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  1. I get REALLY mad at people when they start laughing at Lucie and call her fat, sometimes I have even found myself the people who say those things to my poor baby, "I wonder how you would look if you took 200mg of Prednisone and Azathioprine, you'd blow up too." Then, when those same people realize how sweet Lucie is, I don't let them pet her!!!
  2. Mattie has a "I'm bored, play with me" bark, as well as a "You better give me the bone/toy that you are chewing on" bark. She is only 8 or 9 months old, so the bark is still pretty high pitched. My three labs, which is what I have always raised, usually gave into her just to make her stop barking and go away, until I realized what she was doing to them and what they were doing. Now, I have to redirect her puppy energy. I either have to find Mattie her own toy, or find Mattie her own bone, or I need to run around the yard with her, or if all else fails she has to sit in puppy time-out...afterall she isn't going to get her way all the time!!! Thankfully, around 10pm she has worn herself out for the day!!! And, a few weeks ago, she FINALLY started sleeping through the night!!!!
  3. Can I go to Canada with you??? I love Canada!!! I'll babysit, if it means I get to visit Canada!!! Did I tell you I love Canada???
  4. Dog Lady, Everyone here has given you some really good advise. I am the proud momma to a BC-mix puppy that I rescued back in December. But, had I rescued Mattie ten years ago or even five years ago, I think I would have been forced to find her another home because I would not have been able to handle her. Between her "issues" and the simple fact that she is a BC-mix, she causes me heartburn, but that doesn't mean I love her any less. It just means my other dogs trained me on how to handle Mattie. As a matter of fact, just the other day, while I was home and in the house, she chewed up the vaccum cleaner cord because she was bored. It only took her about five seconds. And I don't think I agree with a house being too small for a dog. I live in a small dog house and we do just fine. I sometimes get covers on the bed. Put your foot (or paw) down and stand up for what you want. After all, sometimes in the end it may be you and the dog left standing.
  5. Before Lucie got sick and could get on my bed with no problems, when I would return home from trips, she would look (or glare) at me and then pee on my bed. So much for people saying dogs don't hold things against you!!! FYI...She doesn't do that now.
  6. I moved last June from Kansas to South Carolina. (And I still really haven't met any friends other than my vet!!!) Anyway, it was very hard on the dogs, and I only had three at the time. I put one in each car, well one in my car, one in my mom's car, and one rode with my dad in the cab of the U-Haul. We had to stay in hotels for four nights which made things even harder. Pepper does not handle change well at all, but the vet gave me medication just in case he decided to have a mental break down. One of the things I did before I left Kansas was wash all of my bedding the day before I packed it, so I could still sleep on it one more time and it would be clean when I unpacked it in South Carolina. The dogs being able to smell the same scent helped by the time we got into the new house. I also took my blankets and pillows and their blankets and dog beds to the hotel so they had their own stuff and scent. I didn't wash their toys before we moved either. As for the door issue, I didn't have a doggie door where I lived before, I just left the back door open and they could come and go. I still have not solved that issue. My dogs are not outside dogs, they go outside to potty and then come right back in, they go nuts if they realize they are outside by themselves and I am not outside with them and they cannot get back in themselves. I'm still working on that issue.
  7. I have always used throw-away cameras. I saw nothing wrong with them. Then, I woke up one day last week and decided I wanted to grow up and buy a camera. So, I did. Got a good deal too. Now, if someone could please tell me how to use the thing I would be really happy. The manual for the thing is bigger than most of my text books from college. I got a Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-H1 5.1 Mega Pixels and then it also says 12x Optical Zoom. What does that mean? I just wanted to post pictures of my dogs like everyone else. Maybe I should have stuck with the throw away camera!!!!
  8. Pepper, my lab, and Mattie, my I have no idea BC mix, play like this also. My favorite line is, "Pepper, Mattie's head may fit in your mouth, but that is not where it belongs." He will instantly let go, as he is a good boy. But then Mattie goes for the cheap shot, usually the back leg, and its on again. I usually get a look from Pepper to make sure I know that he did not start it.
  9. Pepper ate a frog once, after I told him not to do and saved the frog from his mouth, he went back, found the frog and ate it. He was so sick by the middle of the night that he pushed out the screen in the window to get outside. I took him to the vet, which he HATES and tries to eat, but his belly must have hurt so much that he just laid down and let her give him a shot. He hasn't tried to eat another frog.
  10. Does anyone in the Carolina's know anything about a Roper Mountain Festival in Greenville, SC, this weekend? I'm new to South Carolina and just heard about it on TV (When the cable company messed up my NHL CenterIce and I had to watch regular TV!!) But, I saw that there was going to be Border Collie stuff. Since I'm also new to the Border Collie, I thought about going and maybe taking Mattie. But I don't have anymore information... Thanks Liz
  11. Mine have always ate Science Diet. The three older dogs are now on Science Diet Senior 5+ Large Breed. I lived in Topeka, Ks for about 5 years where Hill's was and one of the Vet's I used was a Vet there. She would bring me "trial" stuff and the Senior 5+ has worked wonders with Lucie. As for puppy Mattie, I tried to feed her puppy food. She refused to eat it. The other dogs loved it, though. She wants the Senior 5+. Due to her injuries, I don't feel the least bit bad about feeding her the Senior dog food because of the added stuff in it. My new Vet even said its okay also. But, just to make sure she gets what she needs as a cute puppy, I mix it with puppy food.
  12. I live in a dog house. My dogs, except for puppy Mattie, have free run of their dog house. Mattie is in a crate during the day while I'm at work. At night, they are nice enough to share their very large queen size pillow top dog bed with me. I do fight for my fair share of the covers and at least half of a pillow. Ellie usually hogs the pillow and ends up sleeping on my head. Mattie usually sleeps under the covers. Pepper feels the need to sleep right on top of me. Lucie, at 120 pounds, takes up the end of the bed. She doesn't stay on the bed all night because she gets too hot. She'll end up in the bathroom to sleep on the floor.
  13. ugh...this now means that Mattie's middle-of-the-night potty break will come at 1:48am instead of 2:48am.
  14. I just moved to Gaffney, SC about 9 months ago. Not real sure about where to go for training and that sort of thing around here. I'm only 45 minutes from Greenville. More than willing to travel to a good trainer.
  15. I've been lurking for awhile and made a few posts, one that got a few good laughs. But, what I really want to know is... How do I raise a Border Collie??? The short recap on how I got Mattie, I was at the vet and I EPC'ed (Emergency Protective Custody)a puppy with a broken leg. I had planned on finding her a good home. The good home turned out to be mine. Do I need to find some sheep for her to herd? I don't know if there are any sheep in South Carolina. Will cows work? She herds Pepper. Does that count? But, she nips at his back legs. Why does she do that? Why is she all black? Why does it look like she's turning red in the sunlight? Is she supposed to chase birds? Or did she learn that from Pepper? What books can I read to help me learn more about Border Collies???? Can she be trained to be a service dog/therapy dog? Thank you Liz
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