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  1. speaking of squeaky toy distractions, I was at a trial a couple of weeks ago, and a very experienced competitor and dog were in lining up for their run and someone in the crating area was squeaking a toy and it was distracting for the dog waiting to run and the handler said something about it and the judge asked that the squeaky toy be silenced. Thought that was fantastic, there are some things dogs just shouldn't have to deal with......
  2. It has been pretty bad this entire summer. We are putting down 2 or more raccoons a week right now.
  3. I have one of the Dacron tunnels from Ebay. It has worked well for us, but it is pretty light weight. If you have one of those dogs that tears though tunnels like a maniac it may not hold up. I mainly got it because when Maya was a puppy because she was scared of tunnels and we used it in the house to get her over her fear (worked like a charm). I am wanting to buy a couple competition quality ones now.
  4. Is this your only choice for classes, that sounds like a horrible situation for many dogs. Yes you want your dog to focus on you no matter what, but that just sounds like setting a dog up for failure. I have a very focused dog, but I think even she would have trouble in that situation.
  5. I am not sure I fully understand how this class works, is there more than one dog running in the same place at the same time? At all the facilities I have gone to, each dog runs a sequence at a time, and the dogs waiting their turn are either on lead off to the side, or behind a barrier.
  6. Maya went through a (scary for me) resource guarding phase when she was around 6mo old. Never to me, but she did growl several times at a very close friend (who was over all the time), we nipped it in the bud pretty quickly, with some verbal corrections and some trading games. I read the book "MINE" by Jean Donaldson http://dogwise.com/ItemDetails.cfm?ID=DTB740 which is just fantastic. I agree with the others, no couch privileges for you dog, and have the kids start playing some trading games (less value treat for more value) and if she really really values and guards something (toy or food item) just take it away for now. Have the kids do a lot of obedience and trick training with the dog, I have two 8yr old and a just turned 4yr old and mine all do very well with my border collie, it is a different challenge having a dog that reads body language and is much more reactive (not in a bad way just responds more quickly) to movement than other breeds. I think it is good for kids to realize they have to be respectful of their behavior and action around the dogs. Good Luck!
  7. Matt and Martha run the trials that I go to, we have a great time! I am not sure where they train, they may do their own stuff at home. I have been taking lessons from David Castle (if you know him).
  8. This is the first I have heard of it. Good to know thanks.
  9. How fun! Lou looks great and like he was having a good time. loved the faceplant, and the Sookie Stackhouse uniform !
  10. Everything! I can't think of any venue these days that requires a pedigree. You just register with the organization you want to compete with and you are ready to go.
  11. I would backchain this by teaching dropping the ball in my hand, Just teach that and give it a command, then start small in the house teaching drop the ball in your hand and gradually give it more space. My dog generally brings the ball back within 10feet throws it at me and waits giving the ball "eye" , I give her the "give it to me" command and she picks it up and puts it in my hand.
  12. Another vote for Control Unleashed. I also wonder if you are familiar with Dr Karen Overalls, "Protocol for Relaxation", http://www.dogscouts.org/Protocol_for_relaxation.html it might be helpful in your situation as well.
  13. Yeah, some of my wealthy saltwater aquarium maintenance clients have generators that automatically turn on when there is a power outage, they are run off natural gas, one of my clients has a 15k square ft house and you don't even realize there is a power outage when the generator kicks on it is crazy.
  14. It is a balmy 105 F right now and A/C is rocking and rolling to keep the house at 76, we actually did have a power outage a couple weeks ago and it took about 4hrs before I thought the house felt uncomfortable and probably would take many more for it to actually be dangerous for a dog in a kennel. There is generally only about 4-5hrs of the day that no one is home (less than that in the summer usually) so I don't worry about the dogs getting too hot. Now my saltwater aquariums are different story, any power outage over a couple hours has me ready to pull out our generator.
  15. I feed raw bones as a treat and for teeth cleaning. I get turkey necks, or pork necks, small rib bones or whatever is on sale, I usually freeze them for a couple days and I give them to the dogs frozen (they thaw pretty quickly). I have a 4yr old Australian shepherd who doesn't chew anything and had the beginnings of bad tartar on her teeth at 2yrs old, once I started the raw bones her teeth are sparkling white.
