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  1. That's how Jaax is. At 14 he still prefers the hardwood floor 9 times out of 10. Once in a while he'll sleep on a sleeping bag. Hope, Twinkie and Bear use the sleeping bags or throw rugs. Curly and Wilbur always on the bed. Zoe and Stella sometimes the bed sometimes the couch. Bree, the foster dog sleeps on a rug or the chair. Laura
  2. The Wisconsin Working Stock Dog Association is again sponsoring a Jack Knox training clinic. The clinic will be held again in the indoor Conzemius Horse Arena in Fitchburg, Wisconsin. If you have any questions, contact Jean Bass (608) 845-6996 or jean.bass@parkprinting.com You can also download an entry form at wwsda.org Laura
  3. This is Jaax, my oldest dog. He's got black markings on his head and some ticking over the rest of his body. You can see the ticking here a little better. Jaax never had any problems moving our sheep or cattle. At trials he could have a bit of a problem at the beginning but the sheep and cattle quickly realized that he is a Border Collie. Color is a personal preference thing. I actually like mostly black dogs myself, I have 4 now. I can't say why, but my first dog was a Scottie and my first Border Collie was almost all black but she's greyed quite a bit in her old age. (She's a full sister to Jaax.) eta: She's the dog in my avatar. Laura
  4. For what you're talking about Glenn, yes it's true. But it sounded like Brady's Mom was looking for a treat to reward her dog. Her pockets probably aren't big enough to carry a few sheep around. Laura
  5. Laura, I don't think you're being snarky, just stating a fact. It's better to get it out of the way right away. And my dogs will do anything for dog food. Laura
  6. No real answer from me, but ovine is sheep. Caprine would be goats. Laura
  7. Hi Mark, I think that chaining him up during the day would be a good thing to do. Especially if it's only during the hunting season. At 2, he's still a young guy learning so it's better that he's not learning to wander to find snacks. Laura
  8. Mary, What I'm seeing is a dog who doesn't understand the basics of dog etiquette. I can't hear the growling-although he could just be a mouthy one when he plays. But from his posture, it doesn't look to me like he's attacking and his hackles aren't up. He looks like he's playing, yes it's obnoxious, but it doesn't look too bad. When Joey is under the bush, as soon as you said Pip, he backs off. I think that if you introduce him to more dogs and correct him for the "bad" behavior or have another dog correct him he'll get over it. Laura
  9. Gathering and driving don't go hand in hand. Some dogs are more natural at the driving, but the gather is instinctive in Border Collies. Your dog can work sheep & cattle. I have several who do and there are lots of others here on the boards who do both, either in everyday work or trialing. I'm glad to hear that you've got a couple of people who are close enough to help you train-Texas is a pretty big place. Watch for clinics & trials that are close by. You can learn from watching others and maybe find other places to train too. Good looking dogs! Laura
  10. [quote name='coyotecreek' timestamp='1286563993' post='370309' I put him on sheep for the first time the other day and, instead of simply "driving" the sheep around the roundpen like Kate does, he gathered them together in a small bunch and held them right in front of me. If I moved, he would move the sheep to being back in front of me. if one broke away, he'd head her off and drive her back to the group. Border Collies are natural gatherers. Bringing them to you in the round pen is what he's supposed to do. You should have moved and had him keep coming. You could then call him off, walk back a ways and send him again. If you're not sure with what you're doing to start with, you're better off waiting until you've got some help or have had a few lessons. It's easier to prevent bad habits (on your part or the dog's) rather than have to fix them. And congratulations on getting a new dog, do you have pictures? Laura
  11. I think that it's a hard decision to make, but maybe made a bit easier by knowing that you have given him a good 3+ years. I certainly wouldn't think badly of you having made the same decision about a similar dog that I had last year. You have to look at what's good for the dog and good for you and the rest of your family. When the bad starts to outweigh the good it's time. Laura
  12. Due to some waffling, I have one opening for the Patrick Shannahan clinic. If you're interested in it, email me LauraLWentz@aol.com Thanks, Laura
  13. This is not on topic at all, but why is it that the posters who are so controversial and obnoxious with their opinions, never actually post any real information about themselves? If you look at their profile, there's no age, location, and doG forbid-no name. They don't appear to have any livestock and their dogs don't trial or work for a living, rarely have they been to a USBCHA trial. Everyone has an opinion....but is it worth arguing about if they have no real experience to back it up? Laura
  14. Well I'm glad that others could give you a guess on the age because I wouldn't know. I do know you don't pet bulls or rams on the head though. You're just asking for trouble. Beautiful photos! Laura
  15. <<I will never understand the type of people who give away their retirees to make room for the next young, big thing, though. That makes me kinda sick.>> I can understand the situation when an older working dog is given/sold to an up and coming handler who can benefit from the dog's experience. I did find a home for a middle aged experienced dog. He went to someone who had a young dog but not much experience and it was a great match. I'm happy that I did it, she was happy that I did it and the dog was also happy (happier than he was when I had him). But having said that, I have 2 retired elderly dogs and one elderly rescue and none of them will be rehomed. It depends on the dog and the situation. Laura
  16. Gene looks like a Border Terrier mix and since he's from the shelter we don't know for sure. The last urine sample was the first of the morning and my sister had fun with that but it worked. Laura
  17. Liz, the pancreatitis is acute, so that's helpful. I'm passing on the information and thank you for replying. Mark, good to know that there is a good outcome if the dog goes on the Royal Canin SO. It seems like if it's not one thing it's another. Laura
  18. Thanks for the suggestion Liz, I forgot to mention that he's also got pancreatitis. Laura
  19. Not a Border Collie, but my sister has a dog that she adopted this year. She knew he had health issues from the start, he had bladder stones that the vet was treating him for. The shelter under the vet's direction changed his diet to Science ID and he had surgery the end of May to remove the stones because the diet alone wasn't helping enough. She was fostering him until the surgery and adopted him shortly afterward. Since then he's been on Science WD, distilled water and a supplement K-Cit-V, but he's getting oxilated (sp?) crystals again. The vet is not sure what else to do for him. Any suggestions? Thanks, Laura
  20. The club doesn't have a rulebook. This came from out of the blue, I'm not sure why he even got started on it. Thanks for the answer Mark. Laura
  21. So the 8 x 8 pen that's been used for the last 5 trials at my place is fine. I was needlessly tormented for almost 8 hours over the weekend by the person who was building a pen because our club's is the "wrong" size. Laura
  22. Am I missing it on the USBCHA website? What size is the pen supposed to be in a trial? Thanks, Laura
  23. Ha ha Bill. That was why I wasn't making any comments on the subject, I've been entirely too judgmental in the last couple of years. Laura
  24. It's an awful lot to ask a young dog to do that much precision work in a relatively short period of time. Mentally do they have the maturity to handle it? Certainly there are dogs that can. But that would be a situation where the handler would have to be able to put aside their own ego and decide to do what's best for a young dog. Laura
  25. Happy Birthday Jill! And interesting chicken story Julie, we have some weird bantam mix chickens and now I'm wondering if they might be Sebrights. Laura
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