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  1. I too suck at this herding thing but isnt it fun!I was a bit (alot) intimidated by 6-8 sheep thundering towards me and just about fell over a few times ,I tried running backwards but yes sheep tend to bump into you and run on your feet .The 2nd time I went they were a small merino type with horns !!! They were only small horns but they were horns none the less.After just about collapsing with exhaustion after running backwards around the pen my trainer said "why dont you just step sideways Anne ?" I tried it ,it works !Just a tip for you next time.
  2. Have a great time on Saturday I have taken Gypsy twice to "the sheep man" as I call him.It was a strangely unexpectedly Very enjoyable time for both of us .Gypsy instantly looked like she had been doing it all her life (never having seen sheep before) talk about that floodlight going off !I, a sort of farm girl turned towny ,(no sheep just dairy cows) had a floodlight go off and sheep man also said he couldnt tell who was happier.So go forth and enjoy and be prepared to run backwards alot !
  3. I too like her alot .One episode that had me gobsmacked was the one where the mum,dad and their poor son took their dogs to a field and each guarded a gate and each carried walkie talkies to alert each other to another dog approaching .I sometimes have to wonder do they make these stories up for the show?Surely some of these owners cant really exist!!!!
  4. Yeah he really looks like he has parked himself on top of the fence for a well earned rest !He just needs a hat LOL
  5. I think the hardest thing about working outside of the home is leaving my girl behind .She is by my side everywhere at home ,yes I am sure you all experience the sentry by the door when you have a shower or use the bathroom.I work different shifts as I am an RN/midwife so Gypsy never knows when I will be home in the morning or the evening. Whatever time I have to spend with her I do be it walking on beach ,training ,agility, sheep etc to keep her occupied but she is also happy to sleep the day away if there is no time or weather prevents us getting out and about.
  6. That must have been a terrible ,scary and traumatic thing to happen to you and your dog! Please file a report even if its just a point of reference for when it attacks again, as it very likely will.It could be a child next time ,I am with the others, that dog doesnt deserve to live and the owner doesnt deserve the privilege of owning a dog especially a dangerous one !Hope you both are ok
  7. Well we had a great day .All 3 of the dogs from our dog school were so good . Gypsy high 5 d ,put toys away in the basket and did her "packing her case " rolled over and generally loved and patted to one inch of her life .She was an absolute star. There were hundreds of people thoughout the day and nothing fazed her .I too have given up on flyball as I know it is too hard for her to not chase others and it hypes her up too much ,if only we could have a one dog flyball team LOL BTW she got 2 new toys for her effort today .
  8. Well in the last couple of weeks Gypsy has made a proud mum! We finally achieved a Gold Level Certificate which is the highest level of achievement we can go at our particular dog school.It contains lots of basic good manners, control and some obedience exercises. She is going really well in our agility group Flyball she loves but gets too hyped up and wants to chase other team members ,I am sure many of you know that crazy look in their eye when you know its too late LOL Tomorrow we are part of a demo group at Adelaides (capital city ) Pet Expo Im very excited, a little nervous, but very proud of my girl ! This time tomorrow I may not be so proud ,no I am sure she will be a good girl . Just thought I would share our story of late .
  9. Gypsy has had problems with her "white eye" when she was a puppy she had quite a bit of pink skin around it and as we virtually live at the beach it got burnt a few times ,I tried doggles which she hated and eventually destroyed and I bought her a dog cap but never had the heart to make her wear it ,too many bad childhood memories of being forced to wear daggy things and looking like a nerd LOL.I also tried to put special animal suncreen on it but was gone in a few blinks so have just been more sunsmart with her .This year suddenly more black appeared on the lower lid so problem solved.weird but true !I still put zinc on her nose if we are out for the day.My vet advised against tattooing because it still burns you just dont see it ,gives a false sense of security
  10. Thanks everyone for the info .I too feed some raw as in chicken pieces/carcasses tuna and I made the family fishcakes the other night and the dogs had a bit of atlantic salmon (a tiny bit ,mind you )I grabbed a couple of turkey drumsticks I thought would be good but then discovered they had sharp/hard bits ? sinues so I cooked them and took meat off and gave it to them.Has anyone fed these raw? They have regular turkey necks and love them.Havent gone down the offal path yet,a bit sensitive to that LOL PS It hasnt rained here in ages my lawn is a mix of dust and straw so send some rain SA way and I hope all you east coasters are OK
  11. There is lots of information on the top quality comercial dog food for other countrise .Almost all your brands are not available here in Aus.Can somebody tell me what are the best brands available here? I feed my girls Supercoat and other bits and peices and have had no problems .My oldest dog is 14 and still very healthy .What do some of you fellow Aussies feed your dogs ?
