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  1. Chesney used to have really soft feet. I did some reading on a sled dog forum and started supplementing him with zinc. It's just the zinc you get from a health food store or pharmacy. I started off by giving him a pill every night with his dinner for a week or so, then cut back to 3-4 times a week then down to 2-3. Now I give him a pill when I remember (usually once of twice a week). Now if he gets a little gimpy after running on ground that used to make his feet bleed, I see no signs of torn pads or very minor blisters (start of torn pads) that heal much faster then they used to. I wanted to add that I give it to him with or after his dinner since zinc can upset the stomach (at least it upsets my stomach) when it's empty.
  2. Sending some good thoughts on a safe return. Head home Tommy!
  3. Just know there are lots of people thinking about you durning this trying time. Jaax sounded like a truly special dog. You two will meet again. For what it's worth, tough luck and events they say, comes in 3s. You should see the storm start to clear now.
  4. How terrible! Sending some more good vibes! Hang in there Lex and get home quick!!
  5. This book was a fairly short read for me. I simply read it every chance I had. It made me laugh and cry (just a little), and kept me hooked to the very end. I'd recommmend it to anyone that's a dog person for sure. (I'm not the best at writting a review)
  6. I'm very sorry to read about Holly. I have no doubt she was greatful for everything you did for her.
  7. That was a lovely tribute to a very special boy. I'm sorry for your loss of a best friend.
  8. Laura, I'saddened to see this. Craig was a handsome boy, and the best way to remember him is to use his lessons he taught you.
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