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  1. I have a 3 - 4 year old BC. I got him from the shelter a year ago. He had been 'dropped off' there and they didn't have any history on him. He was - and still can be - a nipper/biter. I'll be very interested to hear how the suggestions given work for your dog. Mine has come a long way in the past year. I have a great trainer we have been working with, but I'm thinking about changing to a trainer who has more experience with herding dogs, who have that nipping/biting tendency. The problem I continue to have with my BC is that he can be unpredictable. He is incredibly fast and has the reflexes of a cat. I have worked a lot with him in calming techniques, and they have worked wonders. I have learned to watch him like a hawk and as my trainer says, 'anticipate, anticipate, and anticipate'. After a few weeks, I'll think, boy have we come a long way and then, after several weeks of not nipping at all, he gets excited and wham - he nips. I am hoping that as time goes on, with the appropriate corrections, the nipping episodes will cease. He is an amazing dog, and really loveable, but did not learn at an early age what is out of line as far as his behavior. He didn't even know how to 'sit' on command a year ago. I think he had been allowed to jump all over people and probably had minimal human appropriate interaction. I am sure that his nipping is what got him to the shelter. Anyway, I will keep an eye on the boards to find out how your little girl is coming along. Good luck to you. I'll let you know how my boy is doing.
  2. I certainly agree 100% that the trails are for everyone...... Again, thanks for all of the comments, quite interesting and helpful. I did contact 'my lawyer friend' today and felt much better after talking with him. I still have a lot of work to do with Chester, he has come a long way in the past 10 months, but we have more to do. Again, thanks!
  3. Oh, it was a nasty encounter. He got ugly, and he was talking about shooting Chester, and then I lost my temper, so before it was over, he was ready to shoot both of us. Actually, I thought he was going to assault me. I can't justify my behavior, we - Chester and I - were completely in the wrong. I have to appear in court the end of June. I just keep telling myself it could have been worse, but I sure hope it never, ever does!! Thanks so much for all of your suggestions and wisdom.
  4. Long time reader....haven't posted much, but need some help with this.... Got our BC last July from the local shelter. They didn't have any info on him as he had been just dropped off in front of the shelter one day. He had many inappropriate behaviors, but I have been working with a trainer and he is doing much better. I have been fanatical about giving him the exercise he needs..morning and evening walks 3 - 5 miles each. The problem is that he has very strong prey drive and the area I walk him in has been quite rural, but with the city's growth, more and more people are out on the trails. He is fine with other dogs, he seems to get along with all dogs well. As a matter of fact, if a dog has a person with them, Chester seems to get along just fine with the person and dog both. The trouble is people out alone, especially joggers and bikers. I have worked with the trainer and Chester's recall is quite good, but today a biker was out and I didn't have time to get Chester away from the trail before the biker came through. I was holding Chester and he still managed to lunge out and bite the biker-shocked the h--- out of me and the biker. Anyway, entirely my fault-there was no excuse. Chester is now quaranteed for 10 days and I am beside myself with concern and anxiety. My son told me I had to find a place to walk Chester were there aren't any people. We live in Montana so it shouldn't be that hard to do, but not realistic. Anyway, what about a muzzle for him when we walk? I just don't think I can trust him at all anymore and I am sick about the bite. I have a call into my trainer about it, but haven't heard back from him yet. You all have so much knowledge and I thought you might be able to suggest a muzzle I could use just on these walks, so that I don't have to worry about who he is going to bite next. Please help!! He really is a good dog and the only time this has been a problem is with the bikers and joggers.
  5. Would love to know how bailey 44 taught her dog so well. My BC is such a challenge. I have to be so careful when we play ball/go fetch, because he gets so WILDLY excited, biting and nipping. I have to have his leash on him at all times, he is much better than he used to be, but he still is a challenge. We got him from the local shelter 6 months ago and he has come a LONG way, I'm working with a trainer with him, but geez!! Please tell me there is hope as long as I am consistent and firm in the no biting, no nipping - ever.
  6. We got our BC from the shelter in July. We chose him because our previous dog was part border collie and the VERY best dog in the whole wide world and he died about 18 months ago from cancer. In July I finally felt like I was ready to take on another dog. I still tear up whenever I think of my previous dog (best friend).... Anyway, The vet thinks Chester is between 2 - 3 years old. The shelter had no history or background on him, he had been dropped off out front of the shelter. It took Chester a few weeks to show his 'real' self. He has to have a 3 - 4 mile walk every morning. Since July I haven't missed even one day with his long walk - it is great for both of us. It helps tremendously, but he still had a terrible habit of jumping - no, lunging - particularly at me. I could hardly move around him without his pouncing on me. I had bruises all over my legs. My husband often said it looked as if I was a domestic violence victim. It was quite obvious after those first couple of weeks that Chester had not had much appropriate human interaction. It must have started when he was just a small pup, when it was cute behavior, but his previous owner never worked with him enough to teach him socially appropriate behaviors. He now is very much a part of our family - indoors and out - he still has his moments, but the trainer has taught me how to deal with my super smart BC and he is turning into a GREAT family member. Moral of my story, it may take alot of work and some professional assistance, but there is hope for your Sheila, good luck! PS. He often rolls on his back and LOVES for us to rub his tummy....no aggressive tendencies whatsoever on his back.
  7. The weather next week in Billings is anyone's guess. It has been generally mild, but we did have a sprinkle of snow this week, all long gone now and it is supposed to get up to 60 degrees tomorrow - mid 60s by the weekend. This time of year it can change drastically in just a few hours if a cold blast from Canada comes our way. Keep an eye out on the weather forecast. The Rex is a downtown restaurant that is very good, Don Luis is a good mexican restaurant also downtown...Enzo's on Grand and Rehberg (on the westend) is quite good. Sante Fe Red's on Grand and 13th is a fairly good mexican restaurant. What to see?? It depends on what interests you. There is Pompey's Pillar where Cpt. Clark of the Lewis and Clark expedition signed his name (the only physical evidence of the exhibition that survives today). Pictograph Caves, The Western Heritage Center, The Museum of Art. Billings is a nice small town. We are with ConocoPhillips and were transferred here from Houston, Texas in 1993 and it has been a great place to raise our kids. Hopes this helps a little. Have a great time at the NILE. Enjoy!
  8. Thanks for the suggestions. I have tried the turning away and ignoring him, but he is a persistent bugger and will not stop...so next time, in the crate he will go (just for a very short time). I know I need to work with him on general obedience and that may help tremendously. He is just so darned cute.....it is hard to be stern with him. I'll let you all know how it goes with the trainer. Again, thanks!
  9. My BC is about 2 years old. We adopted him from the local animal shelter about one month ago. He was abandoned and they had no information on him. He is a real cutie...super smart and we adore him.... What can I do to prevent his jumping up on me? I have tried ignoring it, I have tried to distract him - giving him his bone or a toy. I have tried saying - No, down.... I have tried putting him in a room by himself. (My sister told me not to use a crate as a time out spot.) If he is worked up at all, he seems to view me as his personal chew toy. He doesn't do it to anyone in the family except me. I am his primary caregiver. I walk him 2 - 3 miles every morning. I try to play - ball, frisbee - and I end up stopping because he practically mauls me. I have bruises all over my legs where he has jumped up or 'mouthed' my legs. I have contacted a trainer who works with border collies and she is coming out to my house later this week. (She is out of town until then.) Any suggestions???
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