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  1. In reply to your last posting Jodi, the reason why I posted in the first place was to convey the ABCA suspension of Wildrose Border Collies membership of the ABCA. Only the third of its kind which is ground breaking news. It is interesting to note that many Wildrose dogs are of ISDS lines. ISDS lines are considered by many to be the cream of Border Collies and are internationaly respected. My second posting under the same thread was with reference to your posting that seemed to twist the reason for my first posting. Again with your latest reply you are trying to make an issue of something that
  2. My posting, ABCA Suspends member started this thread and I regret having now posted it. Not because of the subject but because member 2858 of this board has twisted the subject around and seems to be bringing up issues regarding other posters and nothing to do with the subject of the thread.It seems some people cannot avoid getting into personal issues which would be better done privately and not posted on a public forum.
  3. The American Border Collie Association has suspended Mary Ann Harrison of Virginia and North Carolina (Wildrose Border Collies). Mary Ann Harrison (Wildrose Border Collies) has been suspended from ABCA membership for failing to cooperate in an investigation of her breeding practices. Effective July 11, 2006, Ms. Harrison's registration and certification privileges with the ABCA are revoked. This means that no dog she sells, and no pup produced by a sire or dam she owns, is eligible for registration with the American Border Collie Association.
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