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  1. You are probably right, I am an impatient trainer, especially with a dog that normally seems to pick new behaviors up very quickly. If I want to back chain that behavior I am going to have to take baby steps (ugh, makes me cringe thinking about it lol).
  2. Every dogs speed is different... that was the answer you wanted right... I am getting ready to train our new pup for running contacts and I have decided to retrain my border collie for them as well. I have never ever liked her contacts and she is not one of those super fast border collies. She has good speed and is very accurate so I would like to do something to increase our times and her motivation and I think running contacts would do that for us. Your dog looks great! I am always impressed with running contacts and big dogs, they really have to think about their stride.
  3. He actually focus's really well when food is involved. He just doesn't want to play with toys when they are out. He will switch to toy play but it takes a few try's for him to realize food is really gone and we are playing with toys now. I would love to back chain the "put in hand part" of the retrieve (that is what my original plan was), but my problem is when the "click treat" part happens, he doesn't want any part of the toy anymore. He will interact with the toy for a treat (nosing it and pouncing on it) but his normally good retrieve (except the part where he brings it all the way back). Goes away completely. I was playing fetch with him in the hallway last night and that was going pretty well, he would run all the way to me for a game of tug he didn't have as much room to avoid bringing it in. I may just do that for a while and see if we can break the mental part of him not bringing it in.
  4. Hey all, I hope you don't mind if I ask for advice on a non-border collie. I have a 10month old Chihuahua terrier mix, that my 9yr old daughter and I are training for agility. He is super smart and has been clicker trained from the beginning. I have had no trouble shaping behaviors and tricks with him. He is over the top food motivated. If there is no food in the picture he will play with toys as well, he loves to tug. My issue is getting him to retrieve. He will bring something back but stops just a few feet short of bringing it all the way to me. He loves to tug so I was hoping by having him retrieve things he could tug it would be reward enough. Treats just stop all toy play (even boring old kibble). Right now I am just working small distance and reinforcing when he does bring it close enough for us to tug (seems to happen more on accident than on purpose). This dog has caught on to EVERYTHING I have taught him so quickly I just don't think it is a matter of him not understanding the criteria, it seems it is more an issue of it being more fun to play with the toy on his own, or make me come get it (or tug it in on a short line). Any suggestions?
  5. You cannot know how your dogs are going to react to your future children by this one act that sounds like it wasn't even a bite on purpose. I had a shepherd mix that was 7yrs old when I was surprised to find out I was pregnant, I was even more shocked 8wks later to find out I was having twins. I was worried about what my dog might do around kids. She was a terrible resource guarder to other dogs (she caused some bad fights over toys and goodies). I did not get rid of her though I did talk to a good friend who said if things did not work out she would take my pup. But we were going to give it every effort first. This dog was the best dog EVER with children, from the day we brought them home from the hospital she was their guardian and best friend. They could do anything and take anything from her (obviously she was closely watched for a very long time. Give your dogs a chance. Don't be one of those people who discards their family members because of having children. At least see how your dog is. Resource guarding is something that can be changed. There are a lot of resources to change this behavior.
  6. I think there are just some dogs that cannot be trusted home alone no matter how much you have proofed and trained them. My 5yr old Aussie hasn't been in a crate for several years. She doesn't do anything wrong. My 3yr old border collie is put in a crate when we leave even if for 5min....because for some crazy reason she pee's on the furniture or on one of the beds even if we leave for a short amount of time. I have no idea why she does it, she never has accidents in the house when we are there. And I have no idea at this point how to train her not to do it. I am thinking it is a behavioral issue. So in the crate she goes.
  7. Most clubs do not have the pool and dock, they rent them for each event. If I remember correctly (I looked into hosting a dock diving event for our city) It was $10,000 to rent the setup for a weekend (dock diving events are two day events). So the costs are to defray that expense and then to pay for everything else hosting an event costs and then hopefully pocketing some money for your club.
  8. For those asking about if Emergency personnel would take dogs to a Kennel instead of a Shelter, unless you lived in the town and had previous arrangements with either a Vet clinic or boarding facility I would say it is unlikely. I am an Animal Control Officer in a small upscale city in my town and in cases of accidents where the owner is transported to the hospital we generally take them to our sheltering facility (which happens to be a nice Veterinary clinic that boards dogs, so our shelter is a Veterinary boarding facility). I have taken dogs to their home in our city (at their request even though I have told them they may want their canine examined by a veterinarian) or I would be more than happy to take them to their Veterinarian if it were relatively close. If the accident is severe, my preference is to transport them to our Veterinarian for an exam. I absolutely contact anyone the owner wants me to as soon as possible. It is amazing that accidents that have totaled cars and sent owners to the hospital, don't seem to injure the dogs (who are mostly unsecured in the vehicle)
  9. OMG, I just saw these at petco and HAD to take a picture so I could show it to people and snicker like a teenager....lol WHAT were they thinking......
  10. Well my foot is in a boot right now with a torn tendon (posterior tibal tendon) and I am more than likely facing surgery. Then injury wasbecause of the uneven dirt floor of the last trial I went to. It is a place I trial at on a regular basis and I remember thinking the dirt was especially clumpy and loose on the first night (by the third day of a trial it is all nice and packed down normally). I am youngish (mid thirties) and in pretty good shape (I jog, bike, play sand volleyball etc...). So I wouldn't say conditioning was a role, I think it was just one bad step the wrong way. A freak accident I guess. I can say it really sucks.....
  11. I don't think anyone cares if NADAC has video titling, but in no way should it be included with live trial titling....it should be completely separate.
