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  1. Hi, Cody is 14 weeks and the vet said he is okay to neuter at 16 weeks. I think that sounds kind of early. What is the best age to neuter? We are not interested in breeding him, he's just a family member. He is starting to pee and mark at almost every house on the block, and is definitely starting to "develop". Thanks for any advice.
  2. GREAT ideas and suggestions from all! Thanks so much to all you experts! I haven't raised a puppy since I was in college (a long time ago!) and although my new husband has had many dogs, this is our first BC and first dog together (in addition to four human teenagers). Thanks! PS This is a great board, I have learned so much already from reading all the posts!
  3. Hi, Cody is now 14-weeks-old and still hating his crate at night. Once we return from our last evening walk with him, about 10:30 pm, he knows we are getting ready to put him in his crate for the night. We keep the crate in the back guest room, away from all the hubbub. He starts running every which way and "playing" and pretends not to listen to any commands like stay, sit or whatever. We end up having to "catch" him and carry him (that's getting hard as he's up to about 22 lbs) to the crate. Once he's there, he goes willingly into the crate as he has a Kong filled with a little canned food to "dig" out. We try to make the crate inviting with a fresh towel, a playtoy and his Kong. We have a radio playing low in the background all night and the lights off except for a small nightlight. We say goodnight, then never visit him again until morning about 6:15 am. He still pees every night in the crate, on the towel (he tears up the potty training pads so we stopped putting them in there). Any suggestions for getting him to like the crate? He NEVER goes in there if it's just up to him.
  4. Julie, Thanks for sharing the great photos. I think Cody will end up medium-ticked but not heavy. Just a guess though. No matter what he ends up looking like, we all already are in deep love with him and will continue!
  5. BCBerri, Ru is beautiful! So is that cute puppy! Thanks for sharing!
  6. Hi, our Cody is classic Black & White, but I've noticed he's starting to get black "ticks" on his very white legs, paws, and ruff. Since I never saw his mother or father and don't know their coloration, can I tell now how "ticked" he'll be? Up to now, he was solid white and black with just one "beauty mark" near his nose.
  7. My puppy Cody has been eating horse poop when we take him to a local farm where my daughter rides her horse. That's probably pretty nutritious since horse poop is all grain and grass.
  8. My 12-week old puppy Cody seems like he goes on forever on just a little bit of food! Very active and playful, but he hardly eats. The vet said he is in perfect health, perfect weight, coat is great. I thought these little guys needed lots of fuel to stay so active. Any ideas on how to interest him to eat more? He eats a little at a time, almost like a cat. Forget the 2-time or 3-time-a-day thing, he would never eat then! We have had him on Iams Puppy, Nutro Natural Choice Puppy and now Eukenuba Puppy. I don't think it's a problem with how it tastes, he seems to like all of them.
  9. When we take 12-week Cody on our long daily walks through our suburban neighborhood, he immediately starts hunkering down in herding mode and wanting to chase or attack any oncoming cars. We have to really hold him tight on the leash as he lunges for the car. This happens with cars coming from behind us as well. Any suggestions on how to break this very dangerous habit? We are so afraid he will get killed or injured by a car! Thanks.
  10. Hi, I'm new on this board and would like to ask a BC question. Our 10-week old BC puppy Cody the Rocket (Cody for short) growls terribly and snaps at my 11-year old daughter when he's "herding" her. We've told her to freeze, to say NO sharply and growly, but nothing works. She's getting afraid of him. Any ideas on how to stop him from acting so mean with her? He's not as mean when he tries herding me or my husband, and he listens when we say NO to it. Thanks, Karen
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