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  1. First I want to thank you, Ruth I am posting this from work. I will try your methods as soon as I go home. This really sucks because not walking him is more of a punishment to me than to him. There is nothing more relaxing to me than walking my dogs after a long stressful day at work which contributes to my frustration with his learning curve.
  2. Dear BC parents, I've rescued a female border collie 5 years ago ( a year after I joined this community ). I've trained her to be a very good dog, provided her with enough mental/physical tasks daily. A few months ago my wife and I wanted to get another border collie, so after reading a lot of articles we decided to get a male ( not for breeding purposes )which brings me to my current issue. The male is extremely active which we prepared for. We play Frisbee in our backyard everyday, we also play fetch daily indoors, and he's very well behaved indoors. Obedient to all trained commands etc. When we step outside ( basically the second I snap the leash on ) he forges. He will not obey ANY command, his attention is LOCKED on all his surroundings ( cats, squirrels, moving cars, approaching foot traffic etc ). I've tried the same training technique I've used with my girl; Stopping when he forges, waiting for him to sit or heel, then walking, and repeating. Walking in random patterns.... I've been doing this for over 2 weeks with very minor improvements ( sometimes he will stop forging for a few minutes but this is usually after stopping, and stepping for 30 minutes or 1 hour sometimes! I've tried using treats, but even his favorite treats, treats he will do anything for (indoors) don't interest him AT ALL! Last night out of frustration I started to counter his forge with a forceful pull ( which seemed to do the trick ) but I don't want to have that physical relationship with him as off course it will cause him to be aggressive, not to mention I felt so guilty ( guilty enough to post this ). To make matters worse a cat went in our yard last night ( to seeks shelter under our deck I'm assuming ) and he attacked it on site to the point where I'm pretty sure he injured it. This was the straw that broke my patience. Things to note: I using a 1"x4' leash He wears a harness ( it wraps around chest and front legs, with a D ring at his back ) He's 13 months old At this point I want to know what you guys recommend, I was considering head collars ( the muzzle looking ones I think they are called gentle leaders ). To conclude, I want to thank anyone who read this, and I hope I can get some help, because I love him so much, and I just want him to be the best that he can be.
  3. Hi, I was recently handed down a 9 week border collie ( now almost 3 months old ) The dog is very very active like all border collies should be! I know that border collies require alot of attention , excersise, and "work" more than anything. I've read as much as I can and researched alot about them. I'm a 21 year old college student with a part time job, I don't want to leave the dog home or outside in the yard alone, I've read that lack of work can cause them to be destructive even nueratic. I'm emailing to hopefully get some help on the problems I'm facing so I can raise this dog as best as I can, and give her what she deserves! I want your help on something I can assign the dog to do in a city where I don't own any cattle or sheep. I'm also conerned, sometimes when she sleeps she would start to 'shake' as if she's having a nightmare was wondering if that was normal or not. Please please get back to me when you read this! Thanks in advance for your help!
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