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  1. Hi, Mike, and welcome to the boards! Here is a link to a pinned topic in this section that, in turn, contains links to other resources you might find helpful: Seeking information about getting a border collie?.
  2. I wouldn't have known about the generic, either, so I was really glad my vet recommended it: I just checked Ody's records, and we are paying $54 for 60, 75mg tablets of carprofen, just fyi.
  3. When you call your vet, you might also ask about switching to the generic; my vet suggested that change when we decided to keep Ody on it long-term, and it's substantially cheaper (I think less than $1/75 mg tablet, but I'd have to check my notes to be sure). Not as handy as the chewables, but definitely worth it for us in the cost savings. Best of luck to you and Bella.
  4. It's always great to hear about Danny's progress--and a nice bonus to see pictures of his handsome self. Glad he had a good vet visit, despite the earthquake's efforts to interrupt things.
  5. I am very sorry to hear you are facing this decision, cndlyn. When I have been in your situation, I have found it helpful to review some of the "Quality of Life" assessment tools available--as a way for me to evaluate my dog's condition a little more objectively. A friend recently found this particular one, on a Canine Cancer website, especially helpful because it allowed her to examine many specific behaviors: Quality of Life Scale. I hope you are able to find whatever materials and support will help you at this time.
  6. Thank you for sharing your beautiful video of Lacee. I smiled at the "co-pilot" photo because I have had similar cross-country moves with border collie co-pilots supervising the relocation. I am glad that making the tribute helped you remember the many wonderful times you spent together.
  7. I am so sorry for your loss, Kate. Josie was fortunate to have you caring for her, although I can only imagine how hard it has been on you.
  8. Tommy, I have followed this thread pretty closely and, as far as I can tell, these are the two pieces of information you're providing to support the very broad claim presented in the thread's title. Did I overlook something, or are these two shelters the only two you have even considered? As others have pointed out, these two shelters do not provide the only options for adopting a BC in the greater KC area, as I well remember from having spent a decade there. Other folks have said it better than I can, but I hope you can understand how, for those of us with ties to rescue, these two statements would make more sense if they were reversed. I am sure it was disappointing to discover that Parkville's policy kept you from adopting that puppy immediately. But I don't see what has been particularly frustrating about your attempts to adopt--unless, of course, you have been pursuing this plan much more actively than you've described here in the barely 24 hours since your OP. On the other hand, it is extremely frustrating to see a potential adopter first making huge generalizations (cannot adopt "a shelter dog" when, in fact, has only butted up against one organization's particular policy) and then, after being offered many suggestions and much helpful advice, somehow jumping to the conclusion that "there are no other options" remaining other than buying a puppy or breeding for one. Sigh.
  9. I am so sorry for your loss, Ruth and Terry. I expect a personality as big as Shoshone's leaves a substantial gap in your home and hearts, but she also obviously left behind many delightful memories. Rest in peace, Shonie.
  10. Annie was fortunate to retire to your farm where she was clearly loved and appreciated for who she was, prickliness and all. I am sorry for your loss.
  11. Yes, congratulations to you and your "unpronounceable symbol" border collie. He is very handsome, and I wish you all the best!
  12. I am so sorry for your loss but grateful that you and Missy found each other and she enjoyed a long and full life with you. Thank you for sharing that lovely tribute to your beautiful girl.
  13. I am so very sorry, Diane, that things took this unexpected turn. I have been reminded frequently over the last several days how much Lacee meant to you, and I am sorry for your family's loss.
  14. What great news--Lacee looks wonderful in that photo, and I'm glad she is hunting for treats! I hope she continues to feel better with each passing day.
  15. Welcome home, Lacee! So glad you are reunited now!
  16. Mojo continuing to come your way from us in Kentucky.
  17. Good luck to you and your friend getting this sorted out. Is there another vet the dog could see tomorrow instead of waiting for her usual vet to return on Tuesday? My only experience with this degree of increased drinking/increased urination has been with diabetes insipidus. However, the onset of this dog's symptoms doesn't seem to fit DI--or at least what I know about DI. I definitely know how frustrating and exhausting it can be to encounter this type of problem, and I hope your friend gets some answers soon.
  18. Oh, wow! What am amazing change of plan--I am so glad your vet's office worked together to give you another option for Lacee, and I will be thinking of you all on Monday and hoping for a successful, uncomplicated surgery! (And happy birthday! Glad Lacee is home to celebrate with you! )
  19. I am so sorry to hear you have had such an exhausting day and received such tough news. I'll be thinking of you and Lacee.
  20. Beautiful pups--and lucky that the woman now caring for them is so kind and generous! Thanks for posting their stories and photos; I hope they find new homes soon.
  21. Welcome home, Tommy! So glad for you both that you've been reunited!
  22. aljones


    I am so sorry for your loss, Laura. Seeing your photos and reading Pearce's stories gave me a glimpse into how special a dog Jaxx was--to you and to others.
  23. We feed this brand of canned tripe, too. Here's a link to the PetCo listing for it, just fyi. We've also fed Tripett brand, but that's harder to find, at least in our area.
  24. Very glad to hear this update! What great news for you and Rocket--thanks for sharing it!
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