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  1. Thank you everyone for your help, im sorry if i put it across wrong, it wasnt meant to come out that way, i can afford vets and i know what im doing, i just wasnt sure of dogs pregnancy signs, but can i say one thing to MRSNAPPY, who the hell do u think you are calling me irresponsible? i love my dogs with all my heart, if i didnt like dogs i wouldnt have them, so dont you ever speak to me like that again or i will report you, oh and i dont plead with anyone. But to everyone else, thank you, i know you are being honest with me and only trying to help, but i do know what im letting myself
  2. thank you julie, gem's mother is a working dog and thats why i am breeding her, for working, but as it is my first time i wasnt sure, so i will look at the links, thank you
  3. This wasnt irresponsibly done, i looked into all the information i had before i decided to go ahead and i got information from a local breeder so i know what i am doing, the vets here are expensive but as i have 2 border collies any way i know that they are there if i need them and i have already spoken to them on the phone, all i was looking for was little signs of dog pregnancy that was all, not to get all this.
  4. Except from you Donna Frankland, thank you again, i appreciate it.
  5. I just want to say thank you to those who havent helped me at all, all you have done is slate me, money isnt a problem, i was wanting to use the vets as a last resort, this is a first time for my Gem and me so all i wanted was some HELPFUL advice which i never got, Sorry i even asked.
  6. I think my collie is pregnant but i am not too sure, she was lined with a dog that has been used regularly for this purpose and everything was done properly, the timing was right, they were locked for 20 minutes. This all happened over 3 weeks ago now and i have noticed that her teats are larger than normal, she lies down majority of the time, wants more cuddles and attention and has become quite greedy always wanting more food. Do u think that she has been caught, i hope so because i want her to have her first puppies, she also has 2 main corners that she lies in as well. Can some one please
  7. Can anyone tell me if my collie is pregnant. She was lined about 3 and a half weeks ago and i have noticed that her teats are a bit bigger. She is lying down a lot and she wants a lot more attention that usual, always lying under your legs when you sit down, when she eats her dinner she cant eat it quick enough and is always watching other people eat because she seems to want more, quite greedy to be honest, can some one help me with the signs of pregnancy please, oh she was locked for 20 mins with the dog as well, please help, thanks
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