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  1. Chesney used to have really soft feet. I did some reading on a sled dog forum and started supplementing him with zinc. It's just the zinc you get from a health food store or pharmacy. I started off by giving him a pill every night with his dinner for a week or so, then cut back to 3-4 times a week then down to 2-3. Now I give him a pill when I remember (usually once of twice a week). Now if he gets a little gimpy after running on ground that used to make his feet bleed, I see no signs of torn pads or very minor blisters (start of torn pads) that heal much faster then they used to. I wanted to add that I give it to him with or after his dinner since zinc can upset the stomach (at least it upsets my stomach) when it's empty.
  2. Sending some good thoughts on a safe return. Head home Tommy!
  3. Just know there are lots of people thinking about you durning this trying time. Jaax sounded like a truly special dog. You two will meet again. For what it's worth, tough luck and events they say, comes in 3s. You should see the storm start to clear now.
  4. How terrible! Sending some more good vibes! Hang in there Lex and get home quick!!
  5. This book was a fairly short read for me. I simply read it every chance I had. It made me laugh and cry (just a little), and kept me hooked to the very end. I'd recommmend it to anyone that's a dog person for sure. (I'm not the best at writting a review)
  6. I'm very sorry to read about Holly. I have no doubt she was greatful for everything you did for her.
  7. That was a lovely tribute to a very special boy. I'm sorry for your loss of a best friend.
  8. Laura, I'saddened to see this. Craig was a handsome boy, and the best way to remember him is to use his lessons he taught you.
  9. When my dogs wear collars they wear their LDS Leather and I can say enough good things about them. They are soft and very durable. They are custom fitted and lots of options.
  10. This is great! I am now just catching up on your journals, I'm so pleased to have finally met you in person. I can't wait to get back out there this Wednesday. Dan is a super fun dog to work and I think you will enjoy the end product, Sue. You guys did 100xs better just in the work I saw from him last Wednesday. Keep it up. I couldn't resist posting a few of the pictures I got when I was there. Dan is a very cool dog. He's got a place to go in California is he ever wants to come back
  11. Aww Get better Monkey, stop making your Momma crazy.
  12. I personally don't make a whole lot of distinction between the two, since I feel one is a result of the other. My opinion is a well trained dog will be a well behaved dog, because that dog has been taught (trained) what is expected of it, and I expect good behavior. The training for a well behaved dog should be across all areas and not just what the dog is trained for its work. Stockdogs should be well behaved in public and off stock, as should other dogs in their type of work. Chesney works both livestock and as a search and rescue dog. He is well behaved at both places AND well behaved at home because I have expected (or trained) that type of behavior from him. So for me there is no defined line between the two. ETA: What Pam has said is the reason I don't draw a line between the two, as I don't do formal obedience with my dogs, so most of the good behavior isn't asked for, it's simply trained to where I don't need a command for good behavior, that's just what's expected.
  13. Sending good thoughts to the Monkey! Giver her a smooch from auntie Danielle and uncle Chesney A picture for you... Just cause I saw it on my phone for the first time in a while and it's too cute!
  14. Sending prayers from California!!! Get better Ollie! Hang in there Mary.
  15. Here is a picture of Tik and you can see her cheek and just above her elbow the cream colored fur: Anna Guthrie's Tikkle by shankit4chesney, on Flickr
  16. This is very sad news. We're thinking about you Betty!
  17. Erin, I know this is very late. I have been absent from the boards for a while. I am so very sorry for your loss of Maggie, she was a very special girl. Danielle
  18. I think you should take a drive and visit Anna. You won't be disappointed with her abilities as a trainer.
  19. I have been feeding my boys raw (prey model) since they were puppies. I couldn't be happier with my choice. There is lots of information from other raw feeders on the boards here. I think high levels of cooked protein could cause problems in some dogs down the road. The yahoo group rawfeeding is good for first hand experienced raw feeders. If you are set on avoid kibble then I personally feel that raw is the way to go. BARF tends to recommend veggies because the diet calls for too much bone and can cause constipation, so the veggies help to keep things moving. In my opinion, raw and BARF are different. I see raw as more of a prey based model and BARF as too many supplements and bone added to balance a diet out instead of just letting the properly picked food do the balancing. Dogs do not digest fruits and veggies very well and what goes in usually comes out looking similar but I give my boys veggies every now and then since they seem to like them. It's possible they do pull some nutrients from them, but they are not digested unless they are turned to mush. Best of luck.
  20. I understand your questioning on this location since you live in Costa Mesa... I can offer a word of advice, making the drive to Anna is well worth it to get an honest opinion and quality first lesson. I started with the person in Long Beach and that is my biggest regret. I have been working with Anna for the last 2 and a half years (has it really only been that long???). You will benefit from going to see her. Good luck from a fellow Orange Countian.
  21. Welcome Gordon. I was just in Glasgow (as in last week) It was really lovely there (I got to experience the Tartan Army and a Rangers game)! You are very lucky to have good mentors in the beginning like you have. I'm sure you will find lots of help from these boards. Danielle
  22. You may want to watch how they break the leg bones apart. My guys have no problem with any of the bones except the legs, they break in very sharp pieces IMO. I think Turkey leg bones are fairly dense since it is a relatively heavy bird that doesn't fly. 12 pounds though won't make them very dense so you may be ok. I would just watch how they get broken down.
  23. I too keep checking back here. I would be a wreck! Sending more good thoughts from California (and some warmth maybe)
  24. I have found that standing between the object of focus and the dog works really well for this kind of thing. Chesney LOVES a soccer ball too, when he was younger his focus was unflinching (now it's turned to live stock). One thing that seemed to really make sense to him and get his attention was standing between him and the ball I would say his name (once) to get his attention (something simple like looking at me was good enough), if that didn't work I tapped the top of his head (like a hello... anyone there?)/touched him to break his focus then asked for his attention again. His reward was then returning to play. It worked really well. Also I would start (if you haven't already) teaching a "leave it" command, that works really well too.
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