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  1. I know - very bad timing. But there will always be another year. Have a great trip.
  2. Black Jack is a very lucky dog to have such a wonderful master as you. I'm sad he may have to have surgery, but relieved that you now know what the problem is. The not knowing must have been awful Good luck to you both.
  3. Well you know about me - and you also know I'll be somewhere between the Atlas mts and the Sahara desert when you are here in paradise! AS for dog related things and general farming reading try the weekly Farmers Guardian. That will tell you about auctions, sheepdog events (including sales of working sheepdogs). Available from rural newsagents.
  4. You're very welcome to use any pics of Rhiw that i've posted ( you used some before and that's fine) If you want more just pm me.
  5. Hi. Rhiw has one blue eye and a blue fleck in his brown eye and has no problems with his vision. I think the behaviour thing is a load of tripe as well - so go for your favourite puppy is my advice!
  6. I don't mind , either - but I know some people do and totaly understand why.... It made me go all wobbly actually seeing all those familiar furry faces. And the last slide - about strength in the face of others expecting you to fail - is peculiarly appropriate for me this Sunday evg as I face up to a Monday morning. So thank you.
  7. I just love this thread. Rhiw started at about 6 months I think - lots of wobbles and trying to lift his leg too high so they think I'm an enormous Great Dane and then fall over moments. He has never marked inside anywhere though. He does mark Meg from time to time but that's less a sign that she's 'his bitch' ( which she would hotly dispute) than sheer goofy clumsiness.
  8. Welcome Holly! About the friends thing - i'm not quite sure but someone will hopefully respond. I clicked on mine and it said 'You have no friends to display' I think perhaps if you message people it willgive you the option to add that person to your list. But honestly, I'm, not the best person to tackle this one - IT is not my strong point
  9. Oh WYO - so pleased for you. I know how worried you were about Black Jack!
  10. ... and this is an early May morning:
  11. This is the view down to the village.... (thanks Anda)
  12. Hey! I'm from Hebden Bridge West Yorkshire ( Nancy eat your heart out). I havae lovely views whenever I look and live in a BC paradise. Welcome on board! You'll find some truly lovely people as well as dogs on here!
  13. My blue merle ( on the left) has one brown eye with a fleck of blue and one eye half blue, half brown. I could tell from fairly soon after I got him ( he was 8 wks old then - so say by 10 weeks) that one eye was darker than the other. I was a bit concerned that there was something wrong with the eye, not having had a merle before, but the vet assured me that the vision was fine in both eyes. So yes, you can tell quite soon - but obviously it's easier if you have one eye of a different colour to compare the two.
  14. I was wondering the same thing, Lauren Any news?
  15. Alaska - thanks for that link - it's very helpful, and as you say googling produces a lot of other useful info. We're re-enforcing the 'nothing in life is free' stuff (including cuddles - if he initiates we ignore him) and it is already resulting in a change in his behaviour - he's pestering less for cuddles and his focus on me is much more intense. Also today, as I brushed him outside he was very compliant - normally he whines and tries to squiggle away. Thanks again for all the helpful advice.
  16. Thanks for the reassurances too from all you agility people. I will wear my scars, not with pride, but understanding at least. Think poorly of him? No, never in a million years the hairy, sloppy goofball - I love every inch of him! In our pack, he's usually bottom of the pecking order. I kind of think of him as the perpetual heir to the alpha dog crown who waits a lifetime to be king. I'll need to watch out for other subtle signs as time goes by I guess - like taking mistresses, or displayig an interest in organic gardening
  17. Meg's Mum -you asked if he gets jealous of Meg or DH - No - not ever in an aggressive way, but he can be , ummm, quite subtly but persistently, attention seeking - you know, sidling up, head on lap, nose under what I'm reading etc - and I do tend to give him a scratch absent mindedly, sniff his ears, whatever. As a lot of you dear folk know I've been off work for a long while with depression and I have found this behaviour of his very comforting and haven't really discouraged it. Perhaps I need to look at curtailing it some. Thanks for the timely reminder ( sorry I forget who it was ) about 'games' triggering the prey drive. Absolutely.
