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  1. I'd think about changing from a self feeder to actually going out and feeding every day just what they will eat. By the time it gets to where the weather will be 10 below, your new girl should be fine with getting fed once a day. I've got to stick around for about 10 minutes otherwise when I feed the oldest dog who wolfs down his food will chase the other 2 out of theirs. Laura
  2. Marjorie Reinke, 70, of 3501 Ver Bunker Avenue, Port Edwards, died Wednesday July 14, 2010, at her home. A memorial service will be held at 1 p.m. Tuesday at Trinity Lutheran Church in Port Edwards. Friends may call from noon to 1 p.m. Tuesday at the church. Feldner/Ritchay Funeral Home is assisting the family. A complete obituary will run in the Friday edition of the Daily Tribune. She was diagnosed with the cancer in December and was feeling pretty good up until May. Then it was up and down & even though her appearance changed, she always sounded like Marge when we were talking. She came home from her last hospital stay last week and all 5 of her kids were there and had a small party for her. I saw her Saturday and it was a wonderful visit with lots of family and friends there. She was teasing, laughing and having a good time with all the attention from everyone. More of her friends were there Sunday and that was a pretty good day too. Marge will be sorely missed by many people. I can't imagine how hard it's going to be to host clinics and trials without her. Laura
  3. Marge Reinke of Port Edwards, Wisconsin passed away Tuesday afternoon after battling biliary cancer. Marge was a long time member of the Wisconsin Working Stock Dog Association. She was a tireless volunteer, working where ever she was needed at the club trials. She will be missed by many people. This picture was taken in May at the 3 Sisters trial after she had finished her run with Kit. Laura
  4. Yippee! They look like nice calves too. Laura
  5. It's more like-curious steers wander over to the dog to see what it is, dog nips it on the nose and the steer goes "ooomph!" and jumps back. The problem is that you will probably have to do it to each one. Laura
  6. 6 crates on the front porch. 1 has been moved to the bedroom for now because of the stock tank for chicks (doesn't that work great?). The front porch works best because I can just close the doors and the dogs can be loose in there if they're wet-we've had a lot of rain lately. Laura
  7. Tea, get the head banging emoticon back out. A lot of people don't expect good behavior from their dogs (or their kids). It's sad, it's frustrating and I don't blame you for wanting to boot it. Over the weekend we were gone to a trial which meant cable tv in the motel room. We watched It's me or the dog (I think). I couldn't believe what this mother let her 2 kids go thru with their freaking dog. Laura
  8. Vet clinics are a business and are trying to make money. Some are making more than others. I do just the basic things like vaccines, spays & neuters...at the vet and take care of the dental, worming and heartworm on my own. That said I just spayed 2 and neutered another and it was $300 all together. Also had x-rays for the oldest dog and a refill on his enalapril which was $58.75. There are more expensive clinics in the area, but I've always been happy with my vet and he works with me. Laura
  9. I read a comment somewhere about the sheep wanting to get back to their buddies at the set out.. Laura
  10. Julie-bippy, my Dad says that all the time and I've never heard anyone else use it before. It takes time to build up a group of people. I think that once you invite people to come work at your place, those that are able will reciprocate. Do you belong to a club, does anyone host fun days or clinics already? Laura Proud driver of the clown car-1991 Ford Festiva with 200,000+ miles, still getting 35 miles to the gallon. It's gone out to Idaho twice (picked up 2 LGDs one of those times), been to Vermont and New Hampshire and came back thru Canada, a couple of trips to Pennsylvania...and it goes back and forth to work 5 days a week. Do you know how much you can get in this baby if you take the back seat out?
