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  1. Just thought I would share. We have now had Misty in our family for 4.5 weeks and they are already the best of friends.
  2. Hi Kerry, We have just started puppy classes ours are held at the local kennels so that might be an avenue to explore locally. Good luck! Vikki
  3. Thanks for all the great ideas will try them. I especially think the freexing idea is worth a shot. Have mixed dry food with peanut butter spray and plugged hole with cheese then put in freezer. I hope this will keep her busy as she has lost 3 teeth this week and so is getting more chewy to get her big teeth through. I will let you know how we get on. Vikki PS We went out for our first walk to the beach today she was on her extending leash and had a wonderful time meeting lots of new people, she is very wary of other dogs but I am hoping the puppy classes will help that.
  4. Thanks Have tried the peanut butter spray and Misty loves it but it lasts her about 20 mins max so will try mixing some dry food in with it and see how we go. With regards to the pumpkin is this just given raw?
  5. what do you use to fill your dogs kong? What can I safely use for my pup which will keep her busy but not replace too much of her daily food allowance. Sorry I am showing myself up as a complete novice, but I don't want to let Misty down and so will ask loads of questions. Thanks for your patience.
  6. Hello I am spoilt for choice, we are currently feeding Misty Iams puppy food but have read in a lot of books that you have to be very careful about the protein levels in foods for BCs as they can get hyper if fed too much. Please can you tell me which brands you use and which adult food you would suggest we use when the time comes. Or are we fine as we are? I have also realised since starting on Iams that we have picked the most expensive brand Really excited now as we are ok to take her out tomorrow for her first walk and then we have puppy classes on Monday to start. Vikki
  7. I don't drink tea so that would be great. Will let you know if we are travelling that way again.
  8. Thanks Heidi. Donna, whereabouts in Somerset are you? We camped at Langport last year is that anywhere near you? Have posted an update on our progress. Vikki
  9. Just to let you all know I have taken your comments on socialisation in and have enrolled myself and Misty in puppy socialisation classes starting Monday 5pm. I have also put our name down for agility training for October 2007 (the classes are full until then and they advise you to wait until your dog is at least 1 year old so perfect timing for us.) After the socialistion I am hoping to take other obedience classes to help me have a well mannered dog that I can enjoy for many years. Can anyone help me on the snapping issue that I raised in my last post? She gets really stroppy when she do
  10. Thanks for all the warm welcomes. Ok first question. How can I stop her snapping at me when she doesn't get her own way? I have read that you have to be really careful not to be too harsh but equally (for obvious reasons) she needs to learn very quickly that her teeth are not the answer. So far I am just saying no in a firm voice but am not sure how to reinforce this if she doesn't stop. I am loathe to put her in her crate as she hates it in there at the moment so I want to encourage her that that is a positive place. Look forward to your thoughts Vikki PS HAve just noticed that I
  11. YAY I'm a technical genius! (NOT!!!)
  12. If you click on my profile I have uploaded one there and have just tried to do my avatar so time to see if that worked.
  13. I had my friend bring her dog down but that didn't go that well! Misty was very apprehensive, there were lots of other dogs on the farm where we bought her from but we didn't realise that we could socialise her before she had had her jabs until late last week (doh!!) I am hoping to get her together with my friends calmer lab tomorrow. Hopefully we are not too late
  14. Hi Everyone, I have been lurking for a week or so now so thought it was high time I said HI. I have recently brought a BC pup into my family. She is now 13 weeks and we have had her for just over 2 weeks now. This morning we have been to the vet for our second lot of vaccinations and I am eagerly anticipating our first walk next week. My husband was brought up around BCs and wouldn't consider any other breed, for me this is my first dog ever but I know I have made the right choice. I have read so much information both from books and online and while I appriaciate that we will have
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