  12. does she still stare at it when the fish tank lights are off? Unless you have live plants in the tank, the lights really don't need to be on much at all. I own an aquarium maintenance business and most people leave their aquarium lights on too long. All you will do is increase algae growth if the lights are on all day. I always tell people with freshwater tanks to just turn the lights on when you want to enjoy the tank.
  13. The DNA test that I have seen done have come back with ridiculous results. They were all done through a Veterinarian sent to a lab and are suppose to be more accurate than the "at home" kits..... I am an Animal Control Officer in a City with a Pit Bull ban and we had someone who Obviously had two pit bulls, contest the court and get to keep their dogs (YEAH!) because the DNA test came back as anything but pit bull (or staffordshire terrier). I am so against breed bans and have even told some people it might be a way around the ban.....
  14. OMG!! hilarious! can anyone translate? I would love to know the background info on that video.
  15. Yes, you compete in the same category for all classes you sign up for.
  16. ZOEY IS CAUGHT!!!! We had several sighting today but any time she realized someone was looking at her (even her owners) she would take off again. We set the live trap in the last area she was seen (an open field near a tree line) and we tethered Cooper nearby. We actually ended up flushing her out of the forest (she was sleeping) and she headed towards the field, saw Cooper and ran over to greet and play with him. She smelled the canned food and salmon we had put in the live trap and went in and it triggered!!! OMG the relief is unbelievable. She did have an abrasion on her foot but it doesn't seem to bad (took her to the Vet right away and they cleaned it up and gave her antibiotics). Thanks for all the mojo and prayers and well wishes.....such a relief!
  17. Well no luck with Zoey tonight, we set a live trap in the area she was last seen with lots of stinky good food, and her blanket with her smells on it. I am going back out to check it in a couple hours and then we will check it first thing tomorrow morning.
  18. We have cooper!! Animal control brought him back this afternoon, at the same time someone called with a sighting of Zoey nearby, apparently they have been hanging out in a parking garage and wooded area near our house. Zoey is very scared and ran away when her owner spotted her and called her. Right now we have cooper in his kennel next to Zoey's open kennel. Wish us luck.
  19. I haven't contacted MOkan BC rescue yet, but I will send them an email of the lost poster. The dogs were lost in the South Part of Kansas City MO. On Holmes Rd and I-435. This is in the middle of Suburbia (of course there are woods and forests in the area but they would have to travel through very populated areas. This is Zoey she is a red/white purebred Border Collie (she might be wary of strangers) This is Cooper he is a black and white Border Collie/American Eskimo mix (very friendly to anyone)
  20. Still nothing this morning. I just got done doing some more calling around and I made a flyer I am going to go get printed up and start handing out and hanging up. We called Animal Control in the town they live in to make them aware, and have checked back at their house a couple times and their neighbors are aware of the situation. Just cannot believe they are still missing.
  21. I am dog sitting my very good friends two dogs, a purebred red border collie (full sister to my Maya) and a black and white border collie/american Eskimo mix. I put them in our rec-room/basement while my kids were opening up presents and somehow they got the basement door open (may not have been fully latched). For some crazy reason they took off (both dogs have been at our house numerous times so they are familiar with our house and neighborhood. They were seen at 9am by someone who reported them to the police about a half a mile from our house on a busy road near a highway, and nothing since, we have called all the police depts (most animal control depts/shelters are off work today) in the towns nearby and posted on all the lost dog bulletin boards, craigslist etc..... I am an animal control officer in the town just next to us so I have done everything I can think of. Both dogs had ID tags and have microchips. I just cannot imagine where they could be or if someone has picked them up why we haven't heard anything. The dogs owners are in Germany and are taking a flight back tomorrow. I am going to visit all the shelters tomorrow and call all the animal control departments again, and make some fliers with their pictures and post them around. I am just sick about it, and can't bear to face my friends tomorrow.
  22. how cute! Dex is certainly very gentle. I have never had a tiny dog so I have never really worried about rough play. Mine are all similar in size so they sound like they are tearing each other apart when they play sometimes. With such a tiny pup you do want to be sure Dex isn't too rough. I wouldn't scold him, maybe just have him take a time out if he gets too rough. At some point when the pup is a bit older Dex may let him know enough is enough, I generally don't step in when a dog corrects an adolescent dog (unless it is really aggressive) it is a good lesson for a pup to learn dog manners and to back off when another dog tells them to stop, it may sound and look harsh but is usually mostly noise and a snap or two (it should never draw blood). Good luck Dex looks like he likes his new buddy.
  23. Just wanted to add my two cents, even though I think everyone else covered the topic pretty well. I have a somewhat shy collie that I got at 12wks of age. She is particularly wary of men. When we are at agility trials she will greet ANYONE and away from home she will greet most people (men included) but at home when a male comes in the house she barks and growls, definitely fear based. What works best for us is to let her decompress for a bit in her favorite hidey spot (under our bed) she can hear a stranger in the house and get used to that. After a few minutes I usually just tell my guest to please ignore the dog and don't make eye contact and let her approach them, once she approaches someone smells them, then they are best of friends. Goofy dog but it seems to work every time. If we have a lot of people over then it is just keep her in the room, no need to stress her out.
  24. hahaha! What a smart pup! I used to be a zookeeper and we trained the Chimpanzee's to "Trade" items they found in the exhibit or things that people threw in the exhibit for skittles.....It didn't take long for them to spend most of their day looking for stuff to trade. Really there isn't a way to teach a dog what to leave alone other than, correcting getting into bad stuff and rewarding playing with good stuff. If you do not want her to bring you things so she can get rewarded for a leave it, then don't reward her for bringing you stuff, take it away without even giving her a command, make it very boring for her to bring you things that you don't want her to bring. If there is no nothing rewarding about bringing you things she will eventually stop doing it.
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