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  1. yes, someone told us, any closer than 30 miles and they'd be back so my husband took them on his way to work.
  2. Yes it turned out to be a family of raccoons, so far i have cought four and have taken them down the road to be released, so for now i think my chickens are safe, but i'm still going to look into a dog to gaured them. Thank you all so much for your help.
  3. haha, I have a goose!! I hate that thing, he is the watchdog, he attacks everything even cars!! I did think about puttin him in there but my daughter will not let me, she is to afraid the racoon will harm him which i highly doubt.
  4. ok, thank you so much. If anyone else knows of other breeds please let me know cause i need a good family dog as well.
  5. well in many cases there is just a heap of feathers on the ground (all near the coop) with a trail leading into our thickly wooded forest, but on one occasion and probably the most oppsetting was when the animal got to the families 'pet' hen, she had recently had chicks and decided to hide in the hay at night instead of in the coop, and i thought this very unsafe since for the past three morinings we have found our hay scatterd and lids off our feed cans and brushes and buckets tipped off shelves so at night I would take her and her chicks into the chicken house. but on friday we were leaving for kansas and didnt get back till late tonight so I placed the chicken (whos name is chicken little) into a cage and placed it in the chicken house and we also for the first time in a long time locked our other chickens in the pen surrounding the coop, but unfortunatly our ''animals'' babysitter didnt realized that she had to shut the door to the coop up so when we came home the wireing had been clawed through and the criiter had easy acces inside the coop. How the animal managed to get into the cage without opeing the door (which had three hooks keepin it sealed tight) with chicken Litte and drag her and her five chicks out is beyond me. (it also managed to grab two of our other Hens as well) so obviously we have a very smart criminal mind on our hands which leaves me to belive it is the doing of a racoon.
  6. and another important factor is money, i need a good dog for this job but I cannot pay a fortune for one either.
  7. well at night we have a house that the chickens do go into and we close the door but the accidints have been happing at dusk befor they all go in for the night.
  8. well im pretty sure the animal is a racoon, and im not really worried about the gaurding part i think just having a dog in there would scare him away. So even if we got a puppy and kept him with the chickens you still think he would want to herd the?
  9. I live on a small farm in Missouri and lately I have been having trouble with our chickens. some animal keeps killing them so I was thinking if I bought a guard dog that it would scare the animal off. Now I've always had a love for border collies, they (besides a doxin) being my favorite breed of dog. But I know of their natural instinct to herd and I was wondering if it would be the right breed of dog to put with my chickens and ducks, (since I don't want the dog to herd the birds.)So is a border collie a good candidate for this job?? Please give me your opinion
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