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  1. wish i had that! Amber is now 10 months old and was pretty well tt until about a month ago she had a tummy upset and had diarrhoea for a few days. Understandably she had a few accidents and now she just goes whenever the need takes her even tho we have been outside several times grrrr. She doesnt ask to go out I dont think, but maybe she does???

  2. My girl Gypsy had an accidental encounter (her running flat out one way but looking another way) with another dog last weekend which resulted in other dog biting because it was frightened and was discovered by me 1 hour later coz she didnt show any signs she was hurt. took her to vets asap and was ga'd and stitched up, Over the last 2 days some stiches have fallen out wound is clean but edges not healed at all, rang vet who said it would heal but will take some time, keep it clean and rest her, also talked to friend today who is a vet who said it too, would heal if not infected. I am an RN and know what infected wound looks like and its not, so anyone had experience with this, how long does it take? its just back from her shoulder blade and about 4cms?

  3. A kind way of stopping play biting is to squeak (like another puppy) and stop the play, turn away or leave the room for a minute then start again when pup does it again you do it again. If you are consistent this gets a great result in a couple of weeks. You also get a good bite inhibition too doing it this way

  4. We lost a member of the family 3 weeks ago today.She was a kelpie x border collie, 15 & 1/2 years old and gradually become very breathless and ended up struggling to breath-the time had come.She grew up with my 2 boys and we loved her very much

    - DOB 10/12/93- 30/5/09 RIP beautiful girl


  5. Poor Ouzo, just catching up on this ,I am so glad he is getting better.As for the dilated pupil, I had to put drops in my mums eye after surgery and wiped my eye and must have had a bit of eyedrop still on my finger, pupil was as big as it could be and it was a very weird experience- everything was blurry and hazy so he might like to refrain from driving( especially heavy machinery) Ha Ha

  6. Sounds exactly like my dog, Gypsy.She will find a ball in the backyard, even when I am sure they have all been put away Today she brought one to me that looked like it had been exhumed it was disgusting! Yes it is annoying, not helped by husband or sons but isnt it funny how they are so similar no matter where in the world they live ?

  7. Gypsy used to like pretty much any other dog she came across until she turned 2 and from then on if its not a BC or similar she doesnt give them the time of day or if they are bouncy, in your face (OKA rude, obnoxious) dogs they soon get told that she is not interested.LOL its that secret handshake /password thing again.

    Seems BCs are ok to meet touch noses sniff the appropriate bits and move on thats just the way it is!

  8. Yes there was a recall of some dried chicken strips here in the last week they were mainly sold by Kmart and were made in China. It was on the news one day that some dog food was making dogs sick but they wouldnt name which one for a couple of days -said to ask your vet ????? pretty bad heh?

  9. Just back from vets and Boy, do I feel bad. It seems she has either broken or damaged the lowest joint in her middle toe .No need for x ray as treatment the same for both

    This is where it will get interesting- it has to be strapped and kept clean and dry for 4-6 weeks ! She has had a painkiller and antibiotic injection too ,life as she knows it will be very different for a little while.I am feeling really guilty right now but relieved too that it isnt as bad as it could have been :rolleyes:

  10. Gypsy (3years old ) slid to a stop with ball on beach 3 days ago and hurt her hind right foot by slidding into a bunch of rocks, pebbles. It appears to be that the middle 2 toes have been pushed apart and it looks bruised and sore. Do I go to vet or not? She has worked out the 3 legged walk and by all accounts appears happy in herself but after 3 days is still not using it and i am getting concerned .What would you do?

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