  18. Paws crossed over here for Miss Bean's continuing improvement and get well soon too Aerie - flu is horrid, so look after yourself. You and your Mum are doing everything you can for this little pup. PS Isn't it funny how we have all latched onto Melanie's name for her instead of her 'proper' name? I think it suits her so perfectly.
  19. You people are amazing. There is so much great advice and support here, thank you. I did feel a sense of betrayal, truly, so am so grateful to the person who mentioned that. I thought I was weird. However, the hard bit: To answer the questions - it was - and this is so hard to admit - defnitely deliberate - he was going for the nearest thing to him ( me), not Meg. He whipped his head round and bit my upper arm. Had I not been sitting next to him on the floor ( don't usually do this) it wouldn't have happened. I immediately yelled at him and he cringed ( I know there will be different views on that) then I stood up and took him for some time out ( a long time) upstairs. He became immediately submissive - so not sure whether it was my yelling at him or the original action. He has however been very subdued today. We've already stepped up the discipline and last night I fed Meg first and asked him to wait for his tea till she'd finished. We live and learn. Oh - I forgot to say - I've had him since he was 8 weeks old - which is why it came as such a shock. I thought I really understood how he ticked. Like I said - live and learen
  20. perhaps she sensed something I was too stupid to spot. Yes RDM, you're right. I should not have carried on with this game, given the 'signals' I already had from my other dog.
  21. Thanks for these responses. Yep, their outdoor exercise will definitely be increased - their lack this week has been a very temporary set of affairs. They are never allowed on any of the furniture, either of them. No more find the ball. I think there is a possession issue at work actually - Meg is very wary around him when playing this game - perhaps she sensed something I was too stupid to spot. So I'll work more on the working for everything. I've always been very strict on this with them - especially food - they must sit and stay until told they can eat and so forth.But I'll redouble this - sitting for ball to be thrown and so on. Any other obvious things I should do? I'm really gutted that this has happened.
  22. Rhiw just bit me. I cannot believe it. I can't make sense of it, maybe some more experienced heads out there can help. I am so upset and confused. Rhiw, Meg and I were playing hunt the tennis ball. I send them upstairs, hide the ball and they find it. I've noticed that Meg tends to hang back nervously as Rhiw charges around, sniffing everywhere. Ocasionally they have a tiff over the found ball, nothing much. I set out a different version of the game, hiding a ball under one of 3 cushions while they watched. My idea was to scale this up as soon as they got the hang of it. First time I did it, I placed the ball, sat back on my haunches, dog either side. Meg was quick off the mark this time for once and as soon as Rhiw saw she had found the ball he snarled and bit my upper arm. I was wearing a fleece top and he broke the skin, just. This dog has shown no signs of aggression whatsoever until this time. Quite the reverse -he can be clingy and is often submissive. He has just turned 3. Meg, my other dog is 8. Nothing else has changed in their diet or routine . They have perhaps been slightly short changed this week on their walks but I have made up for it with games and mental stimulation indoors. He has been let in no doubt of the severity of this action, but I want to work out why. What provoked this attack on me? If it was a dominace thing with the ball and seeing Meg win, why did he go for me? I'm heartbroken by this. Any and all advice is very welcome
  23. Borderlicious I too am amazed that you're only 17. Your posts, your skill and knowledge with your dogs - as well as all those amazing photos had made me think of you as much older. I guess that is me being ageist! Whatever avenue you choose to take on the rescue project, very best of luck. oh ..... and give little Eve a scrumble on the tum from me.
  24. Yes I have felt this many times too - especially with Meg who is my heart dog, and getting on in yearsnow. I often look at them both snoozing away in their beds and realise how very much I love them - words seem inadequate, really.
  25. Oh goodness, I hope this story has a happy ending. Little Bean - you are in so many hearts right now. Get well sweetheart. And strength to you and your Mum too Aerie.
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