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  1. It was sent to me as an email and I have just watched it.I found it trully disturbing but fascinating too, I was wondering if you guys had seen it !
  2. My older dog has had several lipomas appear since she was about 6 luckily they have all been benign lumps and she had a 2 and a half hour op last year @ age 13 to remove 3 larger ones. From what I can gather in lipomas the edges are easily felt ,can mostly be palpated all the way around ie they are between skin and muscle and are not painful or sensitive,they can also get pretty big!.Dallas s biggest one weighed 450grams and it was located on her hind leg flank.The whole dog only weighs 15kgs! Hopefully your dogs lumps are innocent and dont get so large.Good Luck and yes I think lipomas are all benign.
  3. Although it is a yukky subject it is not all that uncommomn.How old is Charlie? Can be a survival type behavior to remove evidence from predators like their mum would do . If a bit older can be food orientated, one way suggested to stop it is to put cooked pineapple in their food and it makes their poop less palatable????!@%^ go figger!!!! I am sure there are plenty of threrads along this line
  4. Hi and Welcome. As you already know these Boards are great , you can make friends and learn lots. Your boy is very handsome and it sounds like he has a pretty good life so far and some fun activities planned for the future. (I am partial to split faces )Have fun!
  5. Probably 2 inches or thereabouts doesnt matter I wouldnt think.A nice lady has laminated ours so they are stiff when you bring them around, I think the book AirBear shows is the book my friend got the idea from.
  6. I did say it takes ALOT of patience and some days are definitely better than others ,will try to get video of it soon (on a good day) hahaha, no it seriously looks amazing when they get it .Obviously the only ones in the group who seem to really get it or the borders, not that i have to tell you that! It works really well with a clicker but that takes some serious juggling!
  7. We have been teaching our dogs to read.Now dont laugh too hard ,its true.Well actually they are not technically reading", they are learning to recognize different shapes of words and letters mean different things. So far Gypsy knows "sit", "drop", "stand" and "paw". It is done using flashcards and, in the beginning you cue the word and reward the dog when they do it. After a while they start looking at the card and perform the move.It takes quite a bit of patience but its really fun when the dogs get it right. Apparently it is the same way they teach assistance dogs to recognize signs such as "exit", "stop" "go" etc Its a great way to show off in front of family and friends.Kids absolutey love it.
  8. Hi to another Aussie. Welcome it is a fun world out there when you can have fun with your dog!!!
  9. Just a thought, I am an RN and have nursed lots of humans after chemo and have had family members having to have chemo and alot have said that some of their previously favourite foods taste yucky or like metal .Chemo kills some of the tastebuds or disturbs them anyway, so its great Buzz is still liking his kibble and I hope he will start enjoying the yummy food you make for him some time soon, I am guessing that dog chemo does the same things to them as it does to us.
  10. Cool I would like to see photo/s. Yes Gypsy really likes Kenzie, she could teach her alot about being naughty, I still dont know where the mad circular dash came from, it was pretty funny though!!!!
  11. Well I think we did really well, nothing to be ashamed of at all. Gypsy was great, it was at a club ground we had never been to, it was right in the city with lots of strange smells and sights and we were surrounded by lots of dogs we didnt know and 3 of us from our area all did great. I hopefully will have a photo in the next couple of days and I will post it/them. I had comments along the lines "isnt she a character" LOL she did spin and bark a bit at me because I was too slow, and we certainly peaked the interest of all the agility folk there because they didnt know us and we went so well .
  12. Tomorrow is a big day for us ,we are going to a "mock"trial in agility to see if we are ready for the real thing! I am getting pretty excited and just thought I would share it.We have done plenty of public demonstrations and Gypsy has been great but this is a bit different isnt it? Wish us luck I will let you know how we go.
  13. Hi Michelle , no we hadnt forgotten ypu either ,us Aussies need to stick together LOL.Sorry to hear about your rough times but the dogs both look gorgeous and Trinity is growing up. Hope your beautiful backyard wasnt too damaged in the tornado,I remember it on the news,being in Adelaide we often get your weather a couple of days later but it usually peters out across the Nullabor !! Good to see you back, anyway.
  14. Not sure you have to "teach "a dog to swim its a survival thing if they have to they will.I agree that some dogs like water morer than others ,my Gypsy is just like Ouzo she was some sort of sea creature in a previous life but it took 2 years for her to enjoy coming out in water she couldnt touch the bottom in.I never forced her she just got more confident and now theres no stopping her!
  15. I have been doing some extra agility training with a couple of friends lately and a funny thing happened the other day. My friend has a beautiful regal and unflappable German Shepherd named Basil. Us other 2 have typically noisy and faster than speed of light border collies ,mine Gypsy and the other Ace. Ace in particular screams his way around the course and Gypsy barks at me if I am too slow or she thinks that tunnel/jump should be next insead of what I say.Anyway we had all had a couple of goes around the course and all of a sudden Basil took off like a rocket and barked his way around the course ,it was so funny .So he has become a border collie in shepherds clothing !
  16. Hello from one Aussie to another! You sound like you have a house full! Enjoy these boards thy are a fantastic place to learn.
  17. To help with other people allowing your dog to jump on them saying "its ok he can smell my dog,or hes only a puppy etc" we teach a "sit hello" at our school .You get your dog to sit, reward, as you reward you say "hello" or whatever most people say when meeting you and pat and generally behave very excited but only reward and pat while dog sits, if they get up or jump you turn your back .It takes a few goes but it does work .
  18. I get it alot with Gypsy, she is a pure BC i met both Mum and Dad, But everyday I get "what is she mixed with?" mostly because of her ticking sometimes its because of her split face and sometimes its because she is pretty small. I have a perpetual disagreement with an uncle( who was a farmer all his life) who argues border collies never have spots ! Oh well I just sigh and agree or get irate depending on my mood at the time LOL
  19. have you got that gorgeous girl yet ? Call her what ever you like, she is the sweetest thing I have seen! want puppy cuddle!
  20. Gypsy definitely vocalizes (apart from her hyper barking ) that is . If any of the family has been out for a few hours we get a growly "Hoolwoo" when we get back, it almost sounds like Hello ,I wish I could get it on command .She also has a range of special noises reserved espescially for cuddles and belly rubs.When I was a teenager , my sister had a BCxspainel who I swearcould say about 6 different "words" she was very special.
  21. Hi again ,I have been going through a book I have set in Scotland here are some cool( and not so cool names) names Danu/Dani-Celtic goddess of luck Geillis Bridie Lissa Jocasta Maisri(not my fav but thought id include) Bri hope this is some help Anne
  22. I dont know about any names but how exciting you are getting a new pup! Cant wait to meet her i am sure Ness will take her in her stride,I quite like Kenzie btw .
  23. I agree with all of the above and please remember they are a dog and they dont do things to make our life difficult or to make us angry.
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