  16. I am not sure how things work where you live, but in our city (I am an ACO), if the officer does not see the abuse then there is not much they can do other than talk to the owner, the only way to give someone a citation is for the person who actually saw it to sign an official complaint (citation). So if something else happens you may want to ask to sign a complaint and that the person be citied for animal abuse...etc.... get a copy of your cities animal ordinances and tell the authorities you want to sign a complaint for that particular ordinance. A lot of people think that just because they call and complain anonymously about something that things will get done and a official complaint is filed, but in reality other than an inquiry about it there isn't much that an ACO can do unless actual abuse is apparent (for us tying up without water and shelter is also abuse). It is a difficult position to be put in, because of course you have to live next to people like this, but the law is pretty clear and hearsay doesn't stand up in court.
  17. thanks everyone, she is running during trials at about 3/4 to 1/2 speed as she does during practice. The trainer we go to is a big NADAC guy and really pushes for training distance and speed, and I really like him, he wants us to focus on speed and worry about precision later, he said you can usually train precision but it is harder to get speed out of dog who has been trialing at a slower speed. We are having a blast no matter the results, I wish I could afford to go to more trials.
  18. I entered Maya in her third trial last weekend, officially we bombed it! but we had fun and I know a few things to work on. We did our first Chances run, and that was fun and would have gone well, but I was totally in her way and she ran into me and it screwed everything up. We got all our discriminations which I was happy about. Looking forward to the next trial in August.
  19. I do Animal Control for the City of Leawood, where in KC are you? ( pm me if you don't want to post it), if there is anything we can do to help let me know. Just in case you don't know about finding lost pets in KC. http://www.pet-connect.org/ http://www.lostdogregistry.net/ of course craigslist, lost and found and pet section, also make up flyers and take them to all the animal control agencies and shelters even remotely close. We had a border collie get loose around Christmas time she was found a month later about 20mi away. If you need a list of phone #'s for all the animal control agencies in the Kansas City area let me know I can get that to you. Good Luck! will be keeping my fingers crossed for you.
  20. Maya and I went to a trial a couple weekends ago it was her second trial and her first experience with a standard and weavers runs. Out of 8 runs entered we Q's 5 of them, and the three we didn't Q were totally my fault with horrible handling or forgetting the course (and believe me Maya gives me an earful when we flub up on the course). This is probably my favorite run of the day, we haven't worked on Tunnel/dog walk discriminations at all, and after her tunnel sucking on a different run I was talking to some people about what to do, and they were talking about doing a fake front cross in front of the discrimination to pull the dog away from the tunnel, I forget the actual term for it. But it worked like a Charm...
  21. Well it really went well! I am super happy with my girlie and I am really looking forward to our next trial and "really" getting out there. We did one day and did a jumpers run and two tunnelers, The jumpers really went well, we got a Q and 1st place, she was sooo much slower than normal, but other than that, she really didn't seem that anxious (not compared to a dog that hides in tunnels and heads for her crate when she gets scared). The first tunnelers run was a bit of a disaster, poor thing was terribly confused at constantly being sent to tunnels and kept turning to me when she would come out of a tunnel, I know a lot of it was my positioning and lack of movement, but it was of course my first trial as well and we have had 0 practice with tunnelers courses. The second Tunnelers went a lot better I stayed with her and supported her a lot more, it wasn't the course I would have run if we were practicing but it worked for letting her know that I wanted her to keep going in Tunnels, we got another Q and second place. I really did have fun and so did Maya, and we met a lot of fun people and are really looking forward to our next trial. Video of our three runs (Gawd is it horrible to see yourself on video or what.... )
  22. We have NO outdoor trials here and I desperately wish there were at least a few, I have a noise sensitive dog and she is a completely different dog outdoors than indoors. We have a indoor horse arena that the majority of trials are at, and there are a couple of indoor soccer complexes that we have summer trials at (A/C is very nice for those), but no one does anything outdoors. We are currently training outdoors (backyard and with a trainer with equipment outside) but the facility I started at is a wonderful indoor building with very nice mats. We are going to our first trial (to compete) in a couple weeks, guess I will see how it goes.
  23. She looked great, you can really see the difference in her confidence from the first runs of the day to the last!
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