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  1. It doesnt make it wrong, just rude in the choice of words... It makes me sad to see how people in the dog 'world' really are, and I thought horse showing/competeing was a step above and beyond rudeness, now I can tell them where it really is.
  2. RDM- There you go again putting words down for me, The picture is suppose to be for FUN, not that I think breeding is funny and not serious, but thanks for that, I'll take it with a grain of salt and move on, thank you. I'm not taking them as a slam to my pup, but to me as a person. There are so many other ways to word things and I guess I should have done a look up to get answers instead of posting a topic...I'll do that from now on. Thanks again.
  3. And brag about how much your dog's line likes "wearing costumes," one can only assume your reasons for breeding are frivilous at best. I think you've painted a pretty clear picture, and you asked for opinions. You got mine, like it or not. If you want to prove me wrong, give me a concrete reason (costumes and colours aside) that your dog is worth breeding. So far, you haven't. "Mr. Snappy" is my dog. I sign my posts "RDM." RDM (<-- see?) I simply posted a picture of her mother and Whinny wearing a costume for Halloween, big deal how can you take a picture and make it my words? H
  4. No the breeder would not be breeding her. She simply mentioned it to me and I thought I could get some advice/ideas from this forum....
  5. Yes your are correct I did ask, but there are nicer ways to reply, in my world anyways. What if I am ready to spend the next 3 years doing serious herding training and competition? What if I am looking at every way to promote her and her abilities? I live in a part of the country where it could be easily done. I certainly didn?t join this forum to be bashed repeatedly...
  6. I wasnt looking for the rudest reply but with that Thank you very much 'MR.SNAPPY'.
  7. Alicia- Yep you got it right! Post them on the photo board! I'd love to see them Allie- I tried that and she looked at me like I was an alien.... Whinny sure likes to stare at her though! haha
  8. Thanks Andrea! She is so pretty I just love her! Hmm hopefully something will click with her soon, I feel bad not calling her anything, haha Here are our other horses My two Hondo and Girlie and my moms two Jo and Zee (the bay) and my mom
  9. Good ideas guys! Keep them coming, 'Apple' doesnt fit her we decided last night...oh well. We actually thought about CeCe but I dont know how much that works either, Naming things is hard!! Here is her sire http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/beckwith+copper and her dam http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/cabellero+cootie
  10. Yep shes a foundation/working cow horse bred little QH filly....We get to go back to the futurity sale that I bought her from in 2 years and give it a go towards winning the big money! You buy from the sale and they are paid up into the futurity so you go back when they are 2, all the money from the sale they were sold at goes into a pot and you get to try to win it, they pay out 10 spots, and give away fun prizes! Whinny loves her also!
  11. i know this is a little off topic but I thought you guys could have some fun with this one. Mom and I ended up bringing home a weanling filly from a sale this weekend....unplanned, whoops, now dad loves us even more! haha Anyways her registered name is Coppers Classy Baybe My friend has a horse named Classy so thats a no...Our other horses are Hondo, Jo, Girlie, and Zee but we were thinking Apple...what do you all think? She is a big puppy dog and doesnt care about a thing, but loves apples! Jo with the baby Her cute lip
  12. He is WAY cute! I have a few 'ferocious' pics of Whinny also! Happy (late) bday Ouzo!!!
  13. Whinny loves my cat Phoenix. She'll keep him up on the kitchen cupboard and stare for an hour or more. If he goes to the kitchen she keeps him up there or on the table, I'll get after her and she'll occupy herself for a few minutes then go back to border collie stare
  14. My Whinny is about 20-25ish pounds at 5 1/2 months shes going to be smaller and more lean I think And around the horses, Whinny loves the broom and the wheelbarrow tires too much to pay attention to the horses. When she does get distracted by them she just does the BC stare....she only had to get in trouble 1 time to figure out she cant play with the horses, hehe
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