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  1. Hi Renee, Right, it was a bit misleading of me to start off by saying "hot weather," as it's primarily a stress issue, but it is greatly magnified by warm weather and high humidity. I was thinking the same thing about Nutri-cal -- keeping it around the same way I always have a bottle of Nutri-drench around for the sheep. Your experience with Rae and Vic's with Gage give me more hope that time and steady work will probably do the trick -- in the meantime, a bit more fat in her diet, perhaps pedialyte on really hot days, and Nutri-cal as a hedge may help (shotgun!). Tess is really a spiffy l
  2. Thanks for the insights, everyone, and thanks for letting me mooch off your research! I'll have to see what works and report back. I can certainly see bumping up her fat intake -- sage advice, thanks!
  3. Ooh! I see Jeffers has Nutri-cal for ferrets -- should work for the Wee Weasel, eh? No, but seriously, I saw the sheep spotter at Sam's last year -- another Julie, a kiwi, I think? -- giving her beasts some supplement from a tube between classes. I think it may well have been Nutri-cal (for dogs -- the weasel thing's a joke, Frank Zappa related -- sorry all). It's protein and vit's, so not redundant -- may try a shotgun approach (hmmmm, shotgun, now that's a thought -- kidding! I'm kidding!). P.S. Did you shear with Tom?????
  4. Thanks, Julie! Yes, "less frantic about working" will be the ultimate cure, I believe. The Pedia-lyte on kibble sounds logical to me -- any ABAB within subjects data to go with that ? Also, did the Nutri-cal seem to work for Gage? I do need to do something (or I think I do ) while we try to get her over the frantic stage.
  5. Besides the obvious tub, what methods are you all using to help your dogs handle the heat? Electrolytes? Energy supplements? Before/during/after work? Tess tends to wind herself up so much before she even works that I have to watch her like a hawk to make sure she doesn't go wobbly in the back end on me. Her coat's not heavy, and she's very fit, built like a hummingbird, but unfortunately has a temperament to match!
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