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  1. I am so sorry to hear this.. Zia was beautiful and it's such a shame she had this accident. Reading the titles of these posts always makes my heart drop, and I know one more Good Dog has gone. My heart goes out to you.
  2. When I got Gypsy at 9 weeks old, it took about a week of sleepless nights to crate train her. It was necessary that she knew whining/crying did not mean she got to come out of her kennel. After she got used to it, she was fine, and then at about 8 months old I felt I was able to trust her enough to spend the night out of the crate. She now sleeps on my bed with me I think it's fine that you want your dog to sleep with your son, however IMO he should be able to spend the night in his kennel alone first. A puppy should be able to sleep through the night without accidents, which the crate re
  3. Gypsy has a Furminator.. But to me it doesn't really seem like "pampering". It keeps her cool in the summer due to having about 1/2 her normal coat, but it really reduces her shedding and makes it a lot easier for me to clean her hair. Other than that, the only thing I can think of is that I bought her a pink bandana - apparently she looks like a Man Dog and I was tired of people telling me "HE'S so cute". Although I guess some people don't pick up on it right away, as I still get the occasional "He"
  4. I am so sorry to hear this. Missy was a beautiful dog, and it sounds like she couldn't have had a better life. I'm sure she's thankful you and DW were strong enough to know when to let her go.
  5. A commercialized version of that has allowed someone to retire early.. After all, it's sooooo much easier to just spend $150 and let your dog entertain itself than actually having to waste time interacting with it. I wonder how many dogs' owners are actually "replaced" by these things?
  6. My smooth BC sheds a moderate amount all year round. The Furminator works great on her coat, and she hardly sheds now. I'd definitely reccomend it.
  7. What coat color do you prefer, if any? All things being equal, I would probably go for a red tri or red & white, but colour is the last thing I consider when looking at dogs. If you have a preference, would it dictate your choice of dog? No, unless the choice was between an identicle dog of a different colour and a red tri or a r&w. Does your current complement of dogs reflect this color preference? Nope
  8. Gypsy doesn't ask to go out either. It was more difficult house training her because of it, but she was on a schedule and for those couple months after I first got her I took her out every chance I got - better safe than sorry. She knew she was supposed to go outside, but she wouldn't ask. Usually she would walk to the back door, wait for a minute, and if no one noticed she would pee on the mat at the back door. Poop too, but not as often since she pooped less.. most of the time anyways, there was one day she pooped 9 times Ayways, I would definitely try the bells idea. That's what r
  9. Ditto Gypsy play-humps my sister's male dog. She isn't dominant over him, he's the boss and will correct her if play gets too rough, but she absolutely ADORES her "big brother" and follows him everywhere
  10. Great advice already given here. I wholeheartedly support the long line idea, since it can help you correct your dog when you are nowhere near it - just watch out for tangles in legs... canine or human Also, you might want to try going to the dog park during off times, when it's empty of other people & dogs. My Gypsy is ADDICTED to dogs, she seriously loves them. Teaching her a solid recall took a looooooot of hard work and practice, but it sure paid off. Just having the smells left behind in an empty park will provide some distraction, but not to the level of a pack of 10 dogs whippi
  11. Most of ours have been said already (hide under the blanket, hide and seek etc) but there's still a couple others! When we're walking in the park, if she gets too far ahead I'll sidestep into the bush on either side of the trail and just be as quiet as I can. Never more than 10 seconds later, a black-and-white blur comes bolting back down the trail, looking left to try and spot me. If she goes past without finding me, I jump out and chase her and she gets zoomies! (Interesting to explain if any people are around and happen to witness this ) If she finds me, she runs over and I crouch down
  12. I can definitely relate to that! From 3 months when she first became interested in frisbees until nearly 8 months old, Gypsy would only grab rollers with her mouth. Anything off the ground she'd stomp down out of the air and then pick it up. One day it just clicked and she completely surprised me by consistently catching ever single throw I think they grow out of it once they realize they can get another throw much quicker by simply catching it in their mouth
  13. Everyone's videos are great, I especially love how crazy Abby is! The song fits her perfectly I know I'm coming into this one a bit late, but I have been meaning to make a new video for Gypsy since almost a year ago! This post just motivated me to do it! Here it is, let me know what you think http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=6oPherbjz3I
  14. What lake is your cottage on? My parents own one on Granite Lake, right beside Clearwater Bay Just in case your vet doesn't know, there's a fungal disease specific to the LOTW area called blastomycosis that grows in the soil in damp areas (ie under cabins). I first heard about it 3 summers ago when my friend's dog became extremely lethargic, wasn't eating, and when they took him to the e-vet in Kenora he was diagnosed with having contracted it. They were very close to losing him, but fortunately over 4 months of treatment he did make a full recovery. Since it is only found in that area, o
  15. Hi Julie, From my experience, here in Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario tick season is well over by August. May-June are generally the worst, although if you really go into the deep bush later on in the summer I'm sure you'd be able to find a couple of the beasties Not sure if it's different where you're going, but you will most likey not have anything to worry about. Also from what I can remember, it's only the deerticks that carry Lyme, the more common woodticks do not. To answer your question though, the best way to find them is just petting the dog. You can look through his/h
  16. Ditto what Liz said, but also to add a huge one - neutering. If your dog's still intact having him neutered would probably be the biggest deterrant to excessive marking.
