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  1. Happy birthday jin! Keep up the good work.
  2. Welcome! And thank you for adopting her. The best thing to do is to keep her busy when she starts to zone out. Find something that she likes more than staring at the door. Playing will come. How old is she? Maybe she has never played befor or never had toys? That's the way mine was. Good luck a hope to see more of you guys.
  3. Today is black jack's gotcha day! I have had him now for 3 short years. Wow how time flys. He had a good day. A short brushing, some extra treats and some extra play time. He's so special. The last two days he has been a little terror though. Going through the trash, running around the house and playing tug with anything he can. I know it sounds funny but I'm so happy he's doing those things. He never has before and now he's almost a normal happy dog! So here's to you buddy. Happy gotcha day!
  4. Hi Natalie! Its great to hear how everyone is doing. Sounds like things are going pretty good. You should stop by more often. We don't bite
  5. In my experience when you get a new dog you always want to get the opposite gender that you have now. When I worked at the shelter that was one of my questions to people adopting. I only had one dog come back because it didn't get along with their dog. So I think you should really consider a male if you want the best chance at them getting along.
  6. Its never easy to decide wether or not to add another pup. But if you have the time, the space, and you really want him I would try it out. Is he a rescue pup or does someone have him? Maybe you could try him out for a little while and see how he does with your dogs now. Those ears are cute though! Keep me posted
  7. I have never heard of that before. Black jack always stretches when he gets up but he has never limped or acted like his leg was asleep. I guess it could happen though. Now you got me wondering. I'm going to call my vet and ask them.
  8. That's rough Vicki. I'm sorry for your loss. Its never easy to say good by.
  9. That's scary. I'm glad you at least found it. Now you have a pair again. I can't believe he ate it though. That would be hard to eat whole! I'm glad he's ok. I have one of those -5 years stories. I was in casper for supplies and went into a store so I just left black jack in the car loose. He had never done anything before so why not? But I came back to find a cup cake wrapper in the front seat and white cream on his face. Everything turned out good but now I call him cup cake
  10. I agree with Laura. I want mine to have water and not want it, rather than want it and not have it. Mine is out all day while I am at work but doesn't drink hardly anything until I get home at lunch or at night after playing with him. But I always want him to be able to have it. Having a small amount of water available should cut down on the gulping. But each pup is different.
  11. It is a lot of fun. It sounds like they did pretty good for the first time. The most important thing is that all three of you had fun and learned something. My little rescued pupper did about the same thing his first time. But after the third lesson jack Knox actually offered to buy him from me. So even an abused, shy, neutered dog can herd.
  12. Great job buddy! I bet it was a proud moment for both of you. Great training too Mary!
  13. Earlier today I got a phone call from a neighbour that he was missing his aussie. He is deaf and partially blind. He let him out at 6 am to go to the bathroom like he always does. But today he didn't stay in the yard. I have been home all day from work because I was sick so I went out to look for him too, with no luck. So tonight around 7pm me and black jack were watching TV when we heard a different sounding bark. Black jack jumped up and ran over to me and put his paw on my leg as to say. When I muted TV I heard it again and the first thing I thought was its him! I put my pants on and ran outside. I heard it again around by the back yard so I went back there to check and sure enough I found him, but not where you'd think. I found him in our window well! I guess he fell in there sometime after chores at 5. I called him to tell him I found his dog and he couldn't believe it. I sat with the dog until he got here to pick him up. They were both so happy it was hard not to burst out smyling and laughing about it. After we got back in I looked at black jack and told him we saved that aussie. He replied with a very happy woowoowoo. So everyone is safe and warm tonight thanks to our window wells and black jack
  14. It reminds me of that house too. It would be an awesome place though.
  15. Wow that is good timing. Happy Birthday Ouzo!!
  16. We have been good. Black Jack has been really good. He's letting me brush him some, he's playing more and is better with other dogs. He has come a long way in the last few months. He's getting into better shape now too. He was just a little to happy to lay around if you know what I mean. Not anymore! Anyway it has been a long time since I have posted pictures of Black Jack. I can't remember if I ever posted these or not. I have some new ones that I need to put on my computer too. Glad to see everyone is still around.
  17. Welcome back Heidi. I think I have been gone about that long too. It's amazing how fast time goes by. My Black Jack will be 4 this December too. I wish they wouldn't get older.
  18. I went to the Sankey bull riding school last weekend. It was awesome. The best weekend I have ever had. I got on five bulls and rode two for 8 seconds. I only got stepped on twice. Black Jack went with me and wanted to get them bulls out of the arena the whole time, but I wouldn't let him! I'll post some pictures when I get them up. I was going to get her, but she got adopted to a nice family before I got her.
  19. Just wanted to give everyone a quick update on us. Black Jack has been a little spunky thing the last few months. He has come around so much. Everyday he comes up with some new and funny trick or look. He's not even close to the same dog he was when I rescued him. I just got a state job I had been looking at for some time. It has good pay, benifits, and a set schedule except for about two months a year. So I'm really excited about it.
  20. Happy B-day Jazz and Cricket! And here's to many many more to come.
  21. Well it's been two whole years since I first brought him home!! It's hard to believe it's been two years already though. My life has been changed for the better everyday I wake up with him. If you had known him then and saw him now you wouldn't ever think he's the same dog. We have been through so much together. I can't think of a better best friend to have. Even though I had to work today I still gave him extra hugs and kisses before I left. Time sure flies when you aren't counting your blessings. I'll post pictures later tonight or tomorrow of his big day. Have a Happy Birthday Black Jack. You sure are special
  22. As of now she's still at the shelter. She started to eat Black Jack's food that I took in to her but she has stopped eating again. She's getting spayed tomorrow morning so I'm going to go into work in the morning to take her in. So she'll be at the vets until Saturday morning. I'll have to see how she is after her spay. ArchersMomma, yes I work at the Humane Society here in town. I'm actually manager. I'm not sure how that happend but I think I lost a bet Just kidding. I would love to take them all home but since I know I can't I keep my space from them. They all mean so much to me but if I get to close I get burnt out. It's always hard to see them come and go if you get to attached. I wouldn't work anywhere else though.
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