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  1. My older dog Dallas had a large lypoma removed from the base of her tail today .Some skin had to be removed and a bit of realignment had to be done .I imagine that I will need to keep her bowel movements regular and soft. Being an RN I know how to manage this with humans but dont know about dogs .what is the best thing to feed her until she heals up ?
  2. Jazz is Gypsys best friend .Their birthdays are 2 days apart.She is black and white and alot fluffier now.Its about time we saw her pretty face on here WELCOME!
  3. That was so good .I love the fact that the dogs tail didnt stop wagging the entire time . How much time and patience must have gone into that routine ? What a lovely relationship they have .
  4. Welcome I too kove split faces and have my own version Gypsy has just turned 2 and is my best friend.I cant wait to see some photos of your new little guy .Sorry about the loss of your old dog .It is heartbreaking but hopefully Sevens will soothe the hurt Enjoy!
  5. Hi from another Aussie .We live in SA and please dont worry about being welcomed you are and will be .You little pup is beautiful ,keep up the photos of him . I too like Mojo for a name its cool .Enjoy whatever you do with him they are great dogs .
  6. A BIG thankyou to you Kat .I took your advice today at class and quite quickly Gypsy was going over the teeter without stopping .I wish all our problems were solved that easily .Hope your trial went well this weekend .How did you do?
  7. Sorry addit :she is not clicker trained ,that was just being introduced when I first stared training and it seemed too overwhelming at the time. Wish I had of sometimes ,I guess its not too late
  8. Thanks Kat I think you nailed it .I think (know ) she has me trained.We worked out Gyps stops every time I look at her so I now have to go to next obstacle and trust that she is following me .I am so brand new at this but we both really enjoy it .This is a dog that was so unpredictable with distractions a few months ago I applied some of Susan Garretts ideas and she turned 2 and I have a different girl now .havent seen Dazzle doing much lately are you still competing or is it too hot where you are ?
  9. Gypsy has always had issues with the see saw in agility although it is not fear now . She will go on it quite happily but stops just before the point where it tips and will not go any further until a treat (food) comes out of my pocket then happily finishes that piece of equipment .She goes great around the rest of the course at a good speed sometimes a bit too quuck but we are working on that .Do I keep up the food reward do you think ?She used to do most of the course with food as a motivator but now its for the joy of it or a ball in my hand .Im confused LOL
  10. Yes Gypsy is also a flying creature hunter.She has been stung a couple of times once it freaked me out coz her whole face swelled up for a few hours !!!!!She also tracks ants down and chases flies and flying seaweed on the beach.However the big brave hunter met me friends pet bunny the other day and took off and under cover like it was a huge attacking monster LOL. Seems she is a bit confused on the hunter and hunted equilibrium HA HA
  11. Yes not in any way could I say they were cute they just looked wrong
  12. BTW we do have 2nd 3rd generations of ladradoodles here in Australia. They certainly dont cost some of the prices mentioned on this thread they are usually $250 -$500 and I think they are used for therapy dogs .My friend has a Groodle (aka golden doodle) who is the most gorgeous dog both looks and personality but I certainly do not agree with this stupid designer breeding industry.
  13. I have had the unfortunate pleasure of seeing puppies for sale (probably for a small fortune ) that were border collie x shitz tzu !!!!!It deeply disturbed me then and it does again now.I thought it might have been an unintential mix but have since seen another litter from same place .I wonder what you could call them ? I will leave that up to your imagination ha ha
  14. Well it is quite a new phenoena with me but I think I qualify 1.I amdrinking my coffee right now out of a BC coffee cup 2Most of my cups/mugs have dogs on them 3.I am more excited about taking Gypsy on her first camping trip than the actual holiday itself. 4.I just had my 40th birthday and every card was dog orientated from both friends and family and even people that dont know me very well 5All new new people I work with are quizzed about their love (or not ) of dogs within the first hour of them starting .They get into my good books or not according to their answer . I have not had a n
  15. I dont think so . They are originally for herding sheep in the border country between Scotland and England after all . I hope Chance is feeling better soon .Maybe he ate something that didnt agree with him. Is he still eating and drinking ok ? PS the rain hasnt stopped here in SA for about 3 weeks I am glad you are getting some too
  16. VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Thats sad .lots of positive vibes straight to you and your little one. How old are the kittens?
  18. I have a slicker brush and it has made both my dogs to hide when it appears.They bvoth used to love being brushed with my super cheap double sided brush but they hate the sharp slicker one. It obviously HURTS I wouldnt recommend one even though it gets out alot hair .I think its prbably still attatched ha ha ha
  19. Thats funny !I know a border collie called Jess who belongs to some relatives who live on a farming property who we see one day a year which is Christmas day .It is Jesses mission in life to keep a ball game going forever .She is now 16 years old and sounds like an asthmatic steamtrain but she does the same thing she is always dropping a ball at someones feet and stares at it until someone moves it or throws it or kicks it she doesnt care which.We hide them constantly but she just finds another one.I am sure she sleeps well that night Another BC I know called Banjo does not care what he find
  20. I have just got back from the vet with Dallas my 13 1/2 year old BC kelpie cross.I had myself talked into all the worst case scenario options ie cancer .She had a swelling on her hind leg down near her ankle and it become more raised and ulcers appeared over the weekend.anyway my vet says it is an arthritic joint that she has licked too much and made it inflamed and sore.she called it a lick granuloma I think.she is on antibiotics for 2 weeks and has a dressing with some cortisone cream in situ.I am so relieved .Do any of you have experience with this ? She is on a natural joint /arthritic sup
  21. I dont know if this is any help but my vet suggests Vicks vapur rub not on the wond but near it dogs really dont like the smell let alone the taste.So they leave the stitches alone.You just have to re aapply it a couple of times a day.Do you have Vicks in the states?
  22. Bonnie is the prettiest puppy ! I have serious puppy envy .Are you in Australia somewhere?
  23. Hello welcome to the Boards .Its a very informative place you can ask anything about dogs and someone ,somewhere will answer .Its fun ,its educational and yes a tiny bit addictive !ha ha pictures please!!!
  24. Here is one I have tried and the dogs seem to like them CHEDDAR BISCUITS 1 cup all purpose flour 1 cup whole wheat flour 2 tablespoons butter 1 cup shredded cheese 3/4 cup milk grated parmesan cheese for topping .preheat oven to 375 put flours and cheese into food processor.pulse to mix.add butter and milk.mix well.turn onto floured surface and roll to1/2 inch thick.poke with fork and sprinklewith parmesan.cut into shapes with cookie cutters.place on baking sheet and cook for 15-20 mins.store in airtight container in refrigerator obviously not good for dogs with allergies. a great
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