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  1. I strongly second the advice for a thorough vet exam ASAP. There are several possible causes for the behaviors you describe, some physical and some mental, so getting your vet's feedback on Buster's overall health is essential. Please keep us posted on what you find out, and best wishes to your family as Buster ages.
  2. Based on my decade or so of experience with house rabbits and border collies, I second Sue's advice. The best strategy I found was to keep the species separate and only allow the rabbits out for exercise when the dogs were safely confined elsewhere. I know that's not the answer you're looking for, but after seeing the damage my dogs did to a wild rabbit they captured in the yard, I was not willing to take a risk by allowing the dogs and the rabbits to interact.
  3. You're very welcome--happy to help. Wanda also sent a follow-up email to confirm that they are safe in foster care. The PNP pilot who picked them up adopted a puppy from Buckeye that we had fostered a few years back, too, so it was great to hear of his ongoing involvement in rescue.
  4. I heard from Wanda with Buckeye Border Collie Rescue today that the dogs were being pulled this afternoon and beginning their transport to Ohio. They were lucky that Wanda was able to get a plan together so quickly to rescue them!
  5. Thinking of you both this morning.
  6. Keeping good thoughts for you and Zachary at this difficult time.
  7. aljones


    Your moving tribute to Jazz speaks volumes about the roles you played in each others' lives. I am sorry for your loss.
  8. Happy to hear how well Seven is doing! It must have been really heartening the first time you saw her charge off to the fence acting like her usual self. I hope she continues to feel good and that the residual dopeyness resolves with time.
  9. Glad to hear Seven is home and you feel good about your immediate plans for treating her--and are even able to think about some future possibilities like consulting a neurologist. I am also glad Gail mentioned having some diazepam on hand if your vet is willing to dispense it, and it is certainly fortunate you are so near the ER clinic should you need it again. Best wishes for Seven's wobbliness to be reduced as she adjusts to the pheno, and I can certainly relate to the "patchwork of rugs and runners" approach to home decor.
  10. I appreciate you sharing the information/your vet's thinking about the possibilities of different kinds of tumors and treatments as related to seizures. I hope that, whatever is happening with Seven, she continues to have a good quality of life for a long time yet. The main lesson I have learned, through Ody's experiences, is that the potential causes of seizures are plentiful--and it seems that most of the process of determining the most probable cause is a process of eliminating other possible causes. So, while we have developed a couple of likely causes for Ody's seizures, we have never had a definite cause. (The likely causes = liver disease for one period, kidney infection for another episode.) It took me awhile to get out of the mindset of "must know what causes this so we can fix it" and, instead, just take things one day at a time. I'm glad you've been able to rule out other possibilities, at least, so you can cross them off your list.
  11. Thanks for the update, Cindy. It sounds like you are covering all the bases I know to cover at this point--I hope other folks with more experience will chime in, too, since I know my experience is not a good parallel to yours. I hope Seven continues to be seizure-free through her day at the clinic and today's tests. One thing you might talk to your vet about is continuing in wait-and-see mode a little longer--that is, not starting the meds right away. When Ody first began seizing (albeit his seizures are less dramatic than Seven's were), my vet suggested waiting, observing, and keeping close track of him for awhile before deciding on next steps. She said she wouldn't typically recommend medication unless/until the seizures became more frequent or more severe (she mentioned more than 1/month as a common point at which meds were used). Again, Ody's episodes are milder, so this course of action may not be appropriate for Seven. And initially I was very freaked out and just wanted something to make the seizures stop. But I came to appreciate this more conservative plan, which has worked well for us. Best wishes for an uneventful day!
  12. I'm sorry you are going through this, but I was really glad to hear Seven had an uneventful night and that you had an opportunity to talk further with the ER vet and learn what was behind her guess of a brain tumor as a cause. I hope you are able to learn even more from talking with your own vet today. I have a senior dog (Ody) who has had occasional seizures for the last couple of years, but his condition seems quite different from Seven's, so I don't think I can offer any insight. I did, though, want to let you know I understand how upsetting it can be to the humans involved--and say I am thinking of you and your family and Seven.
  13. Glad to hear Daniel has learned to enjoy mealtime and got along well during the holidays!
  14. Rarely does it seem so appropriate to congratulate people on their failure as in fostering situations! Congratulations on making Seeka a permanent family member!
  15. Thanks for sharing the results of your research, Jovi. It turns out that information is perfectly timed for me, as Ody is having an urinalysis tomorrow to see if he's cleared his latest UTI, which was, in fact, E. coli. Perhaps it's time to stock back up on the Berry Balance.
  16. Hi, For Johnson, who was eventually diagnosed with diabetes insipidus, we used Solid Gold Berry Balance for the last few years of his life. It was recommended by another rescue friend who had used it successfully, and we also saw a reduction of his UTIs. I'd have to check the timeline to see how long he was on Berry Balance before we finally got the DI diagnosis and started treating for that, but we were happy enough with the Berry Balance that we never took him off of it. Good luck finding the right supplement for your dog.
  17. Glad all went well and the results were even better than you'd expected!
  18. Also just an anecdote, but Ody had several dental procedures (cleaning, extractions, lasering off diseased gum) done shortly after we got him, at age 12. As everyone has noted, it can be a stressful situation for the human, but it's a matter of finding out as much as you can with the bloodwork and then weighing the risks and benefits of each option. Best wishes to Daniel, and congratulations on adopting him.
  19. Welcome home, Bonita! I am relieved to see such a positive update, and I hope the rest of her recovery goes smoothly!
  20. I am so sorry to hear about Bonita's diagnosis. I will be thinking of both of you and hope she makes a full recovery soon!
  21. Hello, and welcome to the board! You might look into acupuncture, as well. It has improved Ody's overall quality of life, seeming to give him relief both from his arthritis and from some of his cognitive dysfunction. In June, I didn't expect him to last the summer; now, as we approach his 15th birthday, my vet says I should be optimistic enough to think he could see 16. Best of luck with Cody (which was actually Ody's previous name, too ).
  22. Mojo coming from Kentucky for Dudley!
  23. Well, in Kentucky it is the law that the owner must provide a signed release to the vet's office before the office can release any medical records to anyone else, including, say, an ER vet clinic. It became law a couple of years back, and I never did find a reasonable explanation for it. Seems like a lot of extra paperwork and hassle. Not to suggest that Luv My Pet's response, especially the snotty part, makes any sense. But just to point out that some states do have strict regulation about pet records being shared. ETA: I see Jodi found a much more comprehensive resource for you as I was posting!
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    What a beautiful tribute to an amazing companion. I am sorry for your loss.
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