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  1. So 4yr old Skye, was my agility wash out, she just wasn't having fun at the training facility or at home. So we decided to just not ask her to do any agility anymore. I have been doing foundation work with Maya since she was a pup, occasionally I would see if Skye wanted to do anything, but usually after one or two tries she realized she didn't want to do it, so I didn't push it. Today I was doing some work with Maya in the front yard with two jumps and a tunnel (no obstacles or weaves), well Skye was going bonkers in the house so after Maya's turn I let Skye out and got some hotdogs (her fave) and asked her to do some jumps and tunnel, SHE went bonkers....loved it and seemed like she was having a great time. Then I pulled out the one set of 2x2 weaves I have (getting my real ones made very very soon) been working with Maya, and did day 1 training with Skye and she loved that also. So I am trying to decided what to do now, I think Skye will stress if we bring obstacles back into the picture too soon, and I know the training facility is out of the question, . I could go with a different facility that is outdoors, my other thought was to just school her at home and see how she would do in a tunnelers, or jumpers class at a trial, but she may stress in the trial environment also. At this point I am just glad she had fun doing something without getting stressed over it. if she just wants to play agility in the backyard that is fine with me. I just hated that she feels left out all the time, it was fun being able to rotate dogs too, that way I don't overwork one training session too much, which I can tend to do.
  2. I have heard really good things about the "preventic collar" I don't use them myself because I have small children and just don't feel comfortable with that type of collar and the chance they could chew on it or stick their hands in their mouths after touching them. So far Advantix and frontline plus seem to do a pretty good job with ticks for us. We have had some major flea problems (even with advantix and frontline) in the past but I think that was because of a stray cat that was hanging around and getting fleas in my yard, it is gone this year and so far not a sign of a single flea.
  3. Tug toy is one of the best rewards in my opinion, easy to hang on to very rewarding for the dog, interacting with their human. I also use a tennis ball for Maya, because to her there is nothing better in life than her tennis ball, but we save that for extra special reward.
  4. Thanks everyone, I have seen the youtube video of Leda with the two tables, that is sort of what clinched me wanting to try that method I liked what I saw there. Diana, we do play that game with her (bang it game), although she is not as enthusiastic about is as your pup is , I don't think she is jumping over the end to avoid the bang, I think she was jumping over it to get to her reward faster (tennis ball). We did it a few times tonight and I rewarded her with tug instead of her ball and it went much better, she didn't jump over the end and I didn't try to really push a lot of speed out of her. I just want to be sure she understand that the point is driving to the end, I don't want her stopping on the pivot point at all. So I don't want to decrease her speed too much, but I think making sure she drives to the end and doesn't jump over it is important also. She is already doing much better with this method, than with anything else I have tried so I am really pretty happy so far.
  5. Yes we have done wobble board and bang it games with her since she was a puppy, those movements and noise don't bother her at all it was just when we moved to the big teeter and tried to teach it the way my trainer teachers her dog (run to the end with someone holding it up and then drop it) that she started having problems. She doesn't seem to have any problem with the movement and noise at home with the two table method, our training facility has a very loud teeter and I plan to work on the noise with her on it before I ever ask her to get on it. My question was about jumping over the end of the board though, the movement and noise don't bother her now, I was just trying to give some background information so everyone understood she has some past issues with the noise and movement but seems over that now, but I want to be sure I am not de-motivating her on the teeter now.
  6. Hey everyone, I am teaching maya the teeter, with the two table method. She has been very unsure of the teeter (movement and noise part) before we started with the two table method and so we are going slow and I really want to build her confidence on it, I am having one issue that I want to get opinions on. Her confidence is really high on it using this method, better than I could have hoped, right now I have the tables at 20" and 16". I am not asking for any sort of 2o2o right now (not until one end is on the ground), I really want to focus on getting her to drive to the end of the teeter, she does well at medium speed, but when she starts going fast she hops over the contact onto the table and I really would rather she not do that. Any suggestions on how to correct this without ruining her confidence, should I keep going at medium speed so she goes all the way to the end of the board, and then increase speed once I know she knows what to do, or should I just focus on speed and fun (she has more fun when going FAST!) and then worry about the end contact behavior when I know she is comfortable with the movement and noise. I might try to take some video today and see if I can get it up that might help with suggestions. Although I shudder at the thought of putting video of myself up lol....