  17. So sorry to hear this AJ. Nothing anyone says will ease the pain, but hopefully you can find some comfort in knowing we're all thinking of you. Most of us know what you're going through. Go give Black Jack a big hug.
  18. Well it wasn't grapes and it wasn't chocolate, but yesterday while I was at work Gypsy decided to help herself to a bag of those Valentine hearts that say "Be Mine" that my sister had left on her floor - an entire kg of them. When I got home from work, I got the guiltiest welcome home ever from a super bloated Gypsy. Then I found 2 piles of heart filled doggy puke - both on the living room rug of course. At least I had something to read while I was cleaning Then at 3am she decided to puke up a bunch more half digested hearts. And then at 6am, I let her outside after she woke me up by wh
  19. You've got a good start, but there's still endless things you can teach her! You can teach her the names of certain items and get her to bring them to you - can be useful for things like car keys, her leash, etc. Also a stimulating game Gypsy and I play is that I ask her to bring me one of her toys, if she brings it she gets to play, if she brings the wrong one, then I don't play with her till she brings me the right one. When we were first starting this game I would always end up with a pile of toys at my feet Another one I'm working on with Gypsy is to get her to jump up on my back
  20. My grandma used to live in a very rural area. There was a bad group of native Americans that would constantly bother her and the other people in that area - she's told me horror stories that I wouldn't believe are real if anyone else was telling them to me. Anyways, she had a big black shepherd cross named Ty that was scary to look at, but basically the sweetest dog in the world, loved everyone but especially my grandma. One day he had been gone for a while, and a few of the guys came to her house to cause trouble. She was out chopping wood at the time (70 years old then, living on her own
  21. Gypsy knows "Get Around" which means from the right, she circles around me to the heel position on the left. When I've got a toy in my hand, this is really useful because I give the command, she runs around and starts running even before the toy is thrown, gets some distance on it, and is always facing the right direction, as Rebecca mentioned. If she starts anticipating it too much, I'll just wait for her to realize I haven't thrown it yet, or else give the command several times in succession - each time she circles and then begins to wait and watch for the toy to be thrown or else the next c
  22. Just catching up now - I think this has got to be one of the most interesting topics I've read on these boards. Bill's post is very well done, among others. Most of this has already been looked at, however I think peoples' self-centered attitudes are to blame (in general, as the cause of all these "wacko" dogs). Self interest is one thing, but when you get people who can't step back and look at the bigger picture to decide what The Right Thing To Do is, ie. "breeding my dog will not only make me money, it will also produce an entire litter of puppies who may then go on to produce more of t
  23. What's that one? I just tried googling it but nothign relevant to dog training came up.
  24. Sounds like you're gonna have a lot of fun with him. I adopted my BC too, and she's now over a year old and I don't know where the time has gone! I got her when she was 9 weeks old, and work with her every day. Training is not just at certain times, but it is more a constant ongoing process, and will continue to be. You have to understand that your everyday actions and behaviour around Jack are what he really picks up on, not just in designated training sessions. Have you looked into joining a basic obedience class? It might help him focus, and help you learn to understand him better.
  25. I've pretty much given up on the dog park closest to my house. It is always super crowded and mainly full of doodles (must be a doodle mill in my area ) and other dogs that run around in a big pack while their owners stand and talk - probably the only exercise most of those dogs get. It's gotten much too crowded for comfort, even in the "off times" I can't walk 200 feet without bumping into someone, and since it's so open it's hard to work with Gypsy on her chasing (even though since we've stopped frequenting that dog park it's completely stopped!! -see old thread in Obedience forum). Also,
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