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  1. That's funny. I'm glad he has such a good home now. It sounds like he's doing much better now. Teebo feels for you! Here's to a quick 2 weeks!!
  2. It could be a couple different things. First thing I would think of is that he's nervous or misses his old home. If he was with the other family for six years its a huge change for him to go through and a month isn't long at all for a change like that. Sometimes it can take them six moths or better to figure things out. He may just be trying to get used to his new life. Second he may feel sick or have something wrong with him. If he doesn't get better a trip to the vet may be your answer. Third he may just be a really laid back border collie. I have two and they both have totally different energy levels. Black Jack is pretty quiet unless he's playing and Teebo is hyper 24_7. Each dog is different. I would give him more time to get used to his new house and life. And take some pics too!
  3. I'm sure glad you guys were there to meet them and talk to them or who knows where he would have ended up now. Who knew then that he would need you and end up with you guys. He's sure a lucky little boy. Thanks for taking a chance with him and bringing him into your home. Can't wait for more pictures.
  4. I can't even think about how hard it is for you to have to leave storm behind for a year. I know you are heart broken about this but you have to think about storm. I can't say what's best for you but I know border collies are one family dogs and they don't always bounce around from family to family very good. Maybe it would be best for storm if you let storm go to another family and when life settles down get another border collie. I know it won't be easy. I have regretted letting a border collie go that I was fostering a while ago. BUT, I know she's in a good home and is loved so that helps. Maybe they can still let you know how storm is doing too. You know the old saying.. If you love them, let them go. Wish I could help more
  5. Yep, what Kathy said. If you take off the cone tonight and he doesn't bother it then I wouldn't worry about leaving it off. Teebo got neutered last Wednesday and hasn't bothered it at all. Not one lick or sniff even. But all dogs are different. If he is still red in the next day or two I would take him back to the vet and have him checked incase he has an infection. Like I said above teebo was neutered on Wednesday and the redness went away by Saturday morning. But if he has been moving around a lot or happen to get a lick in it could keep it red longer without having an infection.
  6. Glad to hear they came through ok. Good thinking on the cone pillow. Luckly Teebo hasn't been licking any since his surgery on Wednesday. I hope they don't over do it and heal up good.
  7. I brought him home at noon today from the vets and he seems to be doing good. He sure was happy to be home though! My vet did a really good job and it looks good. He hasn't tried to lick it much so far, he's been a really good boy since I brought him home. I will see how quiet I can keep him for a week or so I'm just happy he's home with us tonight.
  8. i talked to the vet and they said he came though ok. He was a little slow coming to so they decided to keep him over night. So I only wasted 30 min talking them into letting me being him home for nothing. So first thing tomorrow I will pick him up. Its going to be really quiet without him here tonight though.
  9. That's what I asked them, because I would rather have him home, but they said they have to keep him over night. I'm going to talk to them more tomorrow before I drop him off. I know sometimes being a small vet office they get behind on surgerys and don't actually get them done until early afternoon. So that might be why they want to keep him. I am going to find more out though. Everytime they want to keep one of my guys over night I always talk them out of it
  10. Yep that's right. He gets the ol snip snip tomorrow. I know he will be ok but I always hate leaving them over night at the vets. I always feel like I abandon them there. He will be able to come home Thursday morning. Oh the fun of keeping them quiet after the surgery. Has anyone made some kind of shirt to put on them after to keep him from licking it? I want something other than the cone but I'm not sure how to make one. Wish him luck for tomorrow!
  11. I get the same thing with Norton. But I haven't had any problems and haven't gotten anything from this site. So I'm guessing its safe.
  12. I hope everything is ok Liz. I have heard that raisins, chocolate, etc. are bad for dogs. Although my vet has told me that only dark chocolate is bad for dogs, not milk chocolate, because dark speeds up their heart to much. Not that either one is good for them. I know because of an experience where a certain BC (black jack) got into a cup cake package and ate both of them. Thankfully they were just cheap chocolate ones and not the expensive dark chocolate ones.
  13. Welcome to the boards. I really like your dogs! I love Brodyn.
  14. I might have to pick that book up. I saw a little "he's mine!" going on tonight. It wasn't anything to bad just a small growl and a stare. But I didn't want it to go to far so I put them to bed.
  15. Does collecting tennis balls and keeping them in his crate count?
  16. That's cool Mary! I have thought of teaching Black Jack or Teebo that but I just haven't yet. I'm one of those people that never can have a perfect sit or down command. It can always be better How did you teach Buddy to do it? Black Jack will tell you to "stop" when your playing tug or going for his feet by putting his paw on your hand and looking at you. I love it everytime he does it.
  17. Mine always tell me when they're hurt. If Black Jack gets a sticker or cuts his paw he will hold it up and wimper until I check it out for him. If he pulls or twists something wrong he'll get really close to me or lay on me until I figure it out. He isn't good at pointing with his nose (or finding stuff with his nose for that matter) so he's not really much help. It's normally his back or hips anyway. It's a good thing he noticed the tire going flat or it could have been a horrible day for you guys. It's always amazing to read stories of what these guys do. You are braver than me though, I wouldn't want to ride in the back of a truck going 60mph!
  18. Great story. Sounds like Jody knows how to get what he wants. See, they are always teaching us. Not the other way around.
  19. Mine are picky too. Black Jack waits until just before he gets fed again to eat the meal that's already in his bowl. So he's always a meal behind. Then if he's eating and you walk out he quits eating and has to come with you. I have noticed that Black Jack has been trying to eat on the carpet too. His dishes are in the kitchen but he's always taking a few pieces of food to the living room to eat it on the carpet, even if no one is in there. I can't figure out why. Teebo just loves to have food and gobbles it down.
  20. Those are cool. I haven't seen them around here before. I might have to get one for Black Jack. Fat heads are those giant stickers you can put on your wall of football players, nascar and so on. They scare my guys too.
  21. Here here! Happy New Year to you guys too.
  22. I'm sorry his HD is worse but I'm glad its nothing worse. Its horrible waiting for the vet to call back. I hate leaving them there no matter what. I hope the meds help scooter go day to day. I will keep him in my prayers. Sorry your furnace went out too. Just keep scooter close and stay warm! Thanks for the updates too!
  23. We got about 12 inches last weekend here but the wind blew the whole time so we have bare spots and 8 foot drifts. Black Jack loves the snow and Teebo loves the drifts so I never get to go inside anymore. It's ok though I loves watching the play
  24. Thanks for the update. All of us here are keeping him in our thoughts and prayers tonight. I am the same way. I'm really easy going and don't worry a lot but if one of my dogs act sick or different I'm nervous as heck. I hope everything goes ok. I'll be checking tomorrow to see how he does. Give him a hug for me and my gang.
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