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  1. I recently ordered some moose antlers from a great company - Arcadia Antlers- http://www.acadiaantlers.com/ - their shipping is free and fast, so it's worth trying.


    Unfortunately Ouzo's reaction to the moose taster slices ($5/each only) was just as expected - a bit of chewing and then forgetting about them. He's just not a big chewer. Bully sticks, yes, he likes those, but anything harder, beah...





    I saw they have some huge ones as well that look like they'd last for a while :)



  2. Yes, I rent and I've paid $35/month pet rent for the last 6.5 years. Plus aprox. $400 deposit. My rent is about 40% higher than the quote above as well. Not a big deal.


    Certain countries in Europe are more permissive when it comes to allowing dogs in public transportation and terraces outside restaurants. Not everywhere in Europe is like that.


    Plus there are not very many dogs you encounter on European city streets - people rarely have more than one dog, many times due to space restrictions in an urban environment. I was shocked to see how many American dog lovers have multiple dogs. I've met a few people who had two dogs when I was growing up in Romania, but those were the exceptions. My husband actually had two dogs when I first met him and it was a bit strange, but I didn't mind it :) Here it's almost the norm to have more than one dog.


    Oh, and American dog owners are probably a lot more knowledgeable than European ones, I don't agree with Pam's statement saying that Europeans are more educated in dog manners. But it's true that European dogs seem to be less hyper than American ones.


    Dogs are not raised to have such a high toy/ball drive and are a lot mellower in general.

  3. Anda, I like the Nature's Variety Prairie varieties.


    Laura, we tried that a couple of years ago, unfortunately it didn't end up well.



    For a fish based food that seems to agree with a lot of dogs and won't break the bank, I often recommend the Pro Plan Sensitive Skin and Stomach (salmon and rice). So far I've not heard any complaints about it. It saved my dog when I was on a tight budget and was trying to manage his chronic SIBO. It stopped the flare ups of HGE and hospital stays.




    Liz - Thanks, I will give it a try if things don't continue to stay positive on Blue Buffalo. He really enjoyed the Salmon formula of TOTW a while back... Must be the super stinky smell of fish kibble!

  4. Update - there goes my grain theory down the drain.


    Innova (red meat) resulted in runny stools - grrr.... However the Blue Buffalo Wilderness salmon (grain free) seems to be working wonders - started him on Sunday and so far "things" look very firm :P


    I might just need to stick to salmon/fish in general foods.


    Now back to your regular scheduled programming.

  5. Congrats on the new puppy, Jo!!! You can tell from her pictures what a serious little puppy she is! And how beautiful!


    You better not slack with documenting her transformation to a grown up dog - we need at least monthly pictures!


    BTW Krisk, this applies to you as well!

  6. After 2 months on Purina One (after my husband switched him to that from Acana while i was traveling), the constant runny poop issue has been brilliantly resolved - probably due to the grains in the food - but his coat became kinda stinky and lacking luster. My odor free dog became smelly. Yuck!


    So last evening we stopped at Petsmart and grabbed two expensive small bags (about $18 for 6 lbs or so!!!) - one of Innova Adult Small Bites and one of Blue Buffalo Wilderness - this one is grain free but I'm thinking of mixing it with the Innova.


    I'll see how he does on these, he liked the Innova last night...


    Everyone rushes to recommend grain free brands. How about a GRAIN including food that can be trusted? Care to share?


    He had been on California Natural Lamb & Rice for the first 3 years of his life and he absolutely hated the taste.

  7. Is a bread knife considered a food item?


    Because that's what Ouzo stole from the counter the first time we left him home alone one evening when he was around 5 months old and we decided we need to still have a social life among humans. He was alone for a couple of hours - we didn't dare stay out longer. Upon our return we found a massive bread knife in the middle of our bed, handle meticulously chewed - we still have the same knife and it makes me roll my eyes every time I grab it by the handle...), no cuts or blood anywhere - first thing we checked. Plus a 12-pack of ramen noodle cups dragged in the bedroom, some corners chewed until he decided he wasn't into unhealthy crappy cheap food. And his entire basket of toys turned upside down, covering the noodles.


    Nice work for a pup in two hours.

  8. After years of feeding TOTW I switched to Acana at the beginning of May.


    Soft stools, to the point that when Ouzo was boarded for 4 days at the animal hospital they treated him with metronidazole and switched his food to something else. I've just returned from 3 weeks of vacation and found out my husband switched him to Purina One in my absence - before I had a chance to blast him for giving him crappy supermarket food I found out his running stools have been solved. Hmmm....


    I think the grain free foods are not agreeing with him, must continue the quest for the perfect food for a picky eater and serial soft stooler rolleyes.gif

  9. Gorgeous. I hope the rescue can take him.


    Doesn't Anda live there? Doesn't Ouzo need a brother? lol




    He is so handsome. But I do rent an apartment as well and don't have a yard - can't commit to more than one nutjob at a time. Wait. Two if I count Chris. Hope he finds a good home soon!


    (or that his owner would actually look for one of the many many apartment complexes that allow dogs....)

  10. OMG...all I can think of is the $1000 a day food bill!


    They don't eat huge amounts - a friend had a SB who passed away few months ago at the age of 7 - and that was considered a record - she was eating about a cup and a half of dry dog food a day. Plus some cheese and glucosamine treats :) She was about 120 lbs.

  11. Oh, wow, I didn't imagine such small boots for a BC :)


    Ouzo's a big boy with huge paws rolleyes.gif He's about 50lb and 23 inches tall.


    Anda -- Secret, my Border Collie, wears the XS boot (2-1/4" across, 5" tall). It's more or less a perfect fit for her. I have a friend with a border collie of similar size (45-50 lbs) that wears the same. His smaller bc is a XXS.


    My Lab/Shepherd is in the Large, which are 3" by 5-1/2" tall. For him, I wish the boots were a bit taller because his front dewclaws get in the way and he ends up getting snow in his boots when he runs through really deep stuff.


    My Klee Kai is in the XXXSmall boots. :D They are so cute and tiny.




  12. Absolutely the best dog boots, hands down, are from http://www.dogbooties.com/ --- They do NOT come off. The key is the stretchy velcro!


    I just get the basic 330 denier booties for my dogs because they claim to be the most "comfortable" for them. They work super in the snow & ice. For a situation with burrs or cactus, I might look into one of the tougher fabrics that they offer (although they do warn that it takes a bit longer for a dog to get used to the stiffer feeling of those boots).


    My favorite thing about these booties are the colors they come in -- All of my dogs have booties to match their blankets. :D Hot pink for Secret, blue for Kaiser and red for Luke!


    post-11040-072234200 1327684014_thumb.jpg


    post-11040-061048200 1327684037_thumb.jpg


    What size did you get your dogs? I tried to follow the sizing guide and measured Ouzo's widest part of the paws at 2 2/3 inches - that indicates a Medium. Not sure what they mean by "tall" - maybe the vertical lenght of the ankle?


    I am very interested in getting some good but not too expensive boots for Ouzo for those few times a year when the temps are just ridiculous (as in negative many degrees) and he's hurting either from cold or from the deicing stuff thrown on the ground...


    These boots you listed seem very resonably priced.

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