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  1. I would certainly consider a puppy from a rescue, there are none available in my area right now, I would even consider a BC mix (if it were mainly BC), I have been to all the shelters and put my name on wish lists and pour over petfinder,and looked at all the rescue groups within 200 miles. it is always one of those things, when you are not looking they are everywhere, when you are looking there are none to be found.
  2. Thank you for all the articles and suggestions, I do take everything you have said to heart. Let me just say the two litters I am considering. One is from working parents (cattle), no certifcation or registration. The second is from a person who does agility but does not use them to work cattle those dogs are ABCA registered Registration is absolutely not important, the dog I get will be for companionship and we will do agility/flybal/frisbee for fun first and if the dog seems to like competing then we will probably do that. There are several really nice off leash (a couple that are completely fenced) parks. As far as my yard and other dogs or traffic, luckily I live on a cul-de-sac, and my yard is very secluded, We could do a decent sized dog run for those time we cannot be there (which would be rare). Daily walks/playing and teaching tricks is what I am looking for in a dog so I am not worried about that. I am trying very hard to take my time and pick out the right dog for my family but I admit it is hard, when you have shared you life with a dog for 11yrs,(actually have never been without a dog, even as a small child), it is hard, and feels like an empty place in the house (albiet a house with much less hair lol. Once again thank you for you help and suggestions, I understand what it is to be passionate about something and to try and be sure someone is fully aware of the breed they are getting into. My hobby and small business (I run from home) is saltwater aquariums and many times I have been the one to tell people that maybe they are not getting into the right hobby for them.
  3. I should explain why I am leaning towards a puppy. The last two dogs I rescued were around a year old, both were strays. Both had serious behavioral issues that were not apparent in the beginning. I have two small children and I don't want to risk their safety with a dog that I do not know its past. I understand very well that puppies and small children is not a great combo and will not leave them together unattended ever. I also have a cat that is a vital part of our family, she was best friends with the dog we lost and I think we have a better chance of her accepting a puppy than an adult dog. I did check with the rescue groups here and the dogs they have just didn't seem like a good match for our family. And I will admit there is a selfish part of me that wants to start out right in the beginning, I want to look at an entire litter of pups and pick the right one, and then train it from the beginning. After my last two dogs I just want a pup I don't have "undo" what has been done. I plan on going to obedience classes from the beginning with this pup.
  4. Hi, new here...My dog and companion of 11yrs passed away several weeks ago, and I have been researching dog breeds for the past few weeks and think a Border Collie may be the breed for me and my family. I have been very interested in a dog that would be able to participate in Agility/frisbee, and recently discovered flyball and think it looks like a LOT of fun. I would be interested in competing or just doing it for fun. My husband and I also enjoy mt. biking and hope the dog would come along. I am a stay at home mom so the dog would rarely be left more than a couple of hours alone during the day. I do have a few concerns. 1. I do not have a fenced in backyard, but we have a 1/2acre that can be enclosed with an invisible fence, I know proper training is needed with the fence and have no problem doing that, I was just wondering if other owners had good experinces with Borders and Invisible Fences. I never plan on leaving the dog outside alone with just the fence, mainly playing with the family, and potty breaks. 2. Where I live we have very very hot summers, right now the heat index is 112F, and cold winters (below 0 F for 2-3months) I worry about being able to excersize the dog properly when it is so cold and so hot. my biggest fear of getting a border collie is that it will get enough exercise. There are a couple "doggie daycare" place but they cost a lot of $$, I even thought of getting a cheap treadmill for winter and summer for the pup. Any ideas for winter/summer exercise? Third I am going to look at a couple of litters of pups this week, Anything I should be looking for, obviously herding skills are not a big priority for me, but a good solid pup is, I don't want the dominant dog, but dont want something too timid also.
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