  7. I am fairly positive that Maya will have a down stay at the start line. Down is sort of her default and she hardly ever breaks a down stay, while her sit stay is not as solid. I also read an article one time that suggested many dogs have a quicker take off in the down position.
  8. This has been a really interesting thread for me, I struggle with knowing how much to practice how long the sessions should be etc, how many times I should do a certain sequence or drill, when I should let her fail and when I should make an exercise easier so she doesn't fail. I love agility and I want it to always be fun for my dog, but I know I tend to push her just past the point where she is excited about doing something I have got to learn when to end it so I don't go that far. This is one of those things that is of course is different for each dog, some dogs need to do something more and build motivation for it, some dogs need to do it less to not get burned out on it, just have to see which is best for your dog I guess.
  9. I just started training Maya on jumps, and trying really hard not to over do it as she is young still. I just got done watch Susan Salo's foundation jumping video and I am doing the set point exercise with Maya, I just started last week and we have done it maybe 3-4 times. Probably not much help since we are just starting out, but I like to work very short sessions a couple times a day with her, and then take a day off of agility stuff and do something else.
  10. You are teaching her that "touch" means touch my nose to a tiny purple frisbee.....I did teach a nose touch to my dogs to a CD and to my hands, the command for that is "touch" but honestly I can't think of the last time I used either, Whether that is wrong or not depends on what you are trying to train, if the point of the target is teaching the 2o2o then I would drop the target and free shape or train just the 2o2o, personally I think a floor target for 2o2o can be more detrimental than helpful for many dogs. I prefer to teach things as I want them and not have to drop an aid if I don't have to. I do use a target on the floor for certain things, but I prefer to use a toy that my dog likes and we can play with, rather than a food reward, but of course that depends on the dog and what motivates them. My 2o2o command is "feet" and that means put your feet on something and don't move until you hear the release word. As long as you keep the criteria of what you are training clear, you don't not need to add a wait to your 2o2o command, so that means when you teach your contact word, you never reward the dog for self releasing, you only reward when you give your release command.
  11. with both of my dogs I found using a short milk crate the easiest way to capture the 2o2o behavior, I would sort of use my body to help them walk over it then click when the two back feet were on it, once they realized what I wanted I named it (feet) then I moved it onto a mini A frame (easier to get on and stay on the contact) load from the side, ask for the behavior and treat in front of the dog to get the desired response. Then I moved it to a plank. My problem right now is that Maya is waiting for my foward motion to get into the 2o2o position, she will hold it no matter how fast I am running past her, but I have to be in motion for her to go to the end of the contact.
  12. Thanks, We are religeous about flea control around her because my son is highly allergic to flea bites and if the dogs get them then he winds up with flea bites. I checked her throughly and no fleas, but I did pull a couple of dead ticks off of her on Monday night and then on Tuesday morning she woke up with the spot so I think she must have had a tick there that she pulled off herself. Vet cleaned it up, lots of shaved hair poor kiddo, and gave her a shot of steroids, penicillin, oral cephalexin, and a spray, with cortisone and an antibotic in it for this and future flare ups if needed. Here is a picture of it (not for the squeamish the sore itself is about the size of a baseball to give some reference, it is already not quite as red and oozy as it was a couple of hours ago
  13. So Maya has a horrible hotspot, right at the base of her tail, I think she may have had a tick there and pulled it out herself then licked it into a sore. I noticed it yesterday morning, I trimmed the hair around it, cleaned it really good and put an e-collar on her, I realized about 5hrs later that she could still reach it even with an e-collar on, UGH, so I put a t-shirt on her for the night and that seemed to work pretty well. it was still on this morning. But the hotspot still looks horrible, I decided to take her to the Vet because I just don't like the way the thing looks and now she is getting snappy at me messing with it, I think more hair needs to be shaved and probably needs an anti-inflamatory shot and some antibiotics. I have never had a dog that has gotten hot spots before, she actually had one earlier this spring but she couldn't reach it (it was around her shoulders) and me cleaning it and keeping her from getting to it healed it up quickly. Anyone have tips or tricks for hotspots?
