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  1. Mostly what I remember about the book of his I read (Bedlam Farm something?), was:


    1) How much he talked about his badly behaved ram. Get rid of the darn thing! I don't tolerate bad rams. Period. It's dangerous.


    2) How he lost lambs to freezing because his ewes wouldn't go in the barn. HE HAD THREE BC'S!! If they'd been my ewes, they'd be in the barn wether they liked it or not. If I didn't want them to be unhappy in the barn, then they'd be lambing when it was warm out.


    His total lack of farming skills (which he admitted to) and common sense, combined with his whiney, woe-is-me writing style put me off his work.

  2. I'll have to figure out how to post pictures here- do you need a remote hosting site like on other boards? You all understand just how hard it is to take a picture of a BC... as soon as I move to get the camera, he's moved, too!


    I'm on Lopez, for those who asked... land of sheep! It's dog, and especially BC, heaven out here. Running sheep up the road to new pasture is not an odd occurence here. Although last summer I had a group of ewes maul some cyclists. One of the bikers took a tumble- I felt bad, my sheep don't usually attack people!

  3. Hello-


    I stumbled over here while looking for a source for a new whistle... Nice to be in the company of other BC people.


    A bit about me:


    I live on an island in the north Puget Sound in WA state, where I raise cut flowers for market & some nursery stock, and run about 100 head of sheep. Some of those are registered coloured Cotswolds, the rest are crossbred ewes. I market organic, grass-fed lamb, and wool products. I got into BC's backwards- wool, then sheep, then the dog! After finally deciding the dog I had just wasn't working out, and finding him a much better home, I got Nick, the very funny, very brown BC. I guess technically he's a blue-and-white, but he's pretty much mud brown (looks like a "standard issue" black-and-white, otherwise.) He's 2.5, lives for his sheep, and is the sweetest dog I've ever met- he loves everyone, and will nearly lick you to death. I hadn't ever planned on trialing, but this dog might make me change my mind.


    I also have LiLi Lu, a best-guess dog... as in, "what kind is she?" "Take your best guess" She's my once-in-a-lifetime dog, and pretty much thinks BC's are all dorks. Lu is wary of sheep after a run-in with the hotwire...


    There's also 2 Arabian horses (Monet and another Nick- I named neither Nick!), chickens, goats, and recently 3 kittens of questionable gender who've moved into a goat shed (first plan for the new year is to trap them & get them neutered. They're already earning their keep hunting.)


    This board seems like a great place- I know my friends will be happy I've got someplace else to talk about my BC's!

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