do that too sometimes, usually at the dog park with a dog she wants to play with but doesn't know. She'll jump around smacking with her paws and most of the time the other dog will have no idea what she's doing. When we're approaching/being approached by another dog, she'll crouch down and do the BC crawling walk thingy until she's sort of close to it, then lie down as close to the ground as she can (head down too) and wait for it to come near her, and then she'll jump up and run striaght at it when it's a few feet away. With Milford, she'll just walk up to him and
  18. Lately Gypsy has developed a somewhat annoying habit. When we are at the dog park, she has taken to chasing after other dogs and nipping their hocks, backs and grabbing their tails. It's usually when another dog is running past her, she LOVES chasing and up till just recently, everything was fine as she'd just chase the other dogs around. Now however, she'll focus in on one dog and as it's running she'll go after it's tail, legs, back... anything she can get her teeth on really. I know they're just dogs and they're just playing, but this to me seems like she's being rude and not respecting
  19. You described Gypsy's first 2 months or so that I had her. The Perfect Puppy. And then she became a teenager.
  20. I don't know how she does it. Does she have "mood radar" or something that tells her when I'm happy and need to be brought back to reality and my usual miserable self? I had just finished writing an email and was about to go to bed. I stood up from the computer, and Gypsy was lurking behind me and gave me the MOST guilty look I have ever seen on a dog. Ever. So cautiously I walked over to the back door to let her out for her last pee and the most awful smell ever floated up from the floor. Yeah. Turds. Two big turds. Ok. That's not that bad... obviously the chicken she got into (of n
  21. Your pets are gorgeous Amanda, welcome to the boards from Gypsy and I
  22. Thanks for the replies, I think I can breathe a little easier now I've just always heard that chicken bones were so bad for dogs, I automatically assumed the worst when I realized what had happened. Gypsy has since gobbled down her food and is acting completely normal still.
  23. Today while everyone was out, my sister's $)%*^% cat pulled open the cupboard door where the garbage is kept in the kitchen, and spread it out all over the floor. Gypsy and our other dog never get into anything, but recently the cat's been getting into things more and more often. Well last night we had chicken, and the carcass was put in the garbage. Today when I got home form uni, it was gone, along with who knows what else. How worried should I be about bones getting stuck or splintering inside Gypsy? Is there anything I can give her? Should I take her in to the vets? Or is it best just
  24. First dog as a child: Freckles the English Setter. He was the best dog you could ask for growing up. Sure he couldn't care less about playing fetch, didn't like swimming, and was moody constantly... But I can't even count the times we dressed him up and pulled him around the block in our little red wagon First dog as an adult: My Gypsy Why a BC? I've wanted one for years. While we had Freckles, I loved him, he was my best friend and I'd never trade the memories I have of him for anything. BUT, I wanted a dog like you see on TV, one that plays fetch, wants to learn things and follows m
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