  12. Yes very cool ,and yes watched it at least 20 times LOL!!!!
  13. Where do you find all of these things I know there are some great websites but they tend to be in the USA or the UK .I look and apart from calendars/diaries there doesnt seem to be much around.(I am in Australia)Iwent to a friends house lately who is a severe BC addict and if it wasnt BC it was sheep orientated you name it ,windchimes ,salt and pepper shakers figuirines, paintings,plates ,cushion covers, drink coasters , everything. She has moved here from England though.It was pretty facinating !
  14. Yes I saw the temp in Perth yesterday what a SCORCHER! I think we are in for it over the weekend not that hot though only 39-40 ha ha . Gypsy seems to be shedding her own coat especially around the butt and tail . I brushed her yesterday and got handfulls of hair her tail is not as pretty as it was boo hoo. I have seen borders clipped and they look silly and their coat is never the same again .I am with Berocca just keep a kids pool in the back yard and let them indoors in the air con if you can .
  15. Hello from yet another Aussie member (I wonder how many of us are there now? ).I am in Adelaide but originally from NSW and lived in Sydney for 5 years .Your girls are beautiful .Welcome!
  16. There is a franchise here in Australia that obviuosly uses puppymills to get their pups from .I often stop there and look at the cute little guys (who btw cost a fortune) and if anyone will listen I explain the evils of the industry .I even have my kids saying things out loud in the shop .The people that own them dont bat an eyelid and the guy that owns it is a very nice Scottish man .However thy dont care who buys their puppies as long as they get their money( you also have to buy their food to get the health garuantee ).They had bc x shitz zus again last week ,now that makes me nauseous at the thought .They sell alot of puppies just in my local store let alone all the other shops Again it is a very clean shop and very popular,so no point in getting RSPCA in.I never buy anything there either,and nor do any friends I feel its at least something I can do
  17. Hi from South Australia! I have 2 dogs 1 14year old bc kelpie cross ,Dallas who has never done anything much other than being an awsome family dog who grew up with my 2 sons .number2 dog is Gypsy who has introduced me to a whole new world of obedience, agility and the world of dog people .welcome to the boards ,more pictures please as that little pup is very cute.
  18. Hope Chaos is OK .You are just lucky you dont live in Australia we have Brown snakes(AKA King Browns) that are very venomous and if an animal or human is bitten by one you have to get anti veneme very quickly or its fatal.They are getting pretty active now (its our spring) and they are cranky coz they are hungry and looking for a mate! I have known quite a few dogs who dont make it after being bitten.They also live all over in the city and the bush .I have even seen them on the beach .!!!!!
  19. As you can see Gypsy has old man whiskers too she has only had them this year . They are weird looking arent they ? I am so glad other dogs have them as I have never seen them on another dog .Sorry they look even worse because we have just been to the beach !
  20. Get that boy a cape, he is SUPERDOG !!!!Being an RN I know of too many people who fall over /down, and are there for 48hrs or so (or even longer ) ,at home alone .If only they had SUPERDOG!!!Hope your mum appreciates what a good boy he is
  21. Please please please try to do something to help this poor dog .Try your best ,you are so right it is inhumane and these people should not be allowed to have a dog !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. Why not soft toys?Good luck with your training I am sure you will both enjoy it .
  23. Happy Birthday Ouzo you big handsome boy!!!! Gypsy just turned 2 a couple of months ago it sure has gone quickly.What did we ever do without them?
  24. Wow ! Gypsy is the same with tunnels definitely her favourite piece of equipment .Either the open one or the chute, doesnt really matter.
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