  14. congrats! I wish we had more USDAA trials in our area, we have maybe two a year that are within a couple hour drive.
  15. Depending on the dog( I have a rescue dog that shuts down when she even senses she didn't do something right), I don't see any problem with this. I was just watching Susan Garrett's 2X2 weaves DVD and she uses oops (and doesn't give a reward), when her dog doesn't do the right thing, it doesn't mean the dog see's it as a negative, just try something else to get the right behavior and the reward. I use oops with Maya, used in an upbeat tone the same way, it just means, oops you need to try something different so you can get the reward. I don't use a lot of food treats with Maya, she responds a lot better to tug or her ball, I try to use all of them and switch things up. But if I really want to cement a behavior we get out the tennis ball. I use food treats for some things (circle work, handling behaviours, new behaviors that have steps to them etc...).
  16. Not in my experience In fact my instructor has stopped using clickers at all in her beginner classes, instead using the word yes to act as a bridge. She was seeing so many people having trouble managing the clicker that she felt a verbal marker was better for beginners than clickers. I think once people get "hooked" on dog training (agility, or trick training), that many of them will migrate to clicker training because it really is a better marker than a verbal once you get the hang of it. I like to have both, when I am first training something I use the clicker to shape it, then once the dog knows what I want I switch to a verbal yes.
  17. I am sure there are many approaches, but I like to teach my dogs a whiplash turn to the dogs name. I do it by starting inside and using a clicker. I say the dogs name click and treat, then I wait until the dog is not paying attention and call the name when the dog turns it head towards me I click and it comes to me for a treat. This progresses to more and more distraction. Then I move outside with a long line, call the dogs name when I know it can hear me and isn't "that" distracted, wait for dog to turn head (if it takes too long I might give a tug on the line) click and give treat when they come running. What you are training is an automatic response that when the dog hears its name (no matter how distracted), it whips around and comes running to the handler. I teach "leave it" differently.
  18. Brad, Congrats on the birth of your daughter, I hope she is doing well and will come home soon,NICU can be tough, hang in there.
  19. I have always heard that training just the end behavior works well for this sort of thing. Go to a small room that he can't get that far away from you, and teach a drop in your hand command, then slowly add distance...then move to a bigger room, then move outside. slowly adding distance outside also.
  20. geonni- she is talking about her rescue, not her personally buying dogs. oops, I see Sue already cleared this one up....
  21. As far as I know there isn't one for the US, there is one that is based in the UK that is the only one I found. I was hoping Clean Run was going to start one up on their website, but nothing so far. There are tons and tons of Yahoo groups, but honestly I HATE yahoo groups , I find threads very difficult to follow and I don't like them filling up my email. There is one that you have to pay a membership fee to join it is Linda Mecklenburgs http://www.awesomepaws.us/
  22. That is awesome! Can't wait to see the videos.
  23. I would like to get a GOOD hands free leash for jogging with my two dogs, once me and Maya are all healed up from our surgeries lol..., I am wanting the hands free because I also have my two year old in a jogging stroller and would like to keep both hands on the stroller. , I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations? I was looking at these two in particular: http://www.larzequipment.com/hands_free_leash.html http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002DC6E9...DZ62AQNVGBRV6R4
  24. Maya is 11mo old, 19" at the shoulder and weighs about 30lbs, she is a bit on the thin side and could probably gain a couple more lbs and still be considered lean. Skye is more like 22-24" at the should (she is a butt head about being measured) and is more like 48lbs. I am pretty sure she is AussieXBC she has a much heavier build than Maya.
  25. awe, he is adorable! good luck with the pup and with Reb, I hope it is a fairly smooth transition.
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