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  1. I use Paw Print Genetics. pawprintgenetics.com
  2. Heart issues such as enlarged heart or murmurs can cause a lack of stamina.
  3. Holee rollers are awesome! I've had one for years and it's still going with 8 BC's!
  4. Definately quitters are a deal breaker. I don't think many would have a tolerance for them.
  5. We discovered a murmur on my Darque when she was coming on 7 years old. Not a bad one so no meds prescribed. She continued to run in and win open trials through 10 years old and continues to be healthy, happy, playful and still does some farm work for me, she will be 12 in May. So far I am not aware of any of her pups have being diagnosed with a murmur (3 litters ages 4, 6 & 8 years). Is it unusual to not have to medicate a performance dog or am I just lucky?
  6. Mrjones15, I agree with all that Gloria said. Please don't take is as chastising, we just love our breed and want the best for it. If you are looking to get a couple pups it would certainly be cheaper to buy them! In addition, you could jeopardize the life of your beloved BC should there be complications from breeding. Let me add that charging extra for papers or breeding rights is a ridiculous notion. Good luck with your endeavor.
  7. So sorry Sue. I hope Celt comes through the surgery with flying colors.
  8. I appreciate all the great responses. I believe genetics is the biggest contributor to longevity. I also believe diet, weight, exercise, stress and disease prevention (via minimal vaccines and regular vet care) are contributing factors.
  9. I should expand this question to; are there other factors beside genetics and nutrition that contributed to your dogs longevity?
  10. I'm curious about what dogs that have attained above average age have been fed. I'd like to hear from people that have BC's that are 13 years or older. I realize genetics plays a big part but I wonder if there are commonalities in the way the seniors were fed throughout their lives.
  11. I don't use marrow bones anymore because of the risk of broken teeth. I know the cow hooves stink but they work great for my crew. I always make sure they are USA origin. The nylabones work good too. Sometimes when they are new they sit around for a while but once someone starts chewing on them they become a favorite.
  12. Thank you to all who have responded. He is definitely out for the season either way so I think will try rest for a few months and see how that goes. After rest, what physical therapy exercises would you begin with?
  13. I would appreciate hearing from those who have had to deal with ACL/CCL injuries. I have a 48# male BC that has been diagnosed with a "strain or slight tear" of his ACL.
  14. In my part of the country if I didn't work dogs when it got below 20 degrees I would rarely work dogs all winter! There is too much snow to be able to work in the field but I am able to keep a small area (about 40 x 60 yards) plowed so I can at least get some close work done. It's the human part of the team that doesn't want to go out to work sheep in the cold. This month I admit the sub zero temps we've been getting has been keeping me inside much if the time!
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