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  1. Welcome to the boards! And what a sweet puppy you have. She is very lucky to have found you! Look forward to hearig lots more about her
  2. We were down by the river playing with the airkong when this man comes along with his little boy who can't take his eyes off my dogs. I get them to do a down stay and give the child permission to pet them. Parent was so entranced he got out his expensive looking camera with zoom lens and took loads of shots... I am so proud of my dogs.....
  3. Furminator arrived today. .... and... we like! It gets a ton of hair out and although I had to go carefully on the silky hair, it did a great job in thinning out the coarser hair on his back legs - he didn't seem to mind me doing those bits with it at all. It got a surprising amount off Meg as well. Would have done more if I'd persisted with it, but don't want to do too much too soon. As Dyson is to the 'normal' vacuum cleaner when confronted with dog hair, the furminator is to a normal dog brush!
  4. We've all heard many of these, but I thought it would be good to start a thread and see what people came up with. I read this in a newspaper when up in the Yorkshire Dales last weekend. I can't find a link to the story, which was in the Westmorland Gazette. The border collie, a very handsome tri boy called Ruswarp ( named after the village of the same name near Whitby) belonged to a chap who campaigned in the 90's for an old railway branchline to be kept open. Ruswarp was the campaign's much loved mascot and had even 'signed' the petition with his pawprint. Ruswarp and his owner were inseparable. One year they went on a winter hiking holiday early one January in a remote part of the Welsh mountains. They never returned and a search team was sent out, but found nothing. The man's body was eventually located at the end of March that year - he had suffered some kind of fatal illness - with the dog - still just about alive - by his side. Sadly, despite being rescued and found another home, Ruswarp never recovered, and died only a short while after his master. Just recently, the branchline campaign has had good news that the line will be kept open. They are planning to put a bronze statue of Ruswarp by the station.
  5. My boy was named for the place (Rhiwlas) in Wales where was born. Rhiwlas , we were told, means blue hill - very appropriate for a blue merle BC. Then, we were told that pronounced another way, In Welsh, it means 'Sex'. No more visits wo Welsh speaking Wales for us, then! Meg was named Meg as that was the name of my imaginary dog-friend when I was a child.
  6. Thanks all. This is really, really helpful. I am rather leaning towards the dental for Meg, followed by some kind of gnawing regime - to maintain. I'll ponder some more and let yopu all know what we go for. Thanks again!
  7. Just as an aside from the other post. Meg's teeth are in pretty poor shape - she's got considerable tartare build up. I give them chews from time to time but they tend to give both dogs the runs. Vet mentioned at last checkup she could have them cleaned professionally. But that would mean a general anaesthetic, plus the bloodwork beforehand to check she'd be ok as she's 9. I'm reluctant to put her under the stress of an operation if it's only borderline worthwhile. Plus of course, it's expensive. Thoughts anyone? ( Apart from what a wicked woman I am to let it get this bad before doing anything )
  8. So sorry to hear this very sad news sweetheart. Hugs to you x
  9. argghhhhh I've just ordered one for Rhiw - who is medium to long hair with coarser hair on his 'trousers' and tail. A lot of money to spend if it doesn't work! I imagine it'll be fine for Meg - but she's a tough old sweetie and will let me use any old tool on her - not my collie though....
  10. "When I got my first dog Riley, as I left the shelter with her, I remember my legs actually being wobbly because the full impact of having just adopted a dog hit me. I hoped this dog would be my "best friend" and that I would do right by her. I spent the car ride home talking to her, asking her what she wanted to talk about and hoping that she would be happy. Before you laugh, keep in mind that she was my *first* dog after a childhood of adopting ants, bugs, gerbils and anything else I could find." Ailsa, That's how it is with me and Meg, my best friend, beloved mutt, heart dog and soulmate. As I drove away from the shelter, with her on the seat, I looked across and my eyes filled with tears of joy. I was 34 and had been waiting for her for 34 years - my parents never allowed me anything more interesting than a goldfish. That night I whispered words of a solemn and scared vow into her ear, promising her that I would take care of her to the very ebst of my ability and love her for the rest of her life, whatever happened. I hope I will have the courage to carry out the hardest of these promises when the time comes. I can't bear even thinking of being without her. When I was going through a very bad time last year both my dogs were there for me in different ways. Rhiw tried to cheer me up by being goofy and bringing me toys. Meg would sit very close to me and look at me with eyes full of such intense compassion it helped me to live through the day when everything else was black. That's why she's best friend. And also, I never fully realised until I owned my own dog that a relationship with a dog can develop and mature and deepen, as botho f us get older. That has been another unexpected joy of having her - and another definition of genuine and lasting 'friendship'.
