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  1. Erin, you feel neglectful? Wonder what that makes me Does rinsing the dog off only when there is mud visibly on them count (and here in Southern California, mud is a rare, short term thing)? Or if they've rolled in something REALLY smelly some shampoo? The dogs sleep on the floor, one on the tile, one on the rug on my floor next to my bed. We don't use Kongs. Dog bowls only have water in them and the water is changed every day to every other day. Can't remember when they were washed last. Leashes and collars (when their used) are leather, so no washing necessary. And poop... well that gets picked up when its made on a walk.
  2. You can also try giving them knuckle bones. I find that there is WAY less of the marrow in them and are soft enough for the dogs to make progress on them. The knuckle bones are the ends of the femur that your marrow bones come from
  3. Living in the city, where there is grass to be used for a bathroom break for a dog is used and then cleaned up to the best of the owners ability. The only question I have is what is contagious about this dog? He ate something that made him sick, he didn't come down with an intestinal irritation from a whiff of another dogs crap. Now if other dogs go around eating other dogs crap then the owners of that dog should be fairly accustomed to their dogs behavior and come to expect their dog to possibly be sick. Just my two cents from someone who doesn't have grass in a yard for dogs, nor will my dogs crap on the nice colored cement.
  4. There are lots of people who are considered "weekend warriors" when they take lessons with their dogs. You will simply just progress at a different pace than someone who has access and knowledge to be able to work on their own.
  5. You want to see a city paralyzed? Snow in New Orleans! Hahaha Yay for rain Anna! That's a lot!
  6. If she does well on a food she turns her nose up then pick up her food. A healthy dog won't starve themselves. I find that my dogs have a less sensitive stomach now that they've been feed a balanced raw diet for 2 years. They can tolerate just about anything where as before anything other than their food would upset them. And like Maralynn said, nope you can't just do rice and cooked chicken, its probably the least balanced thing you could feed your dog for a long period of time (read longer than a week or 2). I use that diet as a diet for a sick dog with an upset digestive system.
  7. I was just about to type this after reading the rest of the posts that popped up. Unless you really enjoy cooking and grinding food you can save a lot of time by just handing your dog a chicken leg quarter along with some organs every now and then and some new protein sources... Veggies and fruit can be good treats.
  8. Edible lamb bones or for me any animal heavier than 20 pounds I consider everything except weight bearing bones. For me, I worry that the weight bearing bones (shoulders not included, more so the lower leg bones) will crack teeth and wear them down if they are chewed on for long periods of time. Neck bones make for some good challenges and keep them busy for a while without the worry of them not being able to eat the bones.
  9. Ahh. Makes sense. I just was worried that was mostly what they were getting. And for what its worth, bones that go through a grinder, will get ground and won't splinter they will be ground up if you have one that can handle bones. For the most part though chicken bones can be handled easily by a dog the size of a Border Collie, if they are raw and covered in a good portion of meat.
  10. That's really good advice Denise. I didn't realize what my whistles really sounded like until I started recording some of our training stuff. It's made me more aware or tones. I find them more distinct at a distance. Thanks!
  11. we seemed to be posting at the same time and since I did not have the background of what these dogs backgrounds were I thought they were another attempt at a designer breed? Learn something new every day. Thanks Paula
  12. By removing the bone from the chicken instead of just grinding it up with everything else you are taking away a good source of calcium from the dogs.
  13. To add to what Sue explained Not to mention the OP said that the breeder was asking the buyer to pay more for a different colored Border Collie. There in lies the problem everyone is discussing on the top. Not whether color is a tie breaker in a well bred litter. And I think most people on the boards simply type out Border Collie instead of abbreviating it since there are a lot of people here from BC, Canada. Every time I read BC I think of British Columbia.
  14. I think its another silly attempt at making a mixed breed into a pure bred.
  15. I'm not sure I have never fed it freshly killed. I know that freezing for a prolonged time kills things to make them safe enough for the dogs to eat raw. I'm sure others have more input though.
  16. If you use the search feature on the boards you will find lots of information on what owners here feed their dogs.
  17. My heart sank as well when I saw the post. My deepest sympathy to you.
  18. I think you should still do it regardless of your immediate plans you have, since plans could very well change once you're roped in I think it's good for the soul of the dogs to work. When I first started working Chesney he was just way more relaxed once we got into a regular routine of herding. Good luck not getting hooked. I failed miserably
  19. Seeing that I work at starbucks I can bring free coffee this year!
  20. You're going to go home from the clinic with a head ache from all the information to be learned from a first time at one of Jacks clinics... Don't feel bad about driving long ways, I drive sometimes twice a week to work with Anna and that's easily an hour and half drive one way. I can't think of a better way to spend a day!
  21. *happy dances right off the couch!!!!*** Whoohoo!
  22. As usual, I love the video. I think you should put them all together and make a DVD. The narrations are great.
  23. The more you jump to her "demands" the more it will become an occurrence Play and attention should be on your terms unless she is telling you she needs to go out and potty. Otherwise teaching her that when she is ready to play or wants attention and giving it to her, will only make things worse. Expect her to be settled in the house until you are ready to go do something. Don't feel sorry for her. Dogs are pretty accepting to routine and if you routine is to come home at 4 from work she doesn't feel like she is missing out on anything. Its just a part of her routine. I think teaching a "settle" command will do wonders. The more quite and relaxed in the house the better.
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