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  1. When Deuce was a puppy she had a lot of hair loss on the inside of her back legs and on her face...my vet put her on Revolution and within a month she was growing the hair back and hasn't had a problem since...
  2. Deuce pulls hair out of her tail or just chews the white tip off her tail when I leave her alone too much....I think it's just boredom...Vet checked her and there's no inflamation and it doesn't seem to be itchy. She never chews it while someone is around just when she's left alone. I fill her kong toys and leave her a bully stick and those seem to keep her occupied while I'm gone now.
  3. I have a barn cat that does the same whenever we're out walking about...of course with us it's the cat that's the aggressive one! Whenever Deuce gets close he attacks her! She tries to avoid him at all costs!
  4. I lost my ACD of 11 years last fall and wanted another herding dog without reminding me too much of my blue boy. I had a tri BC when I was a kid that I adored so started looking for a puppy and fell in love with a photo online of a little speckled black and white puppy from South Dakota. So in March the breeder shipped her...poor little thing got on a plane at 8am...had a layover of a couple of hours and then arrived in Manchester, NH about 5pm poor little thing was so traumatized! (would NEVER have a dog shipped so far again!) Then we had an hour and a half drive home! Weather wasn't so bad when I got to the airport but about half way home a snowstorm hit...we slipped and slid all the way over Temple mountain....and the trip ended up taking almost two and a half hours! Deuce held on for dear life all the way home in my lap....no way was she sitting in the back or in the other front seat! It took her about a week before she came out of her shell. She still hates to ride in the car! Tried putting her in the crate for bedtime and she cried for hours! I don't think she stopped fussing all night! After a few nights of that we gave up and put her in bed with us and that's where she's been since! Spoiled little brat!
  5. Back at our old house we had a big problem with skunks getting the ducks and the chickens...I got really good at trapping them with a hav-a-hart trap...never even got sprayed! They would haul the bird right away like a coon does! We did catch one coon but I could always tell when a skunk did it because of the smell! Good luck geting rid of the coons!
  6. Well I spoke to the vet this morning...she said that Deuce should take it easy (no stretching her tummy) until the sutures come out in 8-10 days. But said it would be ok to take her and just not let her do anything that might stretch her too much. She's was such a good girl in her obedience class...no jumping or getting excited so just going to the agility class won't make her go nuts. So it looks like I'll start her the week after her surgery so I'll just miss one class. I still want to talk to the trainer of the class but she won't be back from vacation until tomorrow. I may go to the first class just so I know what we missed anyway though. Thanks so much for all your help! Holly...your pup "Roxie" is sooo adorable! Sounds like she must be about Deuces age too! (Deuce will be 6 months June 4th) Allie....your "Kip" is sure one handsome boy!
  7. I do plan on checking with the instructor and the Vet tomorrow...just wanted to get everyone's input as I've had males for the last 25 years and the only dog I've taken to an agility class was my Cattle Dog...and he went directly into a regular agility class....so I'm not sure what a pre-agility class includes...the class description reads "This is a hands-on and "paws-on" introduction to the sport of Dog Agility for dogs and their people. Whether you are a competitor or looking for a great time with your dog, this is a fun class! It will build your dog's confidence and socialization." which really doesn't give me an idea of how much of an activity level will be needed....
  8. Thanks! It's her attention getting pose! She also has a little squeak that goes along with it to announce the pose!
  9. Deuce and I just finished our good manners class and was looking forward to starting a pre agility class with her the beginning of June...however I have Deuce scheduled to be spayed the same exact day the class starts. I know I'd have to miss that class...but how soon after spaying can she resume activities? I've never had a female spayed and I'm not sure it would be worth starting a 6 week course and then have to miss half of it. Any suggestions? Thanks for your help! Lisa and Deuce
  10. The clinic is at Carol's farm....I got in touch with her last night and she said the class was full but that I could still go and audit the class for $25...It's a couple of hour drive from here so not sure if I can do both days.Thanks for suggestions!
  11. As far as "dog broke" sheep...does this mean they have been herded with dogs before or that they are very used to dogs? My sheep are very friendly (they come to me on their own for petting) and are used to dogs being around and don't panic. I do plan on getting a trainer/take lessons this summer...I just want to get prepared. My pup really "turns on" when I do chores (I take her with me on a leash) but I want to get her commands down better before I really try to start working her. We are starting a good manners class this weekend at the local Humane Society. She needs to start to listen to me a lot more before I really start her with herding.
  12. I've got a 4 1/2 month old BC pup and some sheep...but my pasture is about an acre/acre and a half in size. When first starting a pup on sheep how big of an area should I start out in? She has been introduced to the sheep both via on a leash and off...but my pasture is much too big for me to keep up with her! I'd like to get the smaller area paddock installed this spring so it will be ready. Thanks!
  13. I found the breeder (Tracy Miller of Billabong Border Collies) online and she shipped her by air..it was still a long and I'm sure stressfull trip for a puppy but I'm glad she's here.Deuce is not really timid of me...she wants to play and is food motivated most of the time except when she's outdoors and loose. When I have her on the leash she does better but I still have to give a little tug to get her going.
  14. Found this site this morning...and had a question. First...an intro...I'm Lisa Smith...I live in NH on a 60 acre farm. We have a few sheep/goats a llama and a couple of horses. I've owned a Border Collie as a teenager...which I hate to admit was more than a couple of years ago My last dog was a Aust. Cattle dog who we had for a little over 11 years. I just bought a BC puppy from a lady in SD and had her shipped to NH. "Deuce" is 4months old and I've had her for almost 3 weeks. She is very timid in new situations...so I was trying to socialize her as much as possible. I also signed her up for an obedience class, which starts next weekend. However I read on a local breeder/trainers site that you shouldn't do obedience with BCs because "It tends to diminish its natural instincts." Is this true? I also have been having a hard time with her coming when I call...I praise her and give treats when she does but most of the time she'll just look and then go about what she was doing. It's so frustrating. I've never had a dog that wouldn't come when called! Help! Thanks for your help!
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