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  1. Our vacations usually consist of a day or two in St. Louis, or Going Camping for 3 or 4 days. We are starting to plan for next years vacation, kinda just getting prices and things. We are looking at going to North or South Carolina, Maybe Florida. We are looking for places close to the a beach, we want to take our dogs(Lexy and Ky) with us. So we are looking for pet friendly, homes, cabins condos. anything that is reasonably priced. We are open minded and willing to try anything. Lexy and Ky have never been to the ocean or a beach, I think they would really enjoy it. Can anyone give us any su
  2. I have not been on here in awhile but i have recently been visiting the boards quit frequently. I got an email from Bc Boosters Today that had this link on it. It is about a homeless who lost his dog Reba. http://video.nbc5.com/player/?id=0#videoid=156307
  3. I have not been on here in sometime, I have recently been visiting the boards requently. I just thougth this was interesting and that you might be interested too!! Click the link below. It is about a homeless man, and someone stole his dog Reba. http://video.nbc5.com/player/?id=0#videoid=156307
  4. I Have taken Lexy in before she was all over the place and amazed at how many balls there were!! (PetsMart and in Pet co.) However we just adopted Ky and we took both of them in there as a stop on our way home from picking him up. Thought we could get them each a toy. Yeah Well I guess it was adoption day because there was millions of dogs in cages and all over the place plus the classes that they have. Some lady come up to us and was like Ohh look twins ( because they look soo much alike). Needless to say we left really quick Ky was scared (even though he come from a home that had 17 dogs th
  5. Hi and welcome ,i am from Yorkshire but now living in the Usa ,i have 2 border collies ,Lexy and our new little adoptee Ky ,your dogs look really nice,have fun here and take care
  6. check out lexys page on myspace http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fusea...endid=116849410
  7. i am quite familiar with his work and its fascinating to hear a story like that,thank you very much
  8. these are stunning paintings/prints if you dont know his work then check out the link http://www.collect-art.com/artist/steven_townsend/index.html
  9. Anyone who has a border collie, will get a kick out of this sign.
  10. i dont know if has been done before but i love this screensaver from build a bear.com http://www.buildabear.com/play/default.aspx#Desktops
  11. I tried the poo thing and all she did was dig so far down,i have been told to put pepper in the holes too but i dont think this will stop the digging all together,i caught her the other day pulling a shovel towards the hole to try and bury it which was amusing
  12. Hi i'm new here,we have a female border collie that is just over a year old,she is a generally good dog that loves to run and play,the only thing she does that is annoying is her digging holes in the yard,does anyone have any advice on how to stop this.We have a big fenced in yard and lexy gets lots of excersise all day long but its only when we have to leave her that she does it,she doesnt get left for long periods of time and she doesnt dig all the time,please help
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