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  1. I had my mum and aunty staying with me from interstate a couple of weeks ago .Although Gypsy had never met them she took to them straight away. one night my aunty put a dark scarf around her hair and Gypsy went nuts at her and would not go near her until she took it off.She also doesnt like some men mostly if they have a loud voice or I have noticed if they look directly at her ,although other people can .She also does not like people wearing beads or lots of jewelry .Its weird I guess its one of those border collie things that we dont understand.I am betting its the coat maybe its the shape i
  2. She is absolutely gorgeous .I think you will need to call her Summer it seems everyone here thinks so .Hi to another Aussie I am from SA nice to meet you .It must be torture waiting do you get her tomorrow?I have a 13 year old kelpie who was 11 when we got Gypsy and she has coped really well.She was a 1 and only dog in our family and my friends all joked and said she would probably pack her bags and leave in disgust if I got another dog but although I wouldnt say she welcomed her to start with, but tolerated her and now they are good friends.These are older photos but they are cute
  3. Funny drove Gyps nuts she went and got her "SQUEEKY" to share with the computer LOL
  4. Have you by any chance read "Mareley and Me " a great book about a full on lab
  5. Well I will give it a look over try some bits that are not too out there.I am going to keep Gypsy on a lead for the next couple of weeks so she wont have the chance to fly off on me .I dont think she thinks there is anything wrong with her behavior maybe by letting her know that speeding off and rounding up other dogs is not acceptable she wont get the chance to.I am hopeful because she used to take off as soon as she felt the clip release from her halti . My instructor said to hold her collar saying "wait " then releasing her and saying "ok" (my release word).It worked in less than a week .Do
  6. Thanks so much I have been searching for Australian websites or agility sites now my Quest is over !I have ordered RuffLove I will let you know what happens
  7. Do any of you know if Susan Garrets Ruff Love is available in Australia? Gypsy is driving me nuts with her distraction .She is getting so good at both agility and flyball then sees one of her friends running on other equipment /flyball and takes off rounding them up barking and eventually maybe coming back to me.The instructors have suggeststed lots Ive tried them all dont work.Her recall everywhere and I mean everywhere else is 100% .It is really frustrating. They tell me apart from that she is ready for trials. I need the ISB number on back of book (barcode) to order it Id appreciate it if
  8. Im not quite so new but youre questions applied to me .I thought I was alone not knowing much in this computer world. I have tried putting one of my photos as a avater but I keep getting a message to say it was not allowed as it exeeded a limit ??????? I also want to put a series of pics across the bottom of my messages but havent got a clue I have never been in any of these cyber groups I guess you can tell LOL
  9. My dog Gypsy was a terror with chewing the lead the best advice I got was to use 2 leads . Attatch them both to collar and start walking holding onto both leads ,as soon as your pup grabs one lead drop it instantly and hold onto second one .pick up the other and each time he bites a lead drop it .It worked pretty quickly because it wasnt fun any more and she soon learnt I was in control not her.Give it a shot
  10. So there is a secret handshake ? I knew there was something BCs just recognize each other dont they ?It is obviously a universal thing coz Australian BCs seek each other out say Hi and go about their own bussiness of cathing the ball frisbee etc. My best friend and I walk almost daily together with our 18 month old BC girls along the beach my dog Gypsy adopts the chaser role ,Jazz is the chief ball catcher and all round boss .There is a man we see most days who has 2 BCs who look like the carbon copy of our two .We can and often do have a laugh at them doing their thing .LOL
  11. []Hi thanks for the update.Your Chance (love the name) looks so much like my Gypsy its spooky. I am glad you are having a good time with him all dogs are great but what can I say BCs are the best!Here is a picture of Gypsy when I first got her attachment=328:100_0229_0001.JPG]
  12. Hi its ahoops (actually my name is Anne) here . I put a question to you guys about where to find a decent website with homemade agility stuff .I found a little bit on a couple of sites .One was a bit of a worry its suggestions did not appear very safe.So if you can help I would appreciate it .I am waiting a reply from the yahoo group to see if i can join it .thanks again
  13. Does anyone know of any websites that have ideas and or specifications that show how to make some jumps or other agility equipment.I have come across one in the past but cant seem to find it again .I would really like to train a bit at home to reinforce what we learn.Thanks I would appreciate any info
  14. my dog was a terrible jumper when she was younger .i found the best way to stop her was to turn away , arms folded and not look at her or pay any attention. as soon as she sat down and wondered what was going on i turned and gave her a treat and heaps of praise.she soon worked out not jumping up was the better option. the hardest part is to get all your friends family and any vistors to do it too ,as it has to be consitant, ALL the time.so you have to train your people too
  15. that is just about the saddest thing ive ever heard ! ive been reading your story since yesterday and i have been shedding plenty of tears for you and your family .what an awful thing to happen. all my love and thoughts are sent to you from australia.you need to do something to stop this dog and its "owner" from doing it again .i have to go and give my dog an exra hug now oh no i am crying again how nice is it to see all these people out there on the boards sending so much love your way
  16. both clips made me laugh til i cried.i have just been to my weekly" fun for Gypsy" aka agility classes .As usual she excelled in making everyone laugh so I can relate very well to these.Certainly makes me feel better seeing other dogs are not perfect ha ha
  17. hi newbie from anoyher newbie! i have only joined just recently although i often looked up bc boards often its the best website in the world .it is so supportive and informative.my bc is 18 months old and i agree with the 6-9 months age being pretty demanding but heh thats life with the smartest breed around not to mention they seem to have never ending batteries! welcome and enjoy your gogeous puppy
  18. Hi I got some shots of my girl in action yesterday in action doing Flyball training and a bit of agility. I was very excited because for the first time she got that weaving action that your expert dogs do when they work out the poles move a little and they put their head down backside up and go like the clappers . She still can be distracted by a couple of her mates when she sees them and decides what they are doing looks like more fun and she runs in circles "herding" them and I find it extremely difficult to get her back .Iknow she is still quite young do you think it will get better ? Does
  19. Hi I just watched your video it was fantastic .I have got a Gypsy dog too and I am going to do what you have done .Your Gypsy is so cute Mine has just turned 18 months old and has certainly changed my life in a good way How do they get us to love them SO much ?Looking at all that snow makes me smile it has been 40c here in South Australia over the last couple of days 2 extremes heh?
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