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  1. Erin, Although I'm extremely late to this thread, I just had to express my deepest condilences for your loss. I know Maggie was your Heart Dog, and I'm so sorry she had to leave this world so soon. I don't know what convinced me to read this section of the boards tonight, but I now have tears literally streaming down my face. Goodbye Maggie Mae.
  2. Betty, I'm devastated to hear of Tulsa's passing. He was a grand old boy. When I am able to, I will be buying another picture from you that features the handsome old man. He will light up the walls of my house as I'm sure he illuminated your life through the brief years he spent here on Earth. *hugs*
  3. Gypsy got sprayed right in the face too. I used the same concoction you did at least 4 times and she still stunk. I then went to the pet store and bought an expensive bottle of "de-skunker" that was guaranteed to work, used it twice, and brought it back. My mom sells Norwex, a line of natural home cleaning products, and she gave me a bottle of stuff that is usually used for stinky sports equipment. It got most of the smell out, but I didn't put it too close to her eyes/ears/nose, so now, over a MONTH later, I can still smell it when I get real close to her
  4. Paula, the sheep were just loose in the yard and Gypsy was on the rope (other than when the trainer wanted to see what she would do), since the pen they normally use for this type of thing was flooded. Which is a shame, because after watching the video she gave me, I can see how a pen could really be an advantage for a dog's first time on stock. I honestly don't know if I want to try Trevor on sheep. We're still adjusting to each other and getting over the damage his previous owners did to him.. Every time I want to catch him he completely ignores me until I get close enough, then he turn
  5. Well, I think we both had fun! I did forget my camera though We got there and there were dogs everywhere, about a dozen or so, tied to different trees and kennels. The trainer and her dad work together raising and selling stock dogs. There was 3 sheep grazing in the middle of the yard. I was wondering why they were loose like that, since the road was quite close, when I noticed two black and white bundles of fur crouched in the grass nearby. The trainer came out to greet me and went to get a rope from the barn while I just walked Gypsy nearby the sheep to let her get used to their sight and s
  6. Well, I finally got up the nerve to contact someone for herding lessons for Gypsy and I. Our first lesson is tomorrow! The only stock Gypsy has ever seen was an ornery old nanny goat at the barn I used to board at, and she was definitely interested, but intimidated by her. Obviously we're just doing this as a hobby, but I'm excited to see what kind of potential she has. Flyball didn't cut it for her - she had no problem at all learning the steps and putting it all together, but would only run because I asked her and not because she was having fun. I think this will be something she can actuall
  7. Thanks again for all the comments! He's feeling 110% better than when I first got him! His poops are actually solid now, and he's eating dry food and asking for more. Korby loves him and Gypsy ignores him for the most part, but runs around with him when they really get going in the yard. On Tuesday I went to the pound and officially adopted him! I'm in looooove with his personality, he's obviously had some training but his manners need a bit of work, but with his brains and willingness it'll be a piece of cake. Whoever didn't want him sure missed out on an awesome dog! I just posted some
  8. He's doing a lot better now! Last night he had his first semi-solid poop, since he hadn't eaten anything in a week. Now that he's here his appetite has picked up and he's eating chicken, boiled ground beef, noodles, and some wet dog food. I'm going to start mixing it with dry food soon, but he was taking so many pills that I needed something appetizing to hide them in. I gave him a bath yesterday, which he was very good for. And today I let him in the front yard to play with Gypsy and Korby - he tried bugging Gypsy but she put him in his place right away. Korby and him had a blast rolling arou
  9. Thanks for all the good thoughts - I think they've helped, since he seems much better than when he was at the clinic. I brought him home a few hours ago, and decided to call him Trevor instead of Leo. I always like re-naming my pets when I adopt them, since I think they should get a completely fresh start. And he wasn't really a "Leo" anyways.. Trevor just kind of fits him! He's alert and begging for chicken, although he is still turning his nose up at the kibble I've offered him.. Definitely a smart dog He seems to be fully housetrained. I put him in the tub when I got home and went back
  10. Thanks, both of you. I was thinking of chicken/rice but I'll get some pasta and ground beef too. Gypsy and Korby will be happy with some ground beef flavoured water over their dinner tonight! I keep telling myself not to get my hopes up too high because he is still a very sick pup, but I'm definitely falling for him. *sigh*
  11. This weekend I'm looking after a dog that has been sick with Parvo for the past week. He has just recently started eating again, and still has a bit of diarrhea. He isn't interested in dog food, but will take chicken & bread (from the lunches of the vet clinic staff). What would be the best thing to feed him that might also help settle his stomach?
  12. Everyone, meet Leo. He's a 13 month old male border mix(?) that was picked up by Animal Services. They're having issues with Parvo at the pound right now, and Leo unfortunately contracted it. He's been at the vet clinic where my sister works for the past week getting treated with antibiotics and on IV fluids. He hasn't been eating and has lost so much weight that you can feel almost every bone in his body. His records are on file at the pound, and he was born April 10, 2009. His owners had him neutered, fully vaccinated, on heartworm prevention.. everything, but gave him away May 5 of
  13. To be honest, the idea of doing freestyle doesn't really interest me too much. I'm sure she could do it, but I don't know if she would enjoy it. And if there was a crowd of people around her, she would be too interested/intimidated by them to concentrate.. So we'll just stick to the backyard The song is Why Don't We Just Dance by Josh Turner. And Diane, yes, she does hold things in her mouth without eating them. That was interesting to teach, since she learned how to sneakily swallow them before I could correct her, and I couldn't tell if they were still in her mouth or not!