  11. Bill So glad to hear you're on the mend. Thoughts are with you! E from across the pond
  12. I'm working at desentising Rhiw to brushing. He's never liked it especially on his sides for some reason. Maybe I'd hurt him without realising it by overbrushing I'm using a two sided brush - pins on one side clothes brush like bristles on the other. I also used one of those metal rake type tools last year but stopped when I realised that brushing with one hand while holding his collar with my other hand was giving him static shocks! No wonder he hated it. Just building up gently at the moment with lots of praise and treats. MAy even look at one of those furminator tools. Anyone know if you can spin dog hair into wool? There's enough for a whole range of jumpers!
  13. So sorry about your floor. It seems that they seem to go for the things that mean most, somehow! I have lovely oak floors and when it seemed that we might have to have them replcaed less tha a year after they were fitted on account of a plumbing issue, I nearly went into meltdown. Is there any chance of an insurance claim on your household policy or pet policy if you have one? An oldie but a goodie, so worth repeating He ate my wedding shoes, and wrap, the night before.Then he switched attention to shoe laces, ruck sack straps, etc. He still was allowed at the ceremony but squeaked with excitement all the way through. Teething was the absolute worst time. Obedience in all other respects has been exemplary.
  14. Thank you all - and PSmitty - that's a very good point! ER knew what she was talking about!
  15. Oh my. My marriage is going through a very rough patch. Last night I lay down on the floor, curled up in the foetal position by Meg's bed and put my head on her warm, furry side as I wept tears of despair. She nuzzled me, and ever so gently, licked my tears away before resting her paw on my cheek. My heart is breaking and she knows it. If only he did. At the moment my Meg is the most precious thing on the planet. A dog's love is so very precious.
  16. Maybe there would be fewer lost souls in rescue. Maybe. Meg came up to me yesterday with that big round eye look they get sometimes and she was trying to tell me something. I don't know what it was. Then this thought came to me.
  17. Awww what a cutie! You and your pup are very welcome here! Hint :we like LOTS of pics!
  18. I agree with what the others said! Send the bf to the pound and the duvet to the dry cleaners....
  19. I'm glad someone else asked about Fritos - they are corn chips? Rhiw's feet smell that way definitely. Meg the Muttster, less so. We've had this discussion before. for sure. DH prefers sniffing the feet whilst I love the ears. mmmmm..... Yes, we are crazy dog people!
  20. Mine proved to be a guy magnet though.... I met dh ( who drove a skoda) and when, after we'd spent the whole evening talking, he left the bar and I drove after him in it, flashing my headlights. He thought I was a road rage lunatic and drove faster and faster down tiny country lanes. But I caught him. And the rest is history.... The MGB went on its way though, after one expensive repair bill too many, and after my dearly beloved went to wind the window down - and the winder came off in his hand. Stuck down, the window was. And it was winter. Great liitle car though. A later model than yours though Bill. It had plastic bumpers rather than chrome. I feel all nostalgic now....
  21. I used to drive an original MGB in racing green. Meg would ride in the front seat. Now I have a Citroen Berlingo. Visit My Website It's what happens to you as you get older. And acquire more dogs. Where I live, unless you live down a dirt track on the hill, an SUV would be social suicide.
  22. Well done AJ. That whole process must have been incredibly tough . I know you wouldn't have done it lightly and I really admire you for having the courage of your convictions and selflessly doing what was best for both Bo and Black Jack. it. So pleased to hear that BlackJack is more his old self again!
  23. I have never bathed either of my dogs - not once. They got hosed down if they come in muddy, and umm, that's it. They do a lot of swimming though. They never smell doggy. I've said before though that I love the smell of the inside of their ears. Just love it. DH prefers the pads.
  24. Along with the OP and others, I can see no merit in this whatsoever. It's not just horribly cruel, but also likely to re-enforce nervous behaviour. It's a disturbing insight into the psychological make up of any person who is prepared to carry this through.
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