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  1. Dixie and Kaylee get along great with the cat we inherited last year when my sister passed away. they will either just walk up to her and give her a lick (making the poor cat soggy) or else they chase her, as a team of course. but when they arent bothering with the cat, the cat will come up and rub against them to get their attention. when my sister in law came over with her dog the cat arched it's back and looked just like the pictures of cats you see around Haloween time. she was also making sounds that i never even knew a cat could make, so I dont think there is any gurantee that the c
  2. one of the funniest things i have ever witnessed was while i was stopped at a red light. and i looked over and there was this stray dog going to town on this 4 ft stuffed banana. I laughed so hard that the dog stopped what he was doing and just looked at me with a shameful look on his face. to this day i chuckle when i think of it.
  3. I crate my dogs when I am not home, I just give them plenty of exercise when I get home and on weekends. Kaylee loves her crate, she knows when we are going out and she goes in and lays down on her own sometimes. you might want to reconsider crating her to keep her out of trouble.
  4. My Kaylee loves to throw toys ubder the couch also, I believe that has been established that that is a common trait of quite few of the BC's. in the house she LOVES her "Fribby"(thats frisbee). outside she wont touch a frisbee but loves her half deflated soccer ball or her all time favorite.. The tennis ball launcher. The new puppy dixies favorite game to play is chase and bite kaylee whenever she chases something! there is nothing funnier than watching Kaylle come ruuning back to me so i can kick her ball again with little Dixie attached to her cheek.
  5. I see I am not that unique, my Dog Kaylee also got her name rom the character from firefly, and now that we got a second BC (which has no name yet) we were thinking about Zoe or Rier from the same show, but not Inara( I will not name my dog after a Space Ho!)
  6. it is interesting, but is an extra 3 percent that big of a difference?. I am not a scientist so I dont know if that is more significnt than it seems to me.
  7. Kaylie will catch a frisbee in the house all day long and catch it in the air too, but if i throw a frisbee outside she flinches like a threw a brick at her and wont even make an attempt. It's werid inside she gets excited to play frisbee , outside she wants nothing to do with them. All she wants outside is for me to kick her ratty old soccer ball or to shoot tennis balls from the tennis ball slingshot.
  8. thanks for that info, i am going to have to remeber that. that might come in handy.
  9. Kaylee passed her canine good citizenship test last night. I didnt even know that they were going to test her. we just signed her up for an obedience class and when we went there last night the tested her and she passed. now she's a good citiizen, i gues that and a dollar will get me a cup of coffee. Seriously, is it good for anything?
  10. well thank god she didnt eat it, she was just playing with the poor bunny's cold lieless body, and when i went to see what she had done she grabbed it and tried to bring it to me so i could throw it for her. if she ate it that would have been petty gross. my last dog spent her whole life chasing critters but never caught one. Kaylee is one fast pup, poor bunnt didn't stand a chance, but on the bright side maybe the bunnies wont eat my garden tihs year.
  11. Does this look like the face of a killer to you? my sweet little innocent puppy kiiled a bunny rabbit this morning!! she must have thought it was a tennis ball or something. how do i tell my kids the dog killed the easter bunny?
  12. well thanks for all the responses and clearing that up for me, I think i guess i shall just call her Woo colored.
  13. Ok here is my stupid question what color would Kaylie be considered I have heard some people describe her color as Red , but I have also heard other people describe the Brown dogs as reds also so which is it is she red or gold or something else?
  14. wickipedia is not the best place to get information. many people take it as gospel and fail to realize that wicki can be edited and added to by users, so a lot of misinformation gets passed along as credible information.
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