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  1. Rebecca the point you made has hit a sour spot with me. If sharing my sheep is anything like boarding horses than I don't want to do it. I just went through a big ordeal with letting some family keep their horse out here in exchange for work and respect of the barn and pastures. We were totally taken advantage of and my horse got sick because of it. We had to kick our own family out in the interest of our animals. It was horrible, and we're still not talking. I will not be taken advantage of again, if I can help it. I hate getting burned for being too nice. And just for the record I'm not a new comer to stock(horses and cattle), just sheep and working border collies. I will most definitely work with a good trainer before I try anything on my own, even though I have the facilities.
  2. I promise the well being and health of my sheep will come first. I understand perfectly what you mean Pearse. My small goal of having sheep is food for our own table. And trust me my husband won't let me harass them too much, because of this. If sheep turn out to be worth while I plan on keeping more than 5. We actually live on 1,000 acres and I will need dogs to move them around. I just thought it would be nice if I could figure out a good way to share my sheep with people who who don't have land and their dogs.
  3. It was already mentioned once, but I really like playing hide and seek with my rescue. I had to teach her a new recall, because she new she didn't have to come to "come". So now I use the word "here". When we play hide and seek, I really reinforce it with treats when she finds me. She loves playing and now has a great recall.
  4. Thank you all for your advice. I talked to my husband about getting some ewes instead of bummer lambs and getting at least 3 (I want 5). We are getting the bummers for free, so I used the argument that by the time you pay for the milk replacer it costs more than just buying a ewe. I don't know if that is exactly true, but it worked. He's going to ask the sheep guy how much he will sell us a ewe for. Also he was told that keeping a ram around is a pain and can be dangerous with little kids. We have a 5 and 2 yr old. Do any of you have problems with rams? I have the right size round pen and paddock, we just need to get the right fencing for the paddock. How many sheep do you think I would need to keep to be able to charge people without stressing them too much? If I can convince my husband it is worth while we have another part of the farm we could fence in for summer pasture. We talked about it last year, but the bummers were such a pain I didn't want anymore sheep. And I'm going to look into hair sheep right now. Thanks
  5. I just wanted to add that if we had the right set up where the lambs weren't such a pain to keep my husband would be open to keeping them year round so I could use them for my dogs. Help so I can.
  6. We have about an acre of "farm yard" in front of our house. I have the barn, a chicken coop and large round pen out there. I want to make a practice pen for my dogs to work sheep and eventually to charge others for practicing. I want to know how big pens and pastures usually are for practicing and what kinds of set ups people have for this or like the best. We have about 20 acres of pasture, but it is in a long parcel and has electric wire. We found out last year that we could not keep sheep in it. I think mostly because they were bottle fed and wanted to be with me 24/7. After the experience of my flowers and strawberries being eaten all summer long last year I didn't want bummer lambs this year, but my husband does and even more lambs than last year. He promised to make a pen that they will not get out of. So I agreed, but I really want to do it right this year and be able to use the sheep for my dogs. I'm also trying to convince him to save some ewes, breed them and let them raise their own babies so I don't have to. He just wants to butcher them before we have to worry about shearing. Any advice or thoughts?
  7. Our farm has looked into growing crops for bio-diesel instead of corn and green beans, because we have had some issues with the cannery. But we can't make enough money off of it to break even. I too have a chevy truck. I looked into a chevy Colorado, but it was cramped and couldn't pull my horse trailer.
  8. The dog was 5 years old. She was teaching the class and talking while the dog was whining to be let out. It was really distracting. At another point while the dog was out he put his paws on the counter and got into the treats. She saw him and didn't say anything to him. She had told me in the beginning that she doesn't use corrections, but I never knew anyone to take it that far. I guess I was worried that that was the norm. I'm glad it's not. Don't get me wrong she is a very good trainer and I'm learning ALOT from her. I was just wondering what everyone else's thoughts were on corrections. Also she's not actually training my dogs, I'm doing an internship with her and I did not choose her personally.
  9. That's the problems I was running into. There's lots of times I need to verbally correct them. Like chasing cats and chickens or following me into horse stalls. With alot of time and thought it could be done. But I guess my real question is how beneficial is it to the dog? Is it actually worth it? I would think not if your not hurting the dog and you have a good relationship.
  10. Hector this might be a dumb question and I could certainly get info somewhere else, but- I have been hearing alot about bio-diesel, would using this fuel cut down on emissions too? By the way I don't entirely believe the whole global warming thing I tend to lean the other way, but I do think we need to do something else.
  11. We're working on spin (clockwise) and twist (counter clockwise). We got past using a lure, but I still have to move my hand in front of her face at the beginning. My dog Leah is probably like Riven. If I ask anything new of her she shuts down. And goes in a submissive position. I did get her to spin while laying on the floor using a lure. It looked more like break dancing though. After that I left her alone so she wouldn't pee.lol
  12. A better way of putting it is, does anybody interact with their dog without corrections? Sorry for the miss understanding. I was watching the trainer do a basic obedience orientation and she had her dog in a crate. He was letting out those high pitched barks and carrying on and she just ignored him. Finally he quit. So it did work. I'm not even sure she has a no reward marker. I didn't see any verbal correction at all.
  13. Does anybody train their dogs completely without corrections? I'm talking about not even telling the dog NO or GET DOWN when it counter surfs or other really annoying behaviors. I'm working with a trainer that trains this way and I want to know the pros and cons so I can make an informed decision about how to train my dogs. Is there people that think it is better to use corrections? What are your opinions?
  14. Oh my goodness. I have a headache just reading all of this. I don't even know what you guys are really discussing anymore. We are just really blessed to live in a country where the value of life is high.
  15. Yea! We have SNOW!! We're only about 195 ft above sea level on the valley floor. Most years the snow skips us and the rain dumps on us. MMmmm snow! Warming up by the fire. Leah my b&w was licking Dollie's paws, but of course I wasn't fast enough to get the picture
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