  14. Thanks for all the comments It certainly is nice having a brilliant dog like Gyp, but I get so frustrated when I'm working with hubby's little mutt, she's just so dumb! Gypsy, on the other hand, I can talk to like a person, and she will understand everything I say. Tricks are learned within minutes. Just a couple weeks ago, I was on crutches with a bruised pelvis and we had a huge blizzard with a good foot of snow, and the paper guy just stuck the newspaper in our chainlink fence. Never having done it before, I just told Gypsy to "go get it". She looked around the yard, spotted the paper, tro
  15. Last year I tried making a video of Gypsy's tricks, but Windows Movie Maker was messed up on my parents' computer and it wouldn't save as a video file. So I finally got around to transferring the clips onto my computer, and finished the video yesterday! Comments and new ideas for tricks welcomed
  16. Thanks everyone. It was her carnassial molar. Apparently it had been cracked for a long time since the vet said it was infected and oozing pus, but on the plus side the infection helped it come out really easy and she was only under the anasthetic for 1/2 an hour. She came home yesterday and was super tired and almost stoned from being under, but didn't seem to be in any real pain and managed to scarf down her dinner (one kibble at a time as per the vet's directions ). She's on pain meds and antibiotics for the infection, but doesn't seem any worse for the wear... I think my wallet took
  17. My poor girl Today Gypsy was playing with her rope toy, and all of a sudden she stopped and started sniffing something on the ground. I took a closer look and there was a white shard of tooth on the carpet. I opened up her mouth and it was literally dripping with blood. So I stuck her in the car and drove to the vet clinic where my sister works, which took 40 minutes instead of 15 like usual since last night we had the first big snow of the year and traffic was crawling. The vet looked at her and said it would have to come out, so she's having surgery today It was so unexpected and I'm
  18. I was bringing Gypsy to the barn with me occasionally, she absolutely loves it. She's not interested in the horses so much as she is in eating what comes out of them To be honest she's more intimidated by the resident crabby old nanny goat (and she calls herself a border collie!). But her ignorance of the horses does not turn out well either, as many of them are young and not quite used to dogs... She doesn't understand to stay away from the back end of horses, and she's gotten kicked in the head twice. I'm not taking her there anymore in case she's not so lucky the third time. My filly's ho
  19. Gypsy is the heaviest-sounding 35lb dog I've ever been around. She always stretches as she's walking, she'll push her back feet out as far as they can go and then THUMP just flop over onto her side. It makes me cringe but it really doesn't seem to bother her! She also does this weird baby voice screechie noise on occasion when she yawns. And she's a grunter.
  20. I've been told Gypsy was many breeds... including some woman who insisted she was a Jack Russel. Now I just tell people straight up she's a BC. I'll never know her exact breed/mix for sure, but they don't need to know that!
  21. If you're not sure about having 2 adolescent monsters border collie puppies then it's probably best to wait Raising one is hard enough, I couldn't imagine trying to take on 2 at once! It sounds like a great idea to help find a good home for Ugla's sister, that way you can feel good about not adopting her, as well as making sure each dog will recieve 110% of the attention that they need! Plus your boyfriend might stick around I converted my husband from a cat person, and now he's getting excited about getting HIS dog! Good luck with whatever you decide, your dogs are adorable!
  22. Thanks for the replies. Most likely a UTI since last night she peed on her pillow with no warning, and before this has had zero accidents in over a year. She was spayed just over a year ago and the behaviour is developing now.. So I guess it's off to the vets we go!
  23. Small world isn't it? I always take Gypsy to the gas station near my house, and I have since she was a puppy. The staff love her there. One time I brought her in, paid for my gas, then was heading out when the woman next in line asked to see her.. So of course I stop to chat. She says what a nice dog, where'd you get her. I tell her the shelter I got her, and she asked how old she was. I told her and she asks when I got her. I tell her. She says "My sister owns her littermate, she wanted your Gypsy but you had her on hold [phew!!!] when she got her dog". And you'll never guess what their dog's
  24. Over the past 2 days, Gypsy has become the object of desire for male dogs. In the dog park, they won't leave her alone. It's never been like this before, occasionally she or another dog would hump each other in play, but tonight there were 5 different males at different times that tried to mount her (repeatedly) Can a spayed female dog still emit the pheromones of an intact female to signal to males that she's in heat? Or is there some other reason for this sudden increase in "affection" for her?
  25. The other day in the dog park, we came across a suicidal chipmunk that leaped out of a tree, missed its foothold on the next one, and landed right in Gypsy's gaping mouth. Gypsy was amazed and soooo proud of herself that she *finally* caught one. It's hard pretending you're not angry for something that's just natural to them.
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