  11. BCkris, I don't know that Donald was necessarily talking about you. There have been several people who have posted in the last couple of weeks asking where they could find a trainer within a certain distance or that they couldn't find a trial close to them. I should also mention that when I go to trials, it's with 3 other people so we're splitting the cost of a motel room and gas. Laura
  12. I don't trial any more, but when I did we would go to Jack & Kathy Knox's trial in Missouri-that's 600 miles each way. Then the trial in Jordan, Minnesota that's 270 miles each way. Then a couple of trials in Illinois, at least 200 miles each way. I lucked out with a trial or two at my own farm and then a couple others in Wisconsin which were within 2 hours of my place too. As far as clinics go, I host a couple each year, but the other clinics I go to are about 2 hours away although I also went that was 4 hours away. I don't just train on my own sheep, I go 4 miles, or somewhere between 50 and 70 miles away. We're lucky to have so many people here in Wisconsin who are active. Laura
  13. Patrick Shannahan will be doing a clinic at the McLeish Farm in Portage, Wisconsin October 15-17, 2010. If you would like more information please contact Laura LauraLWentz@aol.com Laura
  14. How's Willow doing today has her appetite gotten any better? Laura
  15. Well go for the head banging icon if you want, but at least it sounds like you're doing the best you can now. My ex-husband tried to raise some Holstein bottle calves a long time ago too and it went like you've described. At least you started with small numbers. Hopefully it will go better now. Laura
  16. Debbie, this isn't a real answer but...it must be possible because we had 60 of them as stocker steers last summer that we grazed. I'm in Portage, Wisconsin. How old are the ones that you got? Do you know why they died? Did they get enough colostrum? It's hard to have young bottle fed animals do well when the temps fluctuate like they have in the last couple of weeks, it messes with their immune system. Laura
  17. Kris, I'm so sorry to read this. I had just read yesterday in the health section about his diagnosis. Sending you a (((hug))). Laura
  18. I think that she looks like a young dog who is seeing sheep for the first time. A lot of young dogs look like that the first couple of times. Laura
  19. We've got 4 old dogs, 3 in the house and 1 LGD outside. They all can pretty much do what they want (including eat a few Cheetos). They're a joy to be around even if they have to go out in the middle of the night. So, yes, give them a hug today and every day. Laura
  20. She sure looks like a Border Collie to me. Were the people who were questioning it thinking of the cookie cutter black & white rough coats that show up in the breed ring? Wait a year or so and show them when she's ready to start on sheep. Laura
  21. I've never had a problem with sending lambs before because it's like Nick said, they're 80-100# and not really lambs any more. They're a pain in the butt. But....Monday I sent some lambs for Easter lambs. They averaged about 50# and I felt a twinge. Then I got the check and got over it quickly. The steers that we raise all end up with names. No problems with putting them in the freezer. Of course, they're 1000# plus but very friendly. I would much rather eat something that I knew. I know how they're raised, I know they had a very good life while on the farm. The meat at the grocery store? Blech. Laura
  22. Go back to the basics. He's in a crate or on a leash at all times. Take him out frequently. Praise him when he goes outside. You probably need to clean the spots he's been using in the house better and not let him there unattended. You also need to be consistent just like with any other training. Laura
  23. Jack and Kathy Knox will be doing a double clinic at the McLeish Farm in Portage, Wisconsin July 30, 31, & August 1. If you would like more information please contact Laura LauraLWentz@aol.com Laura
  24. I forgot to say that the field where the sheep are grazed has the gate open almost all summer. So if they do get out, they can really get out. The gate opens to a spot on the driveway which is about halfway up. I'm too lazy to open and close the gate every time I go out to the field. Laura
  25. Most of the time when I graze in electronet it's in a field with a woven wire perimeter fence...but the piece along the driveway isn't fenced and I do graze the sheep in electronet only there. I do make sure that the battery is a fresh one and that the fence is reasonably clear of grass. It's two or three times a summer down there and it's only for a few days each time. I do use dogs for some things inside of the electronet, not training per se, but gathering the group or catching a ewe or lamb. Older, experienced dog and it's always worked fine. There's usually 8-12 rolls of electronet and 200+ sheep. Later in the summer, I do have those times where I think they graze for another day and in the early morning you can hear when someone has sacrificed themselves to get the net down and they get out. Border Collies like that, I don't. I've never been a fan of the high tensile for sheep, although there is a lady in our grazing group who I want to say has 5 or 7 strands, it's pretty well charged and it works for her. Laura
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