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  1. I just wanted to inform those of you with descendant progeny from Aled Owen`s famous, World and ISDS Supreme International sheepdog champion: Bob "ISDS 224454" (aka "Llangwm Bob") that Aled Owen took the difficult but humane decision to let his dear-lad go peacefully to his final rest this week. Bob`s long and full life (of 15¾ years) had taken it`s toll and when Bob`s health and quality of life deteriorated suddenly, Aled thought it the best kindness to ask the Veterinarian to ease his passing. I`m sure all of us with 'family' from Bob, will give thanks for the wonderful genetic gifts of ability, handsome-conformation and good-temperament that Aled`s Bob has passed into our care. I once heard Bob described as a "A Dog of a Lifetime"......What a blessing that it was in ours! Thank you, Bob; "That`ll do" Click here to watch a little video clip of Aled and Bob demonstrating their intuitive working partnership (filmed back in 2006 when Bob was 11). Bob, pictured at home (in retirement) just some weeks ago:
  2. Having watched Aled Owen`s 'Rex' grow and develop since his birth; he is an exceptional working dog and now, at only just over two years of age still has yet to reach full maturity. He has wonderful temperament and shows great promise; both in terms of top-flight competition, work and future progeny. He`s a dream dog!........I only wish I might have been able to afford the $9000+ it took to purchase him!
  3. I`m terribly saddened to read of Bandit being attacked; here`s wishing a complete and speedy recovery. My three working dogs lead happy, safe and contented lives; except if we`re 'forced' to use a dog park....for, here in Britain, such places seem to be plagued by ineffectual owners with 'issue' laden dogs.
  4. My elder two (Tegwen and her son Cody) will work for anybody with a sheep needing moving......the younger of Tegwen`s sons (Metheny) just looks hopelessly-spurned and constantly looks back for me if asked to work for another handler. Both temperament and breeding play a part in this issue; I observe that only certain working-bloodlines here in Wales carry the 'happily work-away' trait whilst many others do not.
  5. I inherited my farm`s name: "Ty`n-y-Bryn" (Welsh language for : "The Hill Farm").....not very original, seeing as it is a 'farm on a hill'....but it has been so-named since A.D 1610; so whom am I to change it.
  6. Here in Wales we simply call all working Border Collies "sheepdogs"..........for us, there is no other breed of dog deserving of the title. I observe the use of the word 'herding' to often mean something quite far removed from a dog actually exhibiting it`s instinctive/innate shepherding behaviour and truly 'working sheep'; folks frequently seem to say "my dog is herding" when really their dog is simply asked to follow a packet of docile 'heavily-dogged' pet-sheep about a tiny pen, whilst a trainer walks backwards rattling a stick with a bag tied to the end'......Oh! what an indignity for a noble sheepdog!
  7. The uTube Link below is a video of Aled Owen working Indian runner-ducks with his stylish tri-boy "Gwyn" (ISDS 248002). Gwyn is very good at working ducks, but many of Aled`s other dogs are less than happy working the birdies. It seems that as far as ducks are concerned; some dogs will and dogs some wont!....but, you can`t tell until you actually try them on ducks. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTC7ORXy428
  8. I remember Sava; nice to hear that she is doing ok with you...... Perhaps she is like her mom; Dot is a powerful bitch with a great work ethic (good working cows as well as sheep) and has an endearing and friendly personality. Dot is a real credit to her dear-father 'Int. Sup. Ch. Roy' (200199).
  9. Aled and I are seeing a sharp rise in 'commercial' (overseas) enquiries requesting Roy`s progeny; it is a plain-fact (and also a great-shame) that certain breeders see only the 'big-money' opportunities in the success and reputation of other`s dogs, without looking to breed-in 'real' improvements and advancements in working-abilities and temperament of bloodlines in these countries. Finding a 'reputable' breeder whom strives (primarily) to breed litters that are; healthy, balanced/well-tempered and 'able' is getting very difficult. Breeding good, working lines is much-more complicated than a breeder simply liking the breed, having a colour preference and seeing big-money in having the Sire`s success` in the pedigree. Deb.
  10. Hi Carolyn, I believe the ISDS will be releasing the 2008 World Trials on DVD in due course; also, the ISDS were making video of individual runs and gifting them to the competitors, which was a very nice gesture for entrants to treasure. For viewers in the U.K: Sky satellite Tv. on channel 134; 'Ffermio' offers viewers (or International viewers able to sight the Astra 'bird') the "World Trials 2008 Special" which will be featured on the S4C Welsh Language Tv. channel (S4C Digidol) being screened next Tuesday at 14.00 BST S4C ffermio Programme
  11. Here`s links to two video`s of my friend and neighbor; Aled Owen, winning the 2008 World Sheepdog Trials (Llandeilo, Wales, U.K) with the handsome, stylish and talented 'Roy' (ISDS 266416)...we are so-very proud for them. Aled Owen and Roy SemiFinals run video #1 Aled Owen and Roy Trial-winning run video #2
  12. Hi 'Border Collie' Aled doesn`t have any Bob-litters/pups. at the present; he asks me to post them on his web-site 'only' when he has them available; so I`d check by the 'Aled Owen Sheepdogs' website at least once a week to check on availability. Bob is still standing at-stud so there will surely be litters later in the Spring. FYI: Bob x Dot and Bob x Mie are expected early 2008 matings Kind regards, Deb.
  13. Mist the Movie is a production of David Kennard in the U.K: David is best known for his "Year of the working sheepdog" video production; which many Border Collies Boards members will have enjoyed. Mist`s tales have been serialised on British Children`s Tv. as short 'bite'size 10 minute slots.....now edited together to make: Mist the movie which is the latest screen outing for David`s wonderful. acting sheepdogs. http://sheepdogvideo.co.uk/
  14. Computer mounted DVD/CD drives will replay pretty-much all discs without any problems.....however, some domestic DVD players will replay only some of the now-myriad DVD formats; for, although all DVD`s are shiny and round, there are big differences in what`s on them and in what format....it`s unbelievable, but until recently there was no definitive standard for DVD player performance....using only an 'informal' broad-agreement it was really down to the individual player`s manufacturers as to how they specified, built and tested their products. This led to the situation of some commercial discs playing on old machines and not new ones. There is now an international (ISO) agreement, which includes the new (highly-compressed) DivX format, so on machines made/purchased from now-on there shouldn`t be this type of problem......of course, none of the foregoing helps you Marilyn; sorry The U.K version of Time Well Spent is one, hour-long presentation (as per Aled`s wish) which I thought was rather inflexible to watch; for the U.S (525/60 NTSC) version I split it into 4 discrete chapters. .....I think (perhaps) Aled`s intent was to allow the student-handler (viewers) to make their-own "Oops moments" (as do I with my dog handling!) Kind regards, Deb and the dogs: Tegwen, Cody & Metheny
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