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  1. That's an interesting thought Sandra s regarding the disguising of their own scent. Molly is just seven months so it makes sense. From your words of hope I take it that I now can look forward to her stopping perhaps when she gets that bit older and maybe feeing more secure in the woods. Could you tell us about the tripe (do you boil it before feeding it to Kessie etc) and what other raw foods do you feed Kessie? Also, how does it effect her teeth? I am also interested in hearing at what age you switched over and whether you do a feed once or twice a day- thank you.
  2. Tahnks people for the feedback thus far. It is the reason for actual behaviour I would like to know more of and borderbob's post was therefore ver informative. I was thinking it might be used as means to repel bugs and I know that with good recall and patience then one can guide the dog towards more useful behaviour (as perecived by us humans). To you Mark I can only say thank you for helping me remember the phrase - 'it could be worse!' Thanks again to all. Don
  3. Can anyone identify with bringing your dog for a walk and upon finding the dirtiest most foul smelling manure they just roll on their back until they have practically attached themselves to it? If so I am interested to know if anyone knows what this behaviour is about and what approaches ye have taken to prevent it. Besides keeping them leashed how else can one stop them from doing it? I am tired of facing the prospect of washing Molly after each trip to the woods.
  4. Good idea. I will be one of yer